Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Everything BBS, Garageband's on Remote right here:

I'mma start the whole gauntlet back up too.
No Moderators to stop me now.

Tha Hood was foreshadowing back in April of 2006:

Because the BBS was put on blast about the Boarder, the Wall, and more facts that ties racists to Garageband staff members:
Just look at this page in THA HOOD that developed around the same time frame where Garageband Staff were helping an unsolicited contest for racist music:

So after Greenguy put them on blast, they evicted him from the BBS...

Then, they let greenguy back in, and about 2 months later they sold it to iLIKE...

Cash in the chips. That's just what they did.

Speaking of bring the gauntlet back, BBS members: Remember these famous posts:

Upload or Ship Out,
Puttin MCz on Blast, &
What's hood family?

They are coming back now to...THA HOOD BBS Forum

We will try to recreate them, becuase we didn't copy the whole BBS when we made the hood.

"Puttin MCz On Blast" dealt with MC's either underground or mainstream but mostly MCs from a way to try and motive them to get better or stop uploading.

The: Rap/Hip Hop Forum from Garageband's BBS lives!

It lives in THA HOOD.....

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