Saturday, February 10, 2018

Blogtalkradio's competition is here: DJ Greenguy configuration of Virtual DJ and Webex

How to eliminate blog talk radio and use better sound quality with Virtual DJ and Webex instead of blog talk radio (with audio in calls, no uploads of songs, better clearer mix in your audio).

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Google: Virtual DJ
Download and install free version.
Sign in with facebook or microsoft account.

2. Google: Voicemeeter Banana
Download and install free version.

3. Google: Virtual Cable used for voicemeeter banana
Download and install the virtual cable

4. Pay Webex for a $25/month account to take calls

These last 2 steps are for those of the audience that can't do it themselves and want my help.

5. Download and install Teamviewer (free personal use version).

6. Pay here to get this set up by me for you.
Email me at with Subject of Email:
Professional Assistance Request - Radio setup

We can schedule a webex meeting to do the setup on a mutually agreed on time.

Here are 2 videos I made live that can explain better:

1- Watch this twitter live that shows me on the phone with Va'Les getting the audio in the phone call from Virtual DJ.

2. Video explaining how to set it up for yourselves: 

My Good configurations: