Thursday, December 31, 2009

GREENGUY 2K09 to 2K10

S.O.A.z Radio 4 new YEARS


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Garageband BBS (on REMOTE) THA HOOD presents: CLASSIC info

ALL THE WEB PAGES yahoo 360 degrees didn't keep restored for yall...I got yall right here:

This is why this blog is called "On Remote" because so many websites went out of business for the "GO GREEN " movement! Movin towards 2010 we know that sooner or later GARAGEBAND will stop paying the electric bill and shut down their site.

when I decided to back up the shit in YAHOO 360 degrees, I called it THA HOOD, tha hood went down, they stopped their site, shut down their server, so I made this before that day came (10-30-09 when YAHOO 360 degrees and Yahoo Geocities went down, shut down) U know your boy Greenguy preserved more in that arena, but I backed up my files on a flashdrive so that when this Arena goes out, and BLOGGER is no more, I can post the shit somewhere else.

I have the whole history of the internet, every site I used since May 2nd, 2000 in this blog.

In the next few months, when I get spare time, I will be backing this all up to images for the eventual/ inevidible day that BLOGGER Shut's down and follow's the "Go Green" movement (which in my opinion is a form of sensorship).

I keep it One Hunnit for yall:

More on this:



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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quick Blog b4 we reach the NEW decade of 2010

IMEEM is no longer the same, I added my IMEEM shit to the side of tha HOOD's pages here and how it's showin yall funny shit instead of the graphic we had for the past year or so. READ my blogs in here from 2007 and 2008 talkin about the many music websites that went out of business like and you'll understand the comman theam & trend....

WHICH BASICALLY IS, IF U WANT LONGEVITY ON THE INTERNET, U must stay active because these sites is disappearing all CRAZY!

YOU CAN'T JUST BUILD a SITE and let it sit there, as a musician, U gotta stay Up on Your shit. went down due to funds,
same with the other 2 I made around that time &

I had paid for until 2012 or some shit but I used YAHOO GEOCITIES to provide the pages to yall on all 4 of them domains (PL's, Kwin MD, mckoman doni, & Omega Redd's domains).

YAHOO 360 degrees is where I started THA HOOD.

THE BBS on Garageband is what inspired THA HOOD.

THE BBS on Garageband was a FORUM that was taken off Garageband site (U CAN'T view it now) it was called "GO BACKSTAGE" back in the day & from 2000-2007 I was the main one in the Garageband "RAP/Hip Hop " Forum.

GREENGUY, got banned from the BBS in 2005, 2006 & 2007 by the white racists who hate rap that owned Garageband.

I exposed them.

I even copied there immature posts & exposed them again, for everyone to see to YAHOO 360 degree's pages I built (before Garageband took down the BBS) in my forum there called THA HOOD.

NOW, this is the only thing left holdin all the history.


So I will be backing up all my blogs here (as I get the time to) so if BLOGGER goes histry (out of business) I can bring this shit back too.

YAHOO 360 Degrees and GEocities went out in OCT or NOV 2009....

ALL THESE SITES KEEP LEAVING BECAUSE OF THE ELECTRIC BILL (every website is being hosted by a computer server, serving that site to the world wide web, these clowns aint tryna keep payin the electric bill once they loose their sponcer cash)...

NING is my new movement from 2008, U can find most of the shit I did on NING now.

Fuck all the other shit, but if U want to know the histry of the internet for a ARTIST / MUSICIAN, read all the sites I had since the year 2000 in my blogs from NOV 2007 to somewhere in 2008 (when I started to focus more on the RADIO show & NING and less on Garageband Flavor of the Month and Blogs).

I gotta keep yall informed though, it's us against them (the one's who LIE like P.Diddy in that Notorious MOVIE or the white man's histry Lessons) I tell yall the str8 up truth yo!

I keep it the fuck funky!

I keeps it One Hunnit 4 cats!

Here's IMEEM's new Message for YALL :

imeem is now part of MySpace Music.
We are working hard to migrate all of your playlists over to MySpace Music.
We'll email you about that as soon as we have more details.

THE BBS was erased because of me.
YAHOO 360 Degrees (might have been related to GEOCITIES and cuttin the costs of the electric bill to GO GREEN for YAHOO).

GREENGUY is ALL 4 the GO GREEN shit, I'ma EAGLE's Fan, I like savin money & smokin Green, and preserving electricity.

So I will be putting all my histry into a BOOK one day (to save electricity that these websites that are so pathetic, can't keep up on). And I will waite until the moons & stars align up just right so that the shit is not a wasted effort, get that book here to stay not like bitch ass IMEEM or GEOCITIES or BLOG's like YAHOO 360 degrees.

I am tryna build something here, I make sure it's built 2 last, fuck a wasted effort.

When it's ready, yall will see, I was here to help, not just grab a dollar like Lil Wayne or Jay Z, I am here 4 the cause, not the personal gain.

THAT's Y I gave U 4 FREE CD's on DATPIFF in the past year or whatever.

THIS IS Y we do this shit, not 2 put money in our pocket we aint runnin GAME on U or PIMPIN YALL LIKE HOES, we hussle hard 4 ours, we survive ourselves doin our own thing, we give yall this because we LOVE THIS RAP THING WITH A PASSION.

If U don't understand that, U aint here 4 the same reason.

GOOGLE SEARCH the MCs that came & went like 1 hit wonders over the past 30 years or so from A-Z you will see Ashes & dust.

I am here to BRING yall the type of shit that impacts the world 4ever.

So yall part - time what evers will B lost in the matrix, I am here to put my footprint & my finger print in the soil.

Also 2 help REAL Artists.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

THE END OF AN ERA... we are almost at 2010

Well yall,

from year 2000-2004 we gave yall that ended.
from year 2004-2009 we gave yall that ended.

For about 10 years we been using and to showcase our music.

S.O.A.z was started by Va'Les, Omega Redd and me. Va'Les came up with the name and the 3 of us made it go as far as we could take it.

I paid the money to get the domain name for 5 years... and that website died. Just like & I am surprised is still alive.

Now Reverbnation and soundclick are the best places to put up music, also a new one, podomatic is pretty good too....

I came over here to see if this was still up...

THA HOOD/ BBS on REMOTE is stil standing after all these years of websites goin out of business.

Check this out, this is what happened to geocities:

On October 26, 2009, your GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files. When visitors go to your GeoCities web address after October 26, they'll see a page letting them know that GeoCities has closed.

If you upgraded to Web Hosting before GeoCities closed, you were able to redirect your GeoCities web address to send your visitors to your new address on the Web, a personalized domain name (such as that you selected when you signed up for your new plan. This redirect will remain available as long as you keep your Web Hosting site.

Please note that you must have upgraded before October 26 to redirect your GeoCities web address to a Web Hosting account.

I used to use geocities to design the pages of both (from 2000-2004) and (2004-2009) and also when I made (from 2003-2005) and (from 2002-2004) I used GEOCITIES because it was FREE....

Now they are tryin to sell it. My question is, why now?

Back in the early days 2000-2005 there wasn't as many myspace, ning, facebook kind of sites to make you a website page at, back then, they would have made more money sellin this.

Now, when there's a whole bunch of places you can put shit up on the internet, they decide to sell this....

I first heard of GEOCITIES ( a Yahoo product) when I went on the website for UGF / Mad Flavor Ent (THE LABEL I WAS SIGNED TO BACK IN 2001). UGF / Mad Flavor used Geocities web sites....

I decided I could do the same shit they do, and made my own. After tellin Va'les & Omega Redd my story of cuttin out (the middle man) and takin the LABEL out the picture and doin all the shit they did for their artists, Va'Les said we are Self Owned Artists, we are S.O.A.z.......That's kind of how the concept came up....

That GEOCITIES shit is funny though...Glad that I stopped promotin and made the main focus....of all my promo, that's now finished.

your boy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

check out the Ying Yang Twins Radio Station

"Ying Yang's Favorite S.O.A.z | Ying Yang Twins Radio"