Monday, November 12, 2007

The BBS Inspired: "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month"

In December 2005, Greenguy had plenty of Beefs and ongiong wars in the BBS. Around that timeframe, Indecent and Krypto were getting airtime on MTV2. They were making noise on the westcoast. Greenguy knew, he had to do something to make noise on the Eastcoast. The Hip Hop Haters of the BBS did insult and disrespect Indecent3000 and Greenguy. They did, however, respect Indecent's MTV2 appearance. Greenguy realized he was uploading more then one track at once. Knowing that the S.O.Az had a surplus of songs that could be uploaded to the charts, greenguy wanted to chase the haters out of the forum. He had been posting messages with abundance in efforts to chase them out. So he came up with "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" and installed the first one Jan. 2006.

This would solidify the S.O.A.z Legacy and it Gave Greenguy something to post about. Greenguy used to promote these songs, give updates, and even post reviews of the songs in the BBS. Cee Jay and Len Gay used to get mad at all the updates. This was more amo for Greenguy to use to chase em out. In the final days of the BBS, the Rap/ Hip Hop forum belonged to Hip Hop screen names and all the Haters were in the Loony Bin hatin on each other.

After the BBS was closed the "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" tradition lived/lives on. One supporter of the S.O.A.z movement sent an instramental by GNP from Northern Ireland to the S.O.A.z (from them to collab/record on). That song will commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the first "Flavor of the Month". In 2006 greenguy used a slogan on the BBS "S.O.A.z reign supreme" as a signiture quote. This special song is titled "S.O.A.z reign supreme" the lyrics are by Common Ground (Omega Redd verse one, Va'Les Hook, Kwin McKoman Doni verse 2).

Jan. 2008 marks the 2 year and is the month that this song will be "S.O.A.z Flave"....

This will be the 25th Flavor of the Month.

To get more info about "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" visit the webpage on it (updated once per month)....Click the link below

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