Monday, November 26, 2007

The BBS famous post: "Puttin MCz on Blast"

This was one of Greenguy's best posts in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum of Garageband's BBS. This was where, any MC could get put on blast. Any MC on BET, MTV, MTV2, the radio, VH1, or unsigned underground MCs on or off garageband....Ziplok, A-Bomb, even PL (Paul Love) who was (Kwin's old partner) got put on blast there. It made for some good reads & some good laughs. It also gave some insight to problems & what is wrong with some of the songs that people were putting on garageband. The irony of Puttin PL on Blast was that in December, PL and Kwin's song "Aggrevated Assualt" is S.O.A.z 12-07 Flavor of the month. PL was never part of the S.O.A.z but he did a few collabs with Common Ground. (Due to Kwin initiating the collabs).

The next Segment: A Classic look back at this fine Post Thread: "Puttin MCz on Blast"
We're gonna put A-Bomb on Blast again.

Next Segment 11-27-07 is: A-Bomb on Blast (the 2nd time)

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