Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's Hood Family?

Back in 2005 the Garageband BBS had taken a new direction. Greenguy had been a member since 2000 and had a long history on the BBS. From Classic battles with Rinx, to meeting PL (Paul Love) from Maryland, to meeting Doug Evans from Bu Bonic Inc, to making posts about the Garageband Records CD "Best of Underground Urban 2002" album that paid royalties to Kwin MD (greenguy's artist name as a rapper) for a song that was track #2 on that CD.

Between 2000 and 2002 Greenguy's presence was known in the Rap/ Hip Hop Forum (in the BBS). From 2003 through 2005 Greenguy was never seen in the BBS. Kwin McKoman Doni (greenguy as a Hip Hop Musician's name) was busy doing shows, recording, and marketing mix tapes on the streets with the S.O.A.z street team. PL (Paul Love) and Va'Les were doing shows with Kwin, and Sal Graci and Omega Redd were big recording names that Kwin primarilly worked with. In that 3 year timeframe that Greenguy left the BBS alone, the BBS got took over by Haters. The only Hip Hop oriented screen name was Indecent3000 from Indecent and Krypto (ground from California's Bay area, known well as the Yay Area to most). Anyway Indecent was heavily out #'d by Hip Hop Haters such as Rockcity100, CJDenicia (who has a blog here), LenJennings, and Mr. Troll.

Combining Hip Hop related topics with Post Wars agaist the Haters, Greenguy's presences was felt again and the cockroaches began to scatter. Most of them migrated to the Loony Bin area of the BBS and before the eventual end of the BBS.

Keep it locked to THA HOOD BBS ON REMOTE next segment: "Classic BBS Wars"

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