Sunday, January 30, 2011

Common Ground (The Next album)

This is not the album cover, but one of 10 covers we have to pick from.
Thanks to Dirty Vash for making 3 covers for the album title: "Still Laughin"
Dirty Vash made 3 covers for the title: "The New Shit"
He also made 4 for the "Andromeda" title.

Above is one of those 4 for the title idea of "Andromeda"

Andromeda is the galaxy next to "Milky Way" Galaxy.
Andromeda is also, the farthest thing from Earth that can be seen with the nakid eye (with out a telescope)...

Unofficial song order:

Common Ground:

1- Dynasty Featuring Murk and Bianca
2- Get it How U Get it
3- Do Y Diddy by Va'Les
4- Now Let's Ride on em
5- Feel Good Music Featuring Lord Raven, Big Ro, A Geez, Murk & Singutter
6- Original Bosses
7- Girls On my Tip
8- Summertime
9- Ass Shaker
10- Pedal to the Medal
11- Late Nite Ridin' 2008
12- Fast Forward
13- Don't Worry Featuring Damo CCC
14- Forth of July Featuring Popwiz
15- Swagg Clean REMIX featuring Lil King, Murk, Joov 1000 and Trog
16- The Champions Featuring Singutter

We haven't decided on a title for the album yet.

But we do have the album available for people to reserve a copy on CD today.
Here's how it works, to reserve your copy of the new Common Ground CD, send an e-mail to with your Name, your shipping address, and your purchase confirmation info after you pay the $9.99 to the paypal.

To make that payment, just go to the bottom of the page @ The S.O.A. Radio Site.

The first 2 albums by Common Ground came out in 2008.

Here's some quick information about those first 2 albums by the Group known as Common Ground:

Common Ground's last album came out in 2008 it was called "Milky Way" you can buy that today also, that CD is $7.99 and can be downloaded for $7.99 at this website:

"Milky Way" Release Date: Aug 12, 2008 was the most recent CD by Common Ground

Also, the first Common Ground album came out in 2008, a double -disc album called "Golden Land" music to celebrate the Golden Erra of Hip Hop.

"Golden Land" Release Date: Mar 11, 2008 was the first album by Common Ground. That one costs $4.99 to download.

More information about the Group:

Common Ground is the group that started the S.O.A. movement. The first 3 members of the S.O.A.z make up Common Ground. Va'Les, Omega Redd and Kwin McKoman Doni aka Dee Jay Greenguy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kwin MD is retiring from recording new songs:

Published by: Kwin MD on 18th Jan 2011 | View all blogs by Kwin MD
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I had a Good Run, though, I had some good times.

I disagree with some of the artists I was making music with a few months ago. They think the verse that I did on Verse 3 of a song we collab on wasn't as good as I do.

I thought it was my best verse I ever laid down.
So I am finished, I will never record again.

Content edited and removed on 05/10/14 for Life Cycle of content is ended.

DJ Greenguy

This was decided after the news from different Music Meeting with S.O.A. members took place.