Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The S.O.A.z Story/BIO

The name came from Va'Les's idea of a perfect name to use for these MCs together to market a CD or Mixtape from their music collectively. Self owned artists or S.O.A.z for short. The idea behind it is that Record Labels tend to "Pimp" the royalty and Publishing Points from the Artists who get signed. If you are an S.O.A. then you own your music, your publishing points, and Royalties are owned by you and you own your music by 100%. If 3 S.O.A.z collab on a song, each one owns 33.3% of the rights to that song. If 2 S.O.A.z are on the Street Team selling CDs, and they make 200 dollars, they share it, each take home 100 bucks. The "Break down shake down" as we used to call it (the end of the day, break the bread). The biggest year the S.O.A.z had was 2004. From Georgia to New York to Japan, CDs were sold to fans across the world. Omega Redd, Va'Les, and Kwin MD were highly active in studios and promoting in clubs and on the streets...Today, the movement is still alive but not as dynamic as it was in 2004....

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