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November 30th Shootings 1 year apart (death of Thug Life original group)

Facing a maximum 25-year sentence,  Tupac  knew it might be his last recording session for some time. On Wednesday November 30,  1994 ,  Tupac  Shakur was ambushed and  shot  inside the lobby of a recording studio in Manhattan's Times Square. Stretch teaming with 2Pac 2Pac's group Thug Life November 1994 shooting —  Tupac Shakur,  Vibe  magazine, April 1995 —  Randy "Stretch" Walker,  Vibe  magazine, 1995 Stretch's murder "Thug Life Is Dead (August '96)" 2Pac wrote this letter to explain "is THUG LIFE DEAD?" Watch part of the VIBE.COM interview where 2Pac explains what he meant by THUG LIFE IS DEAD x While Tupac filmed his breakthrough role in  Juice , Stretch and  Treach , of rap group  Naughty By Nature , were extras. Once Tupac's trailer was robbed of jewelry, they delivered a beatdown on set. [2]  In late 1991, after studio recordings, live shows, and TV appearances with Stretch, 2Pac put out his debut album,  2Pacalypse Now , with

Build your own radio station with Radio Impact Curated Playlists and DJs

Build your Radio Station here with Radio Impact!  Choose from a Dime Subscription or a Dub Subscription or a Deluxe Subscription.  DIME PACKAGE $10 per month The Dime Package is $10 per month for a minimum of 10 months, and after your 10 month trial period you will decide to cancel or keep subscribing for more time at $10 per month. If you cancel your subscription, after your 10 month trial, your radio station could be renamed after you terminate your subsciption. All Dime Station packages will need to create your own: Radio Station name Make 1 ad for your station which will need to be free from explicit language to play on FM radio to promote your station. You will have 5 drops, 1 ad and up to 4.88 GB of storage for your music on the station. There will be a time slot created for your radio show or podcast and also a general rotation, heavy rotation and a 10 ten chart creation. A facebook like page will be created for you with the Radio Station's name you choose which will get

93.8 Papa Funk top 10 chart

93.8 Papa Funk
Top 10 Chart for 88.2 Reggae Controlla 88.2 Reggae Controlla