Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Well Well,
I am back in this arena.
THA HOOD was create because the BBS never could support strong trueths from strong trueth tellers. After they evicted me from the BBS, tha hood was born. Once my "credit score" was proven good enough to come back to the BBS, I was back....Soon enough though, the BBS was sold for a ham samich to iLIKE Big Butts.....So THA HOOD remains the spot for BBS type type info & news & blogs.

Here's a place on the internet where BBS Forums from Garageband posts were copied and pasted and still live:

Tha Hood has a famous beef between Len Jennings and Greenguy here:

So many other fine posts and blogs can be found in tha hood. Right now you can get 2 FREE CDs in tha hood.

You can join tha hood for free:

You can get updates on the S.O.A.z at

You can get THA HOOD now here in this arena as well....

We have The Old BBS members here like CJDenicia and others here in this arena...

We can recreate the BBS here in this arena, and this is tha hood "on remote" at the new BBS...

Any one from Garageband's BBS is encouraged to post blogs here!

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