Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The first message that Va'Les got from GNP, a group from Northern Ireland....WAS:

From: stephen_music Received: 5/17/06 06:11 AMSubject: collabo?

Hey man, I havent heard any of your spittin, but you're probably good. I produce music and was wondering if you'd be interested in spittin over one of my instrumentals??i can send it something to you if you are up for it. let me know.i have a few tracks on my artist page if you want to check them out.cheers.

Then Va'Les responded with, send me a beat as a e-mail attachment & I'll Spit on it for ya....

The GNP wrote:

From: stephen_music Received: 5/20/06 04:02 AMSubject: Re: collabo?

nice, nice. its good to hear an artist who's quick and efficient with what they do. makes a good change.i'm just sorting out the track now, making it an mp3. ill email it to you today.cheers.Steve.

Then after the boy Steve of GNP kept going back and forth with Va'Les because he was waiting a long time for the track to be completed by Va'Les he wrote this:

From: stephen_music Received: 6/23/07 04:30 AMSubject: Re: whats up?

aww yeah, this sounds good. ive been checking out a lot of the SOAZ tracks recently and they're somethin good man!my email address is ********************** can't wait to hear this one,cheers.

Then around 7/07, GNP got the finished product of this new song "S.O.A.z reign Supreme" by Common Ground. It was the last time Common Ground would ever record together. Va'Les got incarcerated shortly after this recording...

This song will be the S.O.A.z flavor of the Month for 1-2008 (to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Flavors of the month)...

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