Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Metaphysiks Story/BIO

First Read the Shallow BIO before your read this........

Metaphysiks is from Emporia Virginia...His cousin Travis, used to work in Petersburg with Kwin at a factory. Travis introduced Metaphysik to Kwin. Kwin introduced Metaphysik to Shallow. This was in 2001. In 2002, when Mike Pacino & Shallow tried to start a record label, they wanted to sign a few local acts. Espanosa was their no.1 priority. Bliss and Metaphysik were both about the same level of priority (they both had great talent but both needed transportation to the studio). PL and Kwin were the bottom level of priority, Mike P. wanted Kwin to work on his flow game and thought PL was not going to be easy to work with. Mike Pacino said PL was "Unorthadox" and he would only sing PL if he was signing PL with Kwin on the same contract as a group. Mike Pacino did collab with Kwin 2 times before he tried to combine his money with Shallow's money and start this label up. PL decided not to sign because he wanted a solo contract, Kwin got upset with Shallow and wrote things on his website (the old that he regretted writing about Shallow. Bliss & Metaphysik were both too tough on the gas miles for Shallow & Pacino to try to keep working with. The label idea fell apart....

Before the label idea collapsed, Mike P & Kwin did work on Kwin's flow game together at Mike P's crib. Metaphysiks & Espanosa did a collab together too. This was supposed to be the two hottest MCs on the label. The song was like mixing oil and vinegar. Metaphysiks true style is about songs with a message in most cases and excellant punch lines and great metaphors. The content of a Metaphysik song gives you picture in your mind, food for thought, stuff that is fun to listen to. Mixing that with Espanosa is a bad mix. Es-P. is like Fabulous (the rapper) his style is like Jim Jones, Cameron, or even Soldier Boy. No real message, just tryna do a pretty boy song for the video with cars and girls.

Metaphysik did a few collabs with Kwin, mainly "I am", "Hip Hop", and "Natural High". When Metaphysik & Kwin performed in Portsmouth, Va (in Summer of 2001) ......Metaphysik did a few songs then and also was Kwin MD's HYPEMAN.

After the last collab they did, Metaphysiks handed Kwin a tape of his music and said try to get as many ears to hear this as you can. That is just what Kwin did. During the S.O.A.z movement, Metaphysik had a song on every Street CD. Kwin used his Roland 880 ex to convert the tape into a CD.

Metaphysiks has a myspace page:

Check him out he's got top noche talent!

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