Sunday, July 13, 2008

"S.O.A.z, Singutter, AND THE EXTENDED FAMILY VOLUME ONE" Is coming out real soon. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PICS....


1 "We Ride Remix" created by Singutter of Sluggerville studio 7, Featuring 2PAC and Rihanna.....Watch the Video on the YOU TUBE....

2 "Where it's out" Emcee Lo Down

3 "The Other Side" Metaphysiks

4 "Awake" Havard Blue

5 "Hustle Remixed" Produced by Indecent the Slapmaster....Rappers: Krypto F/ Yun-Gun

6 "Aint Nothin Changed" Rosco P Coldchain F/ Akon

7 "Kriminal Minded" 2Pac F/ DJ King Assassin

8 "Fuck a Hater" by 1DANA

9 "4th of July" Produced by GP Beats, Recorded & Mixed by Popwiz at Backdoor Studios on 7-4-08.....Rappers: Kwin MD & Omega Redd

10 "Inferno" by Omega Redd (at M.A.U.)

11 "Watching U" by DJ King Assassin F/Snoop Dogg

12 "Reign Supreme" by Common Ground

13 "I Got everything I wanted" Emcee Lo Down

14 "Warning Shot" by Trizzy

15 "Throw Down" recorded in Richmond, Va in 2001 before that Vocoder became such a Fad.

Eyesometrik, and rapped on by: Kwin MD

16 "Street Justice" Va'Les at M.A.U.

17 "Fallen Soldier (RMX)" by Singutter of Sluggerville

18 "GMH Camp Freestyle" from Sluggerville

19 "Shut Up (215)" by Popwiz

20 "Across the Map" Produced by Va'Les and his cuz Willy from Philly Rapped on by Kwin MD F/ the voices of Lil' Debo Aka Desent and Dr. Fa-Q

21"Got it the Best" by Harvard Blue

22 "Freestyle from S.O.A.z Radio" by Metaphysiks, Kwin MD was the host....