Sunday, February 12, 2012

How The S.O.A.z Website on SOCIALGO went down:

So, I got an email from SOCIAL GO on 2-2-12. This was their email message:

Just dropping you a quick reminder about your SocialGO website - Your 14-day free trial ends in 24 hours. We hope you've had a good chance to experiment with our easy-to-use website builder and brand new social networking tools.

Want to keep your site alive? Click the button below to check out our price plans.

We'd hate to say goodbye to you and your project, but if you don't pick a plan your site will automatically be disabled when the trial ends.

Need Some Help?
If you have any questions about your site, or had any problems during your free trial, head over to our helpdesk. It features loads of SocialGO V2 Tutorials, FAQs and our friendly dedicated support staff on hand to help you out.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Tom C

They deleted the page shortly after.

Now is pointing to the S.O.A.z Page on Facebook.

Soon the WEBSITE will be gone because it was only paid for up until 2014