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Metaphysiks Story/BIO

First Read the Shallow BIO before your read this........

Metaphysiks is from Emporia Virginia...His cousin Travis, used to work in Petersburg with Kwin at a factory. Travis introduced Metaphysik to Kwin. Kwin introduced Metaphysik to Shallow. This was in 2001. In 2002, when Mike Pacino & Shallow tried to start a record label, they wanted to sign a few local acts. Espanosa was their no.1 priority. Bliss and Metaphysik were both about the same level of priority (they both had great talent but both needed transportation to the studio). PL and Kwin were the bottom level of priority, Mike P. wanted Kwin to work on his flow game and thought PL was not going to be easy to work with. Mike Pacino said PL was "Unorthadox" and he would only sing PL if he was signing PL with Kwin on the same contract as a group. Mike Pacino did collab with Kwin 2 times before he tried to combine his money with Shallow's money and start this label up. PL decided not to sign because he wanted a solo contract, Kwin got upset with Shallow and wrote things on his website (the old that he regretted writing about Shallow. Bliss & Metaphysik were both too tough on the gas miles for Shallow & Pacino to try to keep working with. The label idea fell apart....

Before the label idea collapsed, Mike P & Kwin did work on Kwin's flow game together at Mike P's crib. Metaphysiks & Espanosa did a collab together too. This was supposed to be the two hottest MCs on the label. The song was like mixing oil and vinegar. Metaphysiks true style is about songs with a message in most cases and excellant punch lines and great metaphors. The content of a Metaphysik song gives you picture in your mind, food for thought, stuff that is fun to listen to. Mixing that with Espanosa is a bad mix. Es-P. is like Fabulous (the rapper) his style is like Jim Jones, Cameron, or even Soldier Boy. No real message, just tryna do a pretty boy song for the video with cars and girls.

Metaphysik did a few collabs with Kwin, mainly "I am", "Hip Hop", and "Natural High". When Metaphysik & Kwin performed in Portsmouth, Va (in Summer of 2001) ......Metaphysik did a few songs then and also was Kwin MD's HYPEMAN.

After the last collab they did, Metaphysiks handed Kwin a tape of his music and said try to get as many ears to hear this as you can. That is just what Kwin did. During the S.O.A.z movement, Metaphysik had a song on every Street CD. Kwin used his Roland 880 ex to convert the tape into a CD.

Metaphysiks has a myspace page:

Check him out he's got top noche talent!

Next Segment: Monday 12-6-07 "A story behind a picture"


The first message that Va'Les got from GNP, a group from Northern Ireland....WAS:

From: stephen_music Received: 5/17/06 06:11 AMSubject: collabo?

Hey man, I havent heard any of your spittin, but you're probably good. I produce music and was wondering if you'd be interested in spittin over one of my instrumentals??i can send it something to you if you are up for it. let me know.i have a few tracks on my artist page if you want to check them out.cheers.

Then Va'Les responded with, send me a beat as a e-mail attachment & I'll Spit on it for ya....

The GNP wrote:

From: stephen_music Received: 5/20/06 04:02 AMSubject: Re: collabo?

nice, nice. its good to hear an artist who's quick and efficient with what they do. makes a good change.i'm just sorting out the track now, making it an mp3. ill email it to you today.cheers.Steve.

Then after the boy Steve of GNP kept going back and forth with Va'Les because he was waiting a long time for the track to be completed by Va'Les he wrote this:

From: stephen_music Received: 6/23/07 04:30 AMSubject: Re: whats up?

aww yeah, this sounds good. ive been checking out a lot of the SOAZ tracks recently and they're somethin good man!my email address is ********************** can't wait to hear this one,cheers.

Then around 7/07, GNP got the finished product of this new song "S.O.A.z reign Supreme" by Common Ground. It was the last time Common Ground would ever record together. Va'Les got incarcerated shortly after this recording...

This song will be the S.O.A.z flavor of the Month for 1-2008 (to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Flavors of the month)...

Next Segment: The Metaphysiks Story/BIO

Virginia Beach - August of 2000, The Story behind the picture:

It was the summer of 2000. "Step into my Office..." had not even come out yet. Kwin MD's brother had a old friend who was originally from Virginia but recently moved to Atlanta, come visit for a few weeks. This guy had learned how to play guitar pretty good and braught his accustic with him to the beach. His name was Matt. He and Kwin began to freestyle together. Matt would keep a pace rhythm on the guitar of steady chords and Kwin was flowing to the guitar. People stopped walking on the boardwalk to listen. They decided to open the guitar case for tips. They both stayed there on the Boardwalk mostly all night long just freestyling....

The website was back then not but this picture and story behind it never made it to that website. In November of 2000 (a few months after this day/picture) the first Kwin MD CD was out: "Step in my Office..." but the picture on the back of that CD with the list of tracks was of Kwin & his ex-girl friend (not too hip hop related)...The fact is, this picture we have today from August of 2000 would have been on the back of that CD if Kwin even knew it existed.

Like said above, Matt was Kwin's brother's friend, and Kwin's brother was who had this picture the whole time. Kwin forgot about this day for the most part. Thanksgiving 2007, Kwin went down to visit his brother in Baltimore, MD and saw this picture. He asked his brother if he could have it. Well the answer was obvious, so here it is.

You can see some people who sat down on the boardwalk to listen, you can see Kwin's hand up while he is flowing. It was a fun night. Collabs are fun whether it's a 1 time guitar & flow performance or your traditional recording studio with a featured MC.

Kwin met Shallow in April of that year (2000) and recorded about 4 songs or so with Shallow before this picture was taken. Champain still lived in Philly. It was 1 year after Kwin finished High School, his brother & Matt were still in High School. Kwin had just started to put songs on back then. It was before the RINX beef on the BBS, before Kwin met PL, before Shallow met Degrees of Realness or Shallow was Shallow (before he change his name). It was before Kwin met Metaphysiks. This was right in the beginning of Kwin MD's career as a MC....

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shallow (aka: Nvisible Beats) Story/BIO

This man played the guitar in a band for years. Differant Bands, as we all know, playing guitar in a band is whole differant level then just playing guitar. His first Hip Hop music he ever made was under the producer name Shallow with Kwin MD. About 89-90% of Kwin's instramentals were made by Shallow. Shallow got into film making real big back in 2001. His main music clients then were X-Ray from Baltimore, MD and PL. He directed the video (and was the camera man for) a song by PL (Paul Love) and Kwin MD's collab album "Double Up, Double Down" (that has been to this day unreleased) called "$6,560,088". Shallow also directed PL's solo music video "personal demons". Today, he goes by the name Nvisible Beats and still makes the cream of the crop hip hop beats. People from all over the world buy his beats online. The main artists he has worked with are X-Ray, Degrees of Realness, and others. He once tried to start a record label with Mike Pacino back in 2001-2002. That idea was pretty good, it could have worked but it didn't. Since 2000, the name Shallow was the only name he used. Around the year 2005, he changed his name to Nvisible Beats.

You can check him out on myspace at:

Next Segment: GNP Story/BIO on Thursday 11-29-07

Monday, November 26, 2007

A-Bomb on Blast (the 2nd time)

This guy is from Wenatchee, Washington right. What kind of Rapper, Hails from Wenatchee, Washington as in Washington The State? Here's his garageband page:

But do yourself a favor, don't listen to any of his songs, they are not Rap music, not hip hop music, they shouldn't even be legally alowed to be called music.

Look at this, here's a review of one of his songs:

Review of Agonie of Defeat by A-Bomb Genre: Rap 1.7 STARS


You sound bitter dude. The sample is cool, sounds like an late 90's action cartoon. Just alot of babbling. What did you mean by "if you were black,I'd have to kill you"? It wouldn't be that bad if it had a hook.

Here go ANOTHER review of one of A-Bomb's songs:

Review of SAP by A-Bomb Genre: Rap 2.1 STARS


Who told you you could rap! hope you dont have any cd's for sale If you sell one of these to some one you should go to jail this is damnnear a crime.
Extra Credit: Stupidest Song I've Ever Heard.

This is A-Bomb's self designated "signature track" Let's see a review of this one:

Review of Tested by FIRE by A-Bomb Genre: Hip Hop 2.8 STARS (out of 5.0)

Not Feeling This At All

WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ?!?!?! You sound suicidal, homicidal and just sad... You need love in your life. No flow at all. Boring track.

After all these years, I wonder, does this guy read the feedback he gets or not?

His screenname on the BBS was Catsjam & he began posting messages after learning about the BBS. Greenguy sent him a link about his post when Greenguy put A-Bomb on blast the first time. So A-Bomb's screenname appeared in there (catsjam) as the only one to defend this awful music. He made himself look like a fool. Greenguy was glad to host this event in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum because it was good clean fun to make this catsjam/A-Bomb guy from Washington State look like an ass....

Next Segment: The Shallow aka Nvisible Beats BIO/Story on Weds. 11-28-07

The BBS famous post: "Puttin MCz on Blast"

This was one of Greenguy's best posts in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum of Garageband's BBS. This was where, any MC could get put on blast. Any MC on BET, MTV, MTV2, the radio, VH1, or unsigned underground MCs on or off garageband....Ziplok, A-Bomb, even PL (Paul Love) who was (Kwin's old partner) got put on blast there. It made for some good reads & some good laughs. It also gave some insight to problems & what is wrong with some of the songs that people were putting on garageband. The irony of Puttin PL on Blast was that in December, PL and Kwin's song "Aggrevated Assualt" is S.O.A.z 12-07 Flavor of the month. PL was never part of the S.O.A.z but he did a few collabs with Common Ground. (Due to Kwin initiating the collabs).

The next Segment: A Classic look back at this fine Post Thread: "Puttin MCz on Blast"
We're gonna put A-Bomb on Blast again.

Next Segment 11-27-07 is: A-Bomb on Blast (the 2nd time)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Va'Les Story/BIO

The name Vary Less or Va'Les was created by this man who not only named his own artist name, but he thought up the names of S.O.A.z and B.I.P. As a child, his parents had him and his brother learn music. His brother and him started to rap together as teenagers. He went to a studio for the first time with Omega Redd. He always said that he'd perfer to stay behind the scenes like Timbaland (did in the 1990's, he's in the spotlight more so in this day and age). Va'Les used to be one of the main S.O.A.z street team members. In the days when Kwin had his Roland 880 EX, and when Omega Redd, Va'Les, and Kwin used to have at least 9 music session meetings per month, it was Va'Les's crib where everyone would always meet up. Mainly because Va'Les stayed home most of the time back then. In the summer of 2007, the 3 MCs of Common Ground (the 3 core founding members of the S.O.A.z which is Va'Les, Omega Redd, & Kwin MD) recorded their (possibly) last songs together. Some time after May and before September, they did "S.O.A.z reign Supreme" over a GNP beat and a few freestyle songs. The reason why it might have been the last Common Ground recording all 3 together is not because of any beef or bad blood. Va'Les might not ever be able to record again. This (of course) is pending on what happens in his situation. His situation is not good. He caught a case, and to be honest no one is certain on whether he is innocent or guilty. Before he got arrested he gave Kwin some information about the situation, he was teaching music lessons at a church at the time the police arrested him. He is currently locked up in CFCF for something that no one knows whether he is innocent or guilty. The allegid crime that he is accused of is not something that is appropriate to even include here. Since there is a chance that he is innocent it's not really fair tp give details. He told Kwin that he was framed by a certain person who (he gave a good motive for that person to have framed him, they also had called the LAW on him in the past).
We want him home because we think he's innocent, so just like when PAIN was locked up and we used to make FREE PAIN messages, the S.O.A.z want Va'Les free too!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Special: The B.I.P. Story/BIO

B.I.P. or Black Irish Productions, the name like S.O.A.z was made up by Va'Les. When Kwin MD had his Roland 880 EX, he used to make his recording part of his studio portable, and bring it anywhere. One song that he recorded mixed was done partly in New Castle, DE; partly in Croften, MD; in Glenolden, Pa; and in Germantown (at Va'Les crib). Va'Les had a drum machine, a keyboard, and an organn at that time. He used to play tracks and tracks of music into that Roland....Kwin and Va'Les found out that it had so much memory, they learned the Roland had the ability to store "virtual tracks", so they used to record together for hours and hours, many times staying up all night. Sometimes Kwin would go back to the lab, and add soundeffects or other wrinkles to these peices that Va'Les would lay out to make everything fit while mixing it into a instramental format. When Kwin would add things in the mix, Va'Les would listen and tell him to change it a few times until it was where he wanted it, then, Va'Les would call it a B.I.P. Production....

next segment: 11-23 Va'Les story & Bio (this is what has been typed about for a while too, the reasons why Va'Les is not able to make music anymore for a while)....Black Friday Special. For anyone reading this blog who actually knows about Q., don't worry, the descriptions given, won't go over the line, it's not our style...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The S.O.A.z Story/BIO

The name came from Va'Les's idea of a perfect name to use for these MCs together to market a CD or Mixtape from their music collectively. Self owned artists or S.O.A.z for short. The idea behind it is that Record Labels tend to "Pimp" the royalty and Publishing Points from the Artists who get signed. If you are an S.O.A. then you own your music, your publishing points, and Royalties are owned by you and you own your music by 100%. If 3 S.O.A.z collab on a song, each one owns 33.3% of the rights to that song. If 2 S.O.A.z are on the Street Team selling CDs, and they make 200 dollars, they share it, each take home 100 bucks. The "Break down shake down" as we used to call it (the end of the day, break the bread). The biggest year the S.O.A.z had was 2004. From Georgia to New York to Japan, CDs were sold to fans across the world. Omega Redd, Va'Les, and Kwin MD were highly active in studios and promoting in clubs and on the streets...Today, the movement is still alive but not as dynamic as it was in 2004....

Next Segment: B.I.P. Story/BIO

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday's other post in THA HOOD on remote: Garageband's BBS on remote:

Since THA HOOD is located somewhere else, this is THA HOOD on remote.
Since The Garageband BBS Forums got shut down by Ali P. when iLIKE bought garageband, this is also: The Garageband BBS on Remote....

Most of these messages in "This Arena" aren't duplicated or repeated in THA HOOD. Tha Hood used to get all these messages, but the loyal members of tha hood all aint tryna get these messages e-mailed to them every day. THA HOOD, now, has 3 sections. The place where Images get stored (The Blog spot in yahoo's THA HOOD), the place where members can join and post to a network through e-mails (yahoo groups THA HOOD) and this one right here.

Since tha BBS and tha Hood on Remote (this arena) was created, most of the messages go from here. The fact is, unless it's breaking news, I aint e-mailin the message to the loyal members of THA HOOD (Yahoo Groups)....

Today, I had a point to make, for anyone and everyone to read about, that isn't a NEWS Headline. This has been old news since the 1940's. History has a way of telling people the history that they want them to hear, not always the facts, but information, that is filtered....

Yeah, I sent this message through the e-mail (yahoo Groups) Tha Hood all got it. Now, yall must have thought this was all about music, right? I guess so far, it has here on this remote arena....But peep this:

Barry Bonds, Hammering Hank Aaron, and the "Babe" Ruth were not even close to the 962 homeruns that Josh Gibson hit back in the day in the negro leagues. From how civil rights were, and how people treated african american people back then, it's safe to say, he was not taking HGH or Steriods....This is real, A-Rod might pass Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds, he won't pass my man Josh Gibson though!

Here's MLB (the Major League Baseball website) version of it:

Negro Leagues

Born: Dec. 11, 1911, Buena Vista, Ga. Died: Jan. 10, 1947, Kansas City, MO.Bats: RightThrows: Right Hall of Fame induction: 1972
Ray Dandridge on Josh Gibson: 56k 300k
Mention most icons of the Negro Leagues, and the burning issue is how baseball's color line denied them acknowledgment alongside their Major League peers. But Josh Gibson paid a steeper price: Recognition as perhaps the greatest player of all time.
The Georgia-born, Pittsburgh-reared muscular catcher was that good. His drives were that majestic. His arm was that strong, his legs that fleet.
The numbers Gibson posted as the mainstay, alternately, of both the Pittsburgh Crawfords and Homestead Grays read like fiction: a .354 average and 962 homers throughout a 17-season career, with single-season highs of .517 and 84. Even conceding the unreliability of stat-keeping in the Negro Leagues, many of those numbers are corroborated by the official Baseball Encyclopedia.

Award winners Jimmy Rollins and Juan Pierre accepted Legacy Awards last week from the employees at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. More>>The motives Branch Rickey had several reasons for signing Jackie Robinson to a pro contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Historian Steve Goldman has the details. More>>Segregated Baseball: A Kaleidoscopic reviewWhile the very existence of the Negro Leagues was necessary because of the racial divides in the United States, black baseball not only survived -- it excelled. More>Traveling showBarnstorming was common place in the Negro Leagues. More> Same scenario, different outcome
The Negro Leagues endured a slow death after Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers. Will the same thing happen to the Japanese leagues after losing a big star like Ichiro to the Majors?
More>--> The numbers merely eulogize a man who made indelible impressions on everyone who saw him play. Negro Leaguers who played with and against him from 1929 through 1946 revered him. Big leaguers who tried to get him out -- and there were many, as postseason barnstorming series between Major and Negro Leaguers were big attractions, and Gibson hit a collective .412 in these games -- were awed by him.
"I played with Willie Mays and against Hank Aaron," Monte Irvin once said. "They were tremendous players, but they were no Josh Gibson. You saw him hit, and you took your hat off.
"It makes me sad to talk about Josh, because he didn't get to play in the Major Leagues, and when you tell people how great he was, they think you're exaggerating."
In an allegorical sense, the color line was drawn right at Gibson's feet. In the early '40s, Dodgers Manager Leo Durocher was reprimanded by Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis for musing about how nice it would be to be able to jot Gibson's name on his lineup card. According to hearsay, Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bill Benswanger actually signed Gibson to a Major League contract in 1943 that was vetoed by Landis.
But while Gibson couldn't play in the Major Leagues, he could play in Major League parks, and the big houses nurtured his legend. He preceded Mickey Mantle as the only two men to smoke a ball out of Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C. He also is credited with being the only one to ever hit one out of Yankee Stadium, an undocumented blow ostensibly struck in September 1930 off Connie Rector of the Lincoln Giants.
Gibson, himself, always pooh-poohed the notion he'd actually hit a ball out of The House that Ruth Built, maintaining that he'd only reached the center-field bullpen. He was a modest man and a playful one. Gibson would needle opposing hitters by throwing fistfuls of dirt on their shoes, and goad pitchers by rolling up his sleeves to make his biceps bulge.
Josh Gibson, second from left, helped the Pittsburgh Crawfords win the Negro National League pennant in 1935 and 1936.
Mostly, though, Gibson was a sad man, going through a short life under the weight of many burdens. The padlocked Majors wasn't even the heaviest.
Gibson never fully recovered from an early-career trauma, the death in 1920 of his 17-year-old wife Helen while giving birth to his twin children. Unable to bear the haunting memory of Helen he saw in the twins, he left them in the care of his in-laws and tried to lose himself in baseball, and in an out-of-control lifestyle away from the diamond.
But through the binges and the dry-outs, and despite ailing knees that had kept him out of World War II service, Gibson kept hitting the covers off the ball.
In 1943, the source of recurring headaches was diagnosed as a brain tumor. Gibson understood the gravity of that condition, but didn't flinch.
"Death ain't nothing," he said. "You can't tell me nothing about death. Death ain't nothing but a fastball on the outside corner."
On a January evening four years later, having sought refuge from the pounding in his head in a darkened movie theater, Gibson was found unconscious in his seat when the lights came on. He was taken to his mother's house, where he passed away early the next morning -- at 35 -- three months before Jackie Robinson kicked down the door to the Majors.
For nearly three decades, he lay in an unmarked grave in Allegheny Cemetery. Then-Commissioner Bowie Kuhn and a former Pittsburgh Crawford teammate chipped in in 1975 to erect a headstone that says simply, "Legendary Baseball Player."
In 1972, Gibson became one of the first Negro League veterans to be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
When The Sporting News chose The 20th Century's 100 Greatest Players in 2000, Josh Gibson was No. 18.
Tom Singer covers the Angels for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

to see this whole segment on MLB's actual webpage go here:

Josh Gibson is the Homerun King, Barry Who? Hank what? Babe who?!

The Omega Redd Story and BIO

This one had basically been told already in a combonation of posts prior to this post here on tha hood on remote BBS on remote dot "B.B.B.B." Redd has completed his recording for "Yall done Fucked Up Now" and is currently finishing up the CD (on the business side) his website doesn't exist any more, however: you can hear 3 of his songs for free at: and his S.O.A.z (Redd Solo Songs) Flavor of the months he did solo were pretty darn successful on garageband's charts, especially his song "Forbidden Fruite". The Garageband site with Omega Redd music is:
and on iLIKE:

Check him out, he's one of the 3 founding members of the S.O.A.z and still currently makes music and music decisions for the S.O.A.z

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sal Graci Story/BIO

Sal Graci knew Va'Les and Omega Redd for a long time before he got introduced to Kwin MD. Sal Made Beats and Rapped MC style. His cousins and Brothers also rapped. He had made a deal with Kwin MD in 2003 (when kwin had the Roland 880 EX and used to record and mix songs) that for every song Kwin produced for Sal, Sal would get recognition in the album credits and give one beat to Kwin. Sal's music was self titled "Interself Productions". He made the beat for "Seveth Conscience Mind", "Forest Fire" by Common Ground Featuring PL and Traci, and other Hood classics. Kwin MD was introduced to Sal Graci before Va'Les. Both of them 2 were partners and Associates of Omega Redd (Redd introduced Kwin to Sal before Va'Les). Sal and Va'les were friends, they hung out and were cool, Sal even invited Va'Les to His wedding. These 2 both made beats, you would think they'd collab all the time....Not really, they made a few beats together in the past, some of the last ones they did together were "Bison" and "The Getaway"...Va'Les had a cousin named Willy From Philly who he made beats with sometimes, but it seemed whether it was Sal Graci or Willy From Philly, or even Omega Redd, when Va'Les collabed on the beat, it sounded real real good. When Sal Made beats by himself, just like Va'Les solo, they were good beats and they (solo) did nice jobs. When they did it together, they sounded GREAT. They used to call themselves "Odd Couple Productions" when Va'Les and Sal Graci got together. Mainly because they would argue from sun up to sun down while collabin on a beat.

Here are some links to some classic Sal Graci Music:

Sal Graci and Little Nicky "Clips and Burners" Won Garageband Awards:
Most Original in Rap, week of 13Nov2006
"Forest Fire" By PL (Paul Love), Va'Les, Omega Redd, Kwin McKoman Doni, and Traci Produced by A.P.G. Studios and Beat Made by Sal Graci...

And Check out: An "Odd Couple Production" by Sal Graci and Va'Les on the beat (together) A.P.G. Studios Produced and Mixed it, Verses 1 & 3 were Omega Redd, Common Ground on Verse 2.....

There are many others by Sal Graci both underground on the internet and in the streets....

The last link we have on Sal Graci stuff is really a CD by McKoman Doni called "Boilahmaker Sippah"...

Sal Graci made the beat for 3 of the songs on this album....

#2, #7, & #15 were all Sal Graci beats...."After I'm gone" might have been the best of them 3 beats. "Seveth Conscienc Mind" was good for the song concept. #15 had Kwin rappin like he was twista....or Bone or somethin!!!!

1 Billion Men Marching
2 After I'm Gone
3 Decompose F/ Champain
4 Throw Down
5 Waite in Line
6 Toast the Cheers F/ Omega Redd
7 Seventh Conscience Mind
8 Nasty Talk F/ Bodacious and Shallow
9 Nutcracker
10 McKoman Doni
11 Oh Kwin MD F/ Jes
12 Ridin', Smokin', and Drinkin'
13 Chamberlayne Ave
14 Natural High F/ Metaphysik
15 Fast Pace World
16 I Converse
17 Assassin's Rain
18 Judgement Night F/ Champain and Mike Pacino
19 Boilahmaker Sippah

This one costs $11 plus shipping but you can get it for free at
Here's where you can buy it, if you don't wanna try to get it for free:

Next Segment: Omega Redd Story/BIO 11-20-07

Friday, November 16, 2007

Common Ground Story/BIO

In 2003 when Omega Redd introduced Kwin MD to Sal Graci and Va'Les the S.O.A.z movement had been started. "Self Owned Artists" or S.O.A.z for short was thought up by Va'Les. On night, after moving units on the Streets and freestyling they were in the Basement (Va'Les, Omega Redd, and Kwin MD) when they thought of some new concepts. One thing these 3 realized was that, even though they had many other artiists involved with the S.O.A.z movement, they where the main 3 on most of the songs on each CD...

They were the founding members of the S.O.A.z and they decided that they needed a name for their "3 headed monster" when the 3 of them did a song. The first song they did was in September of 2003. The week that Tampa Bay beat the Eagles in the first game of their new stadium Omega Redd, Va'Les & Kwin were supposed to go to Jacksonville, Florida to see Champain (who just got out of jail and had been in there for almost 2 years) to record with him and enjoy Florida. Redd and Kwin were on their way to G-Town to pick up Va'Les and Kwin's car broke down in South Philly. One week later, they recorded a song based on this called "Still Laughin"....This was the first time that these 3 MCs where on a song together (with out another rapper). They did songs like the "Rose Bush" when other MCs where also on the song, or they would do a song with Va'Les and Kwin, Omega Redd and Va'Les were partners before they met Kwin, or Omega Redd and Kwin...."Still Laughin" was the first Common Ground song.

In the Basement at Kwin's cribback in 2003 they decided to call themselves "Common Ground" when teamed up as 3 on a song. They had thought up some concepts, "Virtual" was one of the first song concepts for the Common Ground album they planned on making. Each MC would do a verse on their perspective and outlook on life. They continued on marking the S.O.A.z and really didn't go "all in" for Common Ground. When they were the most involved in the music thing together, Common Ground was always an afterthought. They were setting it up for something they would go "all in" on later on maybe down the road....

Omega Redd has always been in the Chester, Pa area. Va'Les lived in Germantown from 2003 to 2005. Va'Les and his family moved to South West Philly in 2005. Kwin MD lived in Glenolden, Pa (which is in between S.W.P. and Chester) West Philly (2004) then moved to Clifton Heights, Pa (near Glenolden), then moved to Yeadon Boro (which is in between Upper Darby and Darby but on the border of West Philly and S.W.P.)....Why is this Geography part of the Common Ground BIO? It's Ironic. When Va'Les stayed in G-Town from 2003-05 he lived the farthest away from Chester, yet all 3 would meet up in G-Town most of the time. They had more meetings about the music in G-Town than anywhere else. In 2005 when Va'Les lived closer to REDD and Kwin, they met up less. Redd went out to California for a while in 2005 and Kwin had gotten married in 11-05....But again, Ironically, when Va'Les lived closer to these 2, they all met up less. G-Town was a good 45 minute ride from Chester, and a good 30 to 35 minute ride from Glenolden. West Philly (where Kwin lived in 2004) was about 20 minutes (or less) from G-Town. S.W.P. was only a 10 minute ride from Clifton Heights, and about a 20 minute ride from Chester. So in 2005, Va'Les lived significantly closer to these 2. They would all meet up at Va'Les crib, mainly because he was usually home.

These 3 brought an Organ up 3 flights of steps when Va'Les lived on Walnut Lane in G-Town. One of Kwin's neghbors donated this organ to the S.O.A.z movement. The biggest significance in this story is it was snowing real bad that day, and they took this organ across town in the snow up 3 flights of stair. The "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" song "Cut Throat Players" was done by Va'Les playing that same organ on it. He used it on a few other songs too. How many unsigned, underground rappers got an Organ (not a Synthesized fake Organ) a real Organ player on there song?

They weren't having many meetings about music after 2005. Most of the time, you would see 2 together, but never 3. Many times Kwin and Va'Les would chill, but music wasn't the main thing they talked about. Redd and Va'Les would chill, drink some beers, play video games, or do whatever but music was not the reason for hanging out. Redd and Kwin would go hang out some where but they didn't talk too much about music since 2005. The whole thing changed when Kwin sold his Roland 880 EX in 2004. They still would every so often go to M.A.U. Studios in West Philly and record. Va'Les went there solo often, some times Redd would go there solo, some times them 2 would go there and record together.

In 2006 Va'Les and Kwin would meet about 2 or 3 times a month. Kwin used Va'Les as an advisor to help decide what songs would be Flavor of the Month. Va'Les and Kwin worked together a lot in 2004 selling the CDs on the Street. They also worked together making productions calling themselves B.I.P. or Black Irish Productions when they would make a track together.

Since 2003, these 3 would take many road trips together to Virginia. That same car that broke down on the way to Va'Les crib to go to Florida, used to be the car they'ld head to Virginia in to hang out, have a good time, and Sell CDs down there...They used to make the money for travel expenses off CD Sales while in Virginia. They used to Party Down there. Since 2003, the Common Ground 3 went down to Virninia many times. May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) was the last time that these 3 wet to VA together. It may be the last trip to Virginia Kwin and Redd ever would take with Va'Les (more on that when the Va'Les story/BIO comes out next week)...

Some time after that Cinco de Mayo trip (in July) The Common Ground 3 went down to M.A.U. studios to record some music. It was July of 2007, they recorded the song that will be "Jan. 2008 S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" and it is called "S.O.A.z Reign Supreme" by Common Ground beat made by GNP from Northern Ireland. That might be the last song that Kwin MD and Omega Redd ever record with Va'Les (more on the reason why next week).... Since then, Omega Redd and Kwin met up once time in October of 2007 and one time in September 2007. They were just hanging out and chillin mostly, the music thing didn't really get brought up too much, they are both hoping Va'Les and his family will be okay. Next week we will give more details about this, it's tough to post blogs about, because the trueth is still unknown....

The Common Ground Era may be over, but not so fast. We are not able to tell what Va'Les status is currently. So with that, we leave yall with this:

There is a place on-line where you can hear some of the last few common ground songs recorded. "Damn Shame" was recorded in 11-2005 and took a long time to get mixed down before the finish product was out 12-06. "Damn Shame" and a few other songs that were done at M.A.U. studios the last time these 3 MCs where together in a studio are at this website where you can listen to all 3 of these songs for FREE:

Next Segment is Monday: 11-19-07

Thursday, November 15, 2007

PL (Paul Love) Story/BIO

PL (Paul Love) was born and raised in Lanham, MD which is part of Prince George County. In 2001, he watched the Greenguy vs. Rinx beef on the BBS. Today, PL is 36 years old. In 2001 PL was 30 years old. Keep in mind that Jay Z & LL Cool J were in their 40's when they last released an album. PL and Kwin collabed for the first time in Bowie, MD recording a track called "Scramblin" in 2001 after several phone conversations about this which came from PL's watching the Greenguy vs. Rinx beef on the BBS.

PL's Studio Producer: Rob "The Bear" of Non Such Productions owned the studio in Bowie, MD. Kwin brought a beat made by his producer in Richmond, Va Shallow (now goes by Nvisible Beats). PL paid The Bear and Kwin paid Shallow. They ended up doing the same thing, (a Shallow Beat in the bear's studio) when they recorded the 2nd song together "Aggrevated Assualt" (which is schedule to be 12/07 S.O.A.z Flave). They recorded about 3 other songs before deciding that they should do an album together like Redman & Method Man did in 1999. They got Shallow to sign a contract giving him 34% of the royalties for his beats given to the project. They made a music video for "$6,560,088" a song that PL drove down to Virginia and record with Kwin in Shallow's studio. This album, called "Double Up, Double Down" was worked on from 2001-2004. In that time, PL and Kwin Performed in D.C., Baltimore, Blacksburg-VA (where Virginia Tech is) and Philly. PL had a solo career going before he met Kwin. One of PL's best songs was with Vory (another MC from P.G.). The music part of the album was done in 2004, they still needed images for the CD cover and stuff like that. PL wanted to get that done at a Photo Gallery in Annapolis, MD. He saw the same store (a chain) in Ocean City, MD and thought it would be a great place to get these pictures. Kwin was supposed to meet PL at the store and got a flat tire in Delaware (about half way down from Philly). PL told Kwin on the cell phone, that the trip would have a waste because the Annapolis Store didn't have the same props and settings as the Ocean City location and we wouldn't have been able to get it done anyway...

That was the last time PL and Kwin were on the same page and working together. PL went home, Kwin went home, the album never got released. Kwin just got tired of PL bossing him around and telling him what to do. PL used to talk to Kwin like Kwin was a child. Looking back, when Kwin started the S.O.A.z movement with Omega Redd and Va'Les (in 2003), PL might have felt like the "Double Up, Double Down" project got put on the back burner. In 2004, Kwin met his wife, PL (was married already when they met in 2001) PL may have felt that Kwin and His Wife getting serious would subtract from the time Kwin spent on music. In the end, PL acted more like Kwin's Boss or some one who out ranks Kwin rather than a friend of equal rank. This is why these 2 stopped performing and recording together & the friendship was over. In the beginning it was about the love of music and making music, for PL the business and money aspects of the whole thing took over what he was all about.

Next Segment: Common Ground Story/BIO 11-16-07

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Kwin MD Story/Bio

Born in Philly, Kwin MD moved around the eastcoast many times. In 3rd Grade moved to Wilmington, DE. Lived in Richmond, Va from 4th to 5th. Lived in Allentown, Pa from 6th grade to 8th grade. Moved back to Richmond half way through 8th grade. In 9th grade Kwin began to write and record rap. In 11th grade, Kwin got into trouble at school and was sent to school in Atlanta. When Kwin turned 18, he was legally able to cross the Georgia State line & moved back to Philly. This is where he met Champain and Splash City. Champain and Kwin had never been to a studio to record, boom box recordings was all they knew before Kwin & Pain went to Germantown (a part of Philly) to record with Splash City. Pain was originally from Jacksonville, Florida and he brought Kriminal from Darby, PA along for the studio too. Pain and Kwin went back to G-Town to record with Splash City a few times. Kwin knew God Father Geek from Virginia Beach and recorded down there with Lost Elements (aka L.E.P.) as well. Many of these songs Kwin was recording in 1999 were written in 1998 in Atlanta while he was at that school. This is where Dungeon Rapper or D.R. Kwin comes from. Pain brought an MC who was originally from Virginia named Trig (who lived in Yeadon, PA) along one time to Splash City. Pain knew a guy named Maurice in West Philly who had a studio and used to record there by himself and brought Kwin there a few times. Most of this was ameture stuff for everyone to get expirience in a studio. The game stepped up a noche in year 2000. This is when Kwin MD moved back to Richmond, Va. He met Shallow (aka Nvisible Beats). The last 3 songs Pain recorded with Kwin were in Richmond, Va. From 2001-2003 Pain was locked up in Jacksonville County Jail. He has been free since 2003 but living in Florida ever since and not keeping a phone turned on much, he and Kwin don't keep in touch.

Most of Kwin's beats came from Shallow from year 2000 on. Shallow was never a hip hop producer until Kwin and him recorded together for the 1st time. Kwin lived in Richmond from 2000 to 2002. In 2001 Kwin met 2 MCs who ended up performing shows with Kwin. Metaphysik from Emporia, Va and PL (Paul Love) from Lahnam, MD (P.G. County). Metaphysik and Kwin did a show in Portsmouth, Va. PL met Kwin from the Greenguy vs. Rinx beef on the BBS (on Garageband) and they performed in D.C., Baltimore, Philly, and Blacksburg, Va (where Virginia Tech is).

In 2003, Kwin Moved back to Philly and met Omega Redd from Chester, Pa. Redd began to introduce Kwin to Sal Graci and Va'Les (both from North Philly). Up until this point, most of the recordings Kwin was doing were with Shallow using Shallow Beats. Va'Les and Sal Graci both made there own beats (in Philly) and they were glad to meet Kwin who had a Roland 880 EX (a portable studio recording device, same one Pain's friend Maurice in West Philly used to use). Kwin had a deal with PL & Shallow for 1 album, Shallow would supply PL & Kwin Beats and get 34% of the royalties, Kwin would get 33% and PL would get 33% of this album called "Double up, Double Down". That album was a long time in creation because PL stayed in Maryland and Kwin lived 3 hours away (both Richmond and Philly same distance away). That was started in 2001 and completed in 2004. Kwin made an agreement with Sal Graci too, Sal gave Kwin instramentals for his services recording his songs and his cousins and brothers songs....So Kwin would mix down and record a few songs for Sal, and get Sal Graci's beats as payment.

Omega Redd and Va'Les were a duo. They were partners, they rolled together. Va'Les made beats, freestyled, and he used to sing as well. Redd was very impressed with all of Kwin's abilities when they met. Website building, Freestyling, Producing, Mixing, Writing songs, and a great deal of knowledge on the music business (rules and royalty statutory #'s)...Va'Les was very impressed with Kwin's freestyle upside when Kwin battled J.T. in the hood and his ability to record and mix songs. Kwin didn't ever charge Va'Les or Redd money to record, they started up a movement called the "S.O.A.z" or Self Owned Artists and then called themselves a group when the 3 of them did a song together (the 3 Kwin MD, Omega Redd, and Va'Les called themselves:) Common Ground.

In 2005, Kwin MD slowed down significantly as an artist. He still would once in a while go to a studio, but he sold the Roland 880 EX in 2004....His main focus has been on promoting the music since 2005. His screen name on GREENGUY has been highly active in promoting this music that was recorded (mentioned above). When the BBS was still open (the 2nd ERA of ownership in yesterday's post) Greenguy used to promote this music nonstop. In thr summer of 2007, Common Ground (including Kwin) recorded a song together which will be Jan. 2008 S.O.A.z flavor of the month. That may have been the last time Redd or Kwin would ever record with Va'Les again. Not because of any beef, that's another story for another day.

Next Segment: The PL Story/BIO

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Underground/Unsigned Musician Websites

So much of tha hood-BBS on remote has been about the past. In order to understand today you gotta know about yesterday, na mean. In this segment, we will tell you about the internet as it was for underground musicians back in 2000 and then go through time to get to now days. The best way to explain it is to tell you first about 3 Eras of time. These 3 Eras of time go in accordance with the 3 differant ownership groups of Garageband since the year 2000.
The first ownership group is the the first Era 2000-2003. The 2nd Owner came in 2003 and was there until iLIKE bought garageband in 2007. We are now in the 3rd era of time on this time line.

The 1st owner had a deal with Yahoo Stores selling music from Garageband and paying royalties to the artists they selected to appear on these CDs. "Nasty Talk" by Kwin MD featuring Shallow and Bodacious was selected (off Greenguy's music pages) to be on a CD that Garageband Records that was sold on Yahoo Stores called "Best of Underground 2002: Urban"

Back in the 1st Era, 2 very popular sites that unsigned artists would use was and went out of business and was sold, what you see where you log on there now is nothing like the original site. Bu Bonic Inc. and Optic chose to use IUMA as their main artist pages. On both IUMA and artists could give Show Updates and Sell CDs and upload pictures. Mp3, let artists upload tracks, make a song line up, upload like 4 pictures and then MP3 would sell these on CDs that they would burn for fans (on the purchase demand).
That made MP3 far and AWAY the best unsigned artist site to use. They paid royalties too, just about one step better than CDBaby who had been out in this era as well and is still around today.
In this era (the 1st owner of garageband) the BBS was known more as "Backstage", this was when Greenguy was Beefing with Rinx and PL (Paul Love) began to Perform, Record, and roll with Kwin MD. This was when Garageband was a contest that rewarded Reviewers & Musicians more so then any other era. In this Era, Kwin MD (known as Greenguy on the BBS) was getting Royalty Checks from Yahoo Stores, CDBaby, and his own street team. Back then it was all networked through a domain name website that he built (which today doesn't exist). He did such a nice job creating that, that PL asked him to build one for him (which also doesn't exist) which expired in 2005.
In the beginning of the 2nd ERA (around 2003) IUMA was over, was sold, and the S.O.A.z were forming. It was short lived, but from 2003 to 2005, was the 3rd website that Kwin built for Omega Redd. Redd liked the first 2 websites and asked Kwin to operate and create one for him. So in 2004, all three of these sites were operated and updated by Kwin. In 2005, all 3 expired. Only Kwin decided to make which still exists today. PL decided to start beefing with Kwin & Omega Redd is happy with the exposure he has with out a domain name website. In the 2nd ERA (2003-2007) the BBS was alive and Open. Most of the memoriable moments of the BBS came in the end of the 2nd ERA:
(2005-2007)......See this link below for messages & Memories of the BBS:

The 3rd Era Began recently when iLIKE bought garageband and then Ali P. closed the BBS. That link is from Eras 1 & 2 when the BBS was on & Poppin....

Keep it looked: Next segment---THE Kwin MD Story/BIO

Monday, November 12, 2007

The BBS Inspired: "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month"

In December 2005, Greenguy had plenty of Beefs and ongiong wars in the BBS. Around that timeframe, Indecent and Krypto were getting airtime on MTV2. They were making noise on the westcoast. Greenguy knew, he had to do something to make noise on the Eastcoast. The Hip Hop Haters of the BBS did insult and disrespect Indecent3000 and Greenguy. They did, however, respect Indecent's MTV2 appearance. Greenguy realized he was uploading more then one track at once. Knowing that the S.O.Az had a surplus of songs that could be uploaded to the charts, greenguy wanted to chase the haters out of the forum. He had been posting messages with abundance in efforts to chase them out. So he came up with "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" and installed the first one Jan. 2006.

This would solidify the S.O.A.z Legacy and it Gave Greenguy something to post about. Greenguy used to promote these songs, give updates, and even post reviews of the songs in the BBS. Cee Jay and Len Gay used to get mad at all the updates. This was more amo for Greenguy to use to chase em out. In the final days of the BBS, the Rap/ Hip Hop forum belonged to Hip Hop screen names and all the Haters were in the Loony Bin hatin on each other.

After the BBS was closed the "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" tradition lived/lives on. One supporter of the S.O.A.z movement sent an instramental by GNP from Northern Ireland to the S.O.A.z (from them to collab/record on). That song will commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the first "Flavor of the Month". In 2006 greenguy used a slogan on the BBS "S.O.A.z reign supreme" as a signiture quote. This special song is titled "S.O.A.z reign supreme" the lyrics are by Common Ground (Omega Redd verse one, Va'Les Hook, Kwin McKoman Doni verse 2).

Jan. 2008 marks the 2 year and is the month that this song will be "S.O.A.z Flave"....

This will be the 25th Flavor of the Month.

To get more info about "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" visit the webpage on it (updated once per month)....Click the link below

Friday, November 9, 2007

Classic BBS Wars

The 1st Big War in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum that Greenguy was a part of took place back in 2000. It lasted for weeks and only 2 screen names in the War were hip hop oriented. Mictruama and Caindogg. They were on Greenguy's side of the arguement which was about Punk Rock and Rock oriented screen names reviewing in the Hip Hop Genre in a Bias Way to Keep Hip Hop Songs ranked lower on the Garageband Charts and sort of stack the ballots Jeb Bush style in favor of Rock Songs on the charts.
The next time Greenguy got in a BBS War was against Rinx. Rinx was from Charlottesville, VA and he wanted to talk badly about Gettos and Hoods to degrade most rappers both signed and unsigned.nnMaking Comments about Hoods and Rap music in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum because of his own racist views. Back in Maryland, PL (Paul Love) was following this beef on his computer for months. When Rinx publicly apologized to Greenguy and the Hip Hop Forum, PL immediately sent a message to Greenguy to congradulate him and request a collab. About 3 months later the 2 (PL and Kwin) recorded "Scramblin" and began recording and performing together for about 3 years. (That was the same 3 year timeframe that KWIN MD focused on music and building the S.O.A.z dynasty, and no time at all as Greenguy in the BBS).
In 2005, when Greenguy came back to the BBS there were many Cockroaches. The occational promo post by a producer or Rapper and Indecent3000 from Indecent and Krypto (a Group from the Yay Area) was the only hip hop screen names in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum of the BBS. November 2005 through June 2006 was an era of Beef times between Greenguy and the Hip Hop Hating Cockroaches of the BBS. Len Jennings, Rockcity100, Mr. Troll and CJDenecia were the biggest Cockroaches in the BBS. Rocky was just a racist. If Garageband disapproved of Racism, they'd dealt with him better. Cee Jay was by far the most creative of the cockroaches. He once superimposed a picture from Greenguy's artist images to make him look like a tranny. Those images he posted were material that garageband would have banned Greenguy for if he did something like that. (They banned Greenguy 2-3 times for lesser offenses then Cee Jay's or Rocky's). The wars with moderator Len Jennings came with him abusing his power like any authority figure does when they get off on the authority instead of using the power objectively and fair. Lenny hates to admitt, but he's a racist as hell and also heretic. Before long, they all understood that Greenguy meant business, maybe they got tired of fighting, but they let Green Chase them out to the Loony Bin Forum.
The last significant beef was with Ziplok. Ziplok posted so many promo posts, he thought he owned garageband records or the BBS. Ziplok was a Hip Hop Promoter from New Hampshire. Greenguy would read Zip's posts and check out his links. For a while the 2 got along and both existed in peace on the BBS. When Greenguy posted some constructive critism about a link to a show that Ziplok video taped in a club and posted it, Ziplok didn't take that critism too well. The feelings got hurt a bit, and He began to take shots at Greenguy. It was funny because while he was typing negative things about the S.O.A.z he had sent Greenguy personal messages (off the BBS) about how good those songs were. Eventually Ziplok decided not to post in the BBS any more, the war was over and about 3 or 4 months later, the BBS was over....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's Hood Family?

Back in 2005 the Garageband BBS had taken a new direction. Greenguy had been a member since 2000 and had a long history on the BBS. From Classic battles with Rinx, to meeting PL (Paul Love) from Maryland, to meeting Doug Evans from Bu Bonic Inc, to making posts about the Garageband Records CD "Best of Underground Urban 2002" album that paid royalties to Kwin MD (greenguy's artist name as a rapper) for a song that was track #2 on that CD.

Between 2000 and 2002 Greenguy's presence was known in the Rap/ Hip Hop Forum (in the BBS). From 2003 through 2005 Greenguy was never seen in the BBS. Kwin McKoman Doni (greenguy as a Hip Hop Musician's name) was busy doing shows, recording, and marketing mix tapes on the streets with the S.O.A.z street team. PL (Paul Love) and Va'Les were doing shows with Kwin, and Sal Graci and Omega Redd were big recording names that Kwin primarilly worked with. In that 3 year timeframe that Greenguy left the BBS alone, the BBS got took over by Haters. The only Hip Hop oriented screen name was Indecent3000 from Indecent and Krypto (ground from California's Bay area, known well as the Yay Area to most). Anyway Indecent was heavily out #'d by Hip Hop Haters such as Rockcity100, CJDenicia (who has a blog here), LenJennings, and Mr. Troll.

Combining Hip Hop related topics with Post Wars agaist the Haters, Greenguy's presences was felt again and the cockroaches began to scatter. Most of them migrated to the Loony Bin area of the BBS and before the eventual end of the BBS.

Keep it locked to THA HOOD BBS ON REMOTE next segment: "Classic BBS Wars"

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Everything BBS, Garageband's on Remote right here:

I'mma start the whole gauntlet back up too.
No Moderators to stop me now.

Tha Hood was foreshadowing back in April of 2006:

Because the BBS was put on blast about the Boarder, the Wall, and more facts that ties racists to Garageband staff members:
Just look at this page in THA HOOD that developed around the same time frame where Garageband Staff were helping an unsolicited contest for racist music:

So after Greenguy put them on blast, they evicted him from the BBS...

Then, they let greenguy back in, and about 2 months later they sold it to iLIKE...

Cash in the chips. That's just what they did.

Speaking of bring the gauntlet back, BBS members: Remember these famous posts:

Upload or Ship Out,
Puttin MCz on Blast, &
What's hood family?

They are coming back now to...THA HOOD BBS Forum

We will try to recreate them, becuase we didn't copy the whole BBS when we made the hood.

"Puttin MCz On Blast" dealt with MC's either underground or mainstream but mostly MCs from a way to try and motive them to get better or stop uploading.

The: Rap/Hip Hop Forum from Garageband's BBS lives!

It lives in THA HOOD.....


Well Well,
I am back in this arena.
THA HOOD was create because the BBS never could support strong trueths from strong trueth tellers. After they evicted me from the BBS, tha hood was born. Once my "credit score" was proven good enough to come back to the BBS, I was back....Soon enough though, the BBS was sold for a ham samich to iLIKE Big Butts.....So THA HOOD remains the spot for BBS type type info & news & blogs.

Here's a place on the internet where BBS Forums from Garageband posts were copied and pasted and still live:

Tha Hood has a famous beef between Len Jennings and Greenguy here:

So many other fine posts and blogs can be found in tha hood. Right now you can get 2 FREE CDs in tha hood.

You can join tha hood for free:

You can get updates on the S.O.A.z at

You can get THA HOOD now here in this arena as well....

We have The Old BBS members here like CJDenicia and others here in this arena...

We can recreate the BBS here in this arena, and this is tha hood "on remote" at the new BBS...

Any one from Garageband's BBS is encouraged to post blogs here!