Thursday, March 27, 2008

All 5 Singles from the upcoming "Yall Done F'd Up Now" album by Omega Redd...

The scheduled release date of April 8th, 2008...We released 5 singles from the album. "Yall Done Fucked Up Now" has a song called "Come & Get it". Omega Redd & Kwin MD had a meeting on Saturday 3-22-08 and got some pictures taken all over tha hood. During the meeting several plans were talked about.That meeting will be covered here in THA HOOD/BBS On Remote all throughout the week.The next song from the album which will be released as a single is free to stream, (like this song here) but you can download this next song, as well as 2 others to come as singles from this album at Soundclick. The next song has a link to stream (FREE) and Download (for only 75 cents) here. This song is called "Still Laughin" by Omega Redd featuring Kwin MD and Va'Les. The other 2 songs that were released as singles was "What if..." and "Inferno"...The rest of the album will not be availible until 4-8-08...Signed mainstream artists always release radio singles and Music Videos before the album comes out, we do things similar but differant (in our own ways)...After the album comes out, this post might be erased from tha hood/BBS on Remote because it has the autoplay (which makes the music come on automatically)....Now you can hear all 5 singles right here at soundclick, just click play on this screen & check it out for free...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Making of Series (34th edition) "Still Laughin"

In 2003, Champain aka New Jack was released from Jacksonville County Jail.
Grandfathered in to the S.O.A.z, he was known to Omega Redd and Va'Les through letters while incarcerated. He and Kwin kept in touch from day one, till his release.

All 3 Common Ground Members made many trips to Virginia and other places as often as possible. The day that Tampa Bay played the Eagles in Lincoln Financial Field's first ever regular season game (L.J. Smith's debute game, he dropped the TD pass), these 3 guys (Kwin, REDD, & Va'Les) were headed to Florida to visit Pain (and most likely record & promote down there).

JAX town bound, for some reason, Kwin & Redd were headed to pick up Va'Les in G-Town.
That's right, Va'Les didn't decide he was going until late. Kwin took I-95 from Chester, then got off in South Philly on Broad and was heading for a LONG RIDE ON BROAD TO OLNEY....

A Long ride to JAX Town next (estimated 20 hours).

Never made it past Broad & Snyder. The old Hooptie (1994 Subaru Legacy) aka: The "Shaggin' Wagon" died for the first of a series of deaths which ended in a final never come back in 2004...

This car was in Kwin's Freestyle on the song "Germantown" track #14 of "Golden Land" album.

Kwin & Redd called Va'Les & Pain and told them about the car breakin down in South Philly and how the trip was canceled. Redd's car was parked at Kwin's Grandmother's crib in Glenolden. So after finding a good place to leave the car, these 2 walked from Broad & Snyder to Glenolden.

Not a long ride, a long walk. Pacing ourselves for the energy needed to drive 20 hours, this long walk was okay.

The whole thing with the plans totally collapsing and taking a long walk through Philly to the burbs was the process of inspiration to this song: "Still Laughin".

Common Ground never made the trip to Florida.

The next week, they recorded this song at Va'Les crib on Walnut Lane in G-Town.
The instramentals used were from a Eastsiders & Snoop & The original Dogg Pound album. All three verses were Freestyles onto the Roland 880 EX. The song was mixed at APG Studios.

This song has appeared on many S.O.A.z Mix Tapes that were in circulation on the streets from VA to Philly from '03 to present...

This song will be track # 12 on the upcoming Omega Redd album "Yall done Fucked Up Now"...

The Nascar sound effect was Va'Les idea it came from the TV turned up loud on a Nascar race & The Roland 880 EX recorded the sound through the mike...

Other effects were added to Va'Les vocals in hook were his idea as well, used the effects to mix them in CAKEWALK....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Music Meeting Results:

We did have the meeting and get the pictures, but everything didn't go according to plan.
Omega Redd did like the idea of using the New song as a second Bonus Track and keeping "Reign Supreme" as Track # 22.....

More on this meeting later on in the week so keep it locked...

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Post of the WEEKEND:

Okay, the last few days we had many posts in here.
One of these posts talked about a BONUS TRACK and A MEETING (music meeting between REDD & KWIN) and a possible RECORDING SESSION at M.A.U. studios....

That studio session was said to have a 70% of happening.

When that 70% was on Kwin's end, Omega Redd's availibility was 100%, after today, Reese at M.A.U. told REDD his computers are down so, he's gonna need about a week to straighten that out.

Kwin & REDD talked today at around 5 pm...They decided to move the meeting up to tonight at 1 am...

They are gonna meet in North Philly and ride thru the hood from Ontario & Aramingo to Chester, stopping on Delware ave, heading to Pattison, then to Island Ave, then towards S.W.P. and ending up in Chester...

Kwin might not go all the way to Chester he might just stop in his hood (Yeadon)...

The plans are to get some pictures for the internet and album art, and talk about the choices they are going to make for S.O.A., Common Ground, and solo projects (as well as the Bonus Track idea)....

Tonights meeting should have plenty of things from it to end up in THA HOOD 360, The Redd ZONE, THA HOOD (powered by Yahoo Groups), and this arena: HOOD/BBS: ON REMOTE

The Making of Series (33rd edition) "Shake The System"

The song which will be April 2008 "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month".

Omega Redd & Kwin MD made the lyrics. Inspired by many polical talks of Va'Les, Kwin, & Omega Redd. Any Common Ground discussion of politics, Muslims, Religion, Masons, 1% ers, triangle people, 85ers....So on & so on.

This is a Common Ground Concept.

This was a B.I.P. creation beat made on ACID...Kwin MD used sounds that he Chopped & Screwed from samples in his studio tape player to slow up and speed up the samples and formatted it through the Roland 880 EX. Then mixed in ACID.

Omega Redd came over to APG Studios and recorded this song and his verse & his part of the hook of "Personal Experiences", brainstormed the REMIX of "Shorty Let me be" and also layed some addlibs for a song he did with Sal Graci....

Kwin layed his lyrics for this song and recorded and mixed the other stuff too.

Something that happened after the making of this song:

Va'Les & Kwin were listening to this in G-Town together one night right after the mix (which was normal, Va'Les would listen to give Kwin critism and direction if a flaw or change needed to be tweaked)...Va'Les neighbors had called the cops on Va'Les over some squatter bullshit. The cops came in, this song was playing on repeat lightly in the backround. The lyrics in this song are not exactly police praising...So the Philadelphia Police heard it (didn't acknowlidge it but) that ironic event was memorable and sort of funny...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March '08 Flavor of the month: Second Round Status

Yeah the Garageband Records Track of the Day yesterday (3-19-08) "I Am" has not been reviewed since Christmas Day, (12-25-01) of 2001....It was still in the first round that day. Until March of 2008, it was still in the first round.

Now it was track of the day (selected by Garageband Records) yesterday and made it to the 2nd round with out a single review.

Evolutions Artists sold this to iLIKE and the BBS was closed....So many things have happened since 2001. Allen Iverson was in the Finals & MVP verse the Lakers then, now, he lost to the sixers as a Dever Nugget yesterday.

6 years and some change later, no new reviews and all these status upgrades. Seems like the ranking system has been changed in the "Dog & Pony" show....Either that or, there been so much Garbadge uploaded to Garageband that the once #4 in Hip Hop song, is about to move up from #41 to back in that neighborhood of upper top 10 status....

Omega Redd's new Webpage:

Last post to tha hood/BBS on remote, was about the old website---www.omegaredd.comwhich is discontinued...
We had an old review written by some one between 2003-2005...

That day, a new page was built. That review was found when we did a search engine to find the old pages of Omega Redd's old site. We was gonna use some of that to build the new, but, the old didn't show up, only thing that came up in the search was that 4 star review...

Wish we knew how to find the boy who wrote that review, wonder how he'd rate the new?
We got everything but Video Casting on it now...Which is in the making...Just like how the "Yall done F'd Up Now" album is.

Which was originally annouced to have 10 songs, just been upgraded to 12.

The unofficial Song Order is:

1 No Remorse
2 Get Balboa
3 Ruffside
4 What If...
5 Come -n-get it
6 Freestyle
7 Forbidden Fruite
8 Freestyle
9 Inferno
10 I beg 2 Differ
11 Forgiveness
12 Still Laughin

Other songs might be added, the official credits will be released some time soon.

Last update for today: 3-20-08
The "Golden Land" album credits have not yet been released. If you have been in this blog reading each post, you'd remember how we posted about Omega Redd's idea to add the Bonus TRACK. Then you'd also remember that there was a better then 50-50 chance that the Philadelphia Daily News will have the "Golden Land" album in their Tuesday's CD Release weekly review. Well that didn't happen. The only American Judge on "American" Idol and 3 underground JAZZ artists including a 90 year old women got written about instead. To add insult to injury, the page had space for Jonathan Takiff to add the "Golden Land" but he went with DVD releases in the corner. Not a problem.

Didn't wanna whine about that until now, ( 9 days later) this is in THA HOOD, because it goes with what's new:

The whole Bonus Track idea is what's new. When we gave Mr. Takiff a copy of this album, we needed a Bonus Track to add because the track # 22 says: Bonus Track in the CD art. Since Omega Redd's idea was to add new music for the Bonus Track and they hadn't gotten to the studio before handing Mr. Takiff his copy of "Golden Land" on 3-7-08. The Bonus Track on his version of the album was "S.O.A.z Reign Supreme" which was Jan. '08 Flave....

This weekend (3-22) Omega Redd and Kwin MD are going to have a meeting, there's a 70% chance they will go to M.A.U. studios as well. Regardless, the Bonus Track situation will be talked about. Right now, they both agree that "Reign Supreme" is only the Temporary Bonus Track, until a new song is finished. Kwin is going to suggest (since it's already a double disc now) that "Reign Supreme" stays as Track #23 or # 22, and that the album goes to 2 Bonus tracks for the CD version, and the download version stays the same at 21....other things will also be talked about in this weekend's Common Ground Meeting.

Once the whole Bonus Track situation is settled and the meeting is over, a credits page for "Golden Land" will be made and added to the FREE CD's Choices page of where getting 2 FREE CDs is what people get for the simple vote....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"The old domian got 4 stars...."

Not sure when this review was made:

Here's the review---

" (****)
Okay, now I'm jealous and pissed. This was supposed to be my online atlernate persona. Now I find that there's someone else who's using the same name as I!? Dammit!
Oh well, I'll give this guy some credit, he's out making the name work for him. I just made up the name (or so I thought) and just use it. He's a musician, hip hop it looks like. He has an album circulating on the street titled "Y'all done Fucked up Now". And, thanks to this website, I now have a new nic-name for Paul: 'PL' for 'Paul Love'. Wait, that sounds kinda gay. Maybe I should just stick with Paul.
From the best I can tell, this guy has his own domain, but all his stuff loads from geocities. Strange.

We've been search for a better hoster page builder then Geocities for years.
FREE is FREE right? This guy clearly thought PL (Paul Love) was Omega Redd's real name.
That was the only part of his review that was inaccurate. PL is a white rapper from P.G. County in Maryland.
Omega Redd is from Chester, Pa and is an S.O.A. Common Ground Member...

4 stars from

" This originally started out as a blog entry idea. I spent a couple hours just entering random words to see if a website existed there. Surprises arouse and disappoints were many. Here's the results of the find, in no particular order other then in the order I found them in. I decided that I'm gonna write about websites. Just random websites that I happen upon while writing this.

The Websites Rating System

(* = Lame, *** = Average, ***** = Excellent) "

This website was discontinued in 2005....But a new webpage is being built to link the S.O.A.z Page to Omega Redd's pages online....

One thing to touch on & elaborate on: this guy wrote--- ' an album circulating on the street titled "Y'all done Fucked up Now" '

That album was not circulating on the steet, it was being promoted on that old domain name website. That album is coming out 4-8-08....It has been promoted online & in tha hood since 2003. It has been thought of since 2002. "Megaton" was another album that Omega Redd was promoting for the same amount of time....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Leap Year

Yeah this leap year thing is crazy aint it?

Easter & the Baseball season came in March instead of April....!

Anyway, the leap year got the S.O.A.z puttin out Albums in March of 2008 (3-11-08 "Golden Land" by Common Ground) and coming soon:

4-8-08 "Yall done Fucked Up Now" by Omega Redd....

So since we talkin about April in March....Let's look at the April 2008 S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month:

"Shake the System" by Omega Redd and Kwin MD...

We will say this much, it's a Common Ground Song that is not on "Golden Land".

Keep it locked here for the making of series to continue with "Shake the system"

"Yall Done F'd Up Now" coming soon

Omega Redd's new album is coming out April 8th, 2008....

Check out Omega Redd's Forum called The REDD ZONE

More information will be posted here in THA HOOD/ Garageband BBS "On Remote" about this album as time rolls along. All we have for yall now about this album is that it has 10 songs and it will be availible for download (powered by Sound Click) for $4.99

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"I AM" is March 2008 S.O.A. Falvor of the Month

"I Am" was selected by the voters of the last Poll to be March 2008 S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month.
It did so well so quick it (was at one time ranked #4 in Rap) got into the second round. (Which we were anticipating) Garageband Records just selected this song to be Track of the Day on 3-19-08....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today's Post

It's funny that Rick Ross came out after we made our song "Bosses" because in the hook we say "Big Original Bosses"
We like Bruce Springstein, the Original Bosses.
We don't say Boss on every song either.
We don't have to convince ourselves of it.
This picture is of a new album coming out on 4-8-08
Called "Yall done Fucked Up Now" by Omega Redd.
It will be availible by download for $3.99
Oh yes, we did try very hard to have Damon Williams, Jenice Armstrong, or Jonathan Takiff
write about today's release by Common Ground "Golden Land"...
Jenice said she doesn't do music. She recommended Damon Williams (who we never got in touch with) but Mr. Takiff did get a copy of the album on Friday (Before it came out) and this was what we included in the envolope with the CD:

Common Ground Bio- 3 Artists make up Common Ground. Omega Redd,
Va'Les & McKoman Doni. All 3 artists had a solo career in music before forming a
larger group called the S.O.A.z...The S.O.A.z is a group of artists who own the rights
to their own music contributions. Publishing, Royalty, and promotions all get taken
by record labels and given artists a small percent. Any "Self Owned Artist" gets 100%
of the rights to all money earned for any song of their. In the past, the Common Ground
name was said in lyrics on S.O.A.z albums. Since 2003, these 3 artists made music
together, this will be the first album to come out under the Common Ground Name.
These are the 3 founding members of the S.O.A.z
"Golden Land" is being released online 3-11-08. You can walk into any
record store that has Super-D distribition and make an order for the McKoman Doni
"Boilahmaker Sippah" album. This album, "Golden Land" is coming out online only
There are 2 ways to get this album, For FREE by voting in a poll online in a
package deal of 2 FREE CDs for your vote; or buy the download version for $4.99...
To Vote is FREE, to hear the 2 Songs and figure out which one you like better is free,
we pay the mailman! The FREE CD we mail out has a Bonus track making the # of songs
22. The Download Version only has 21.
Every Month the S.O.A.z release a new song on Garageband Records called
the "S.O.A.z flavor of the Month". The last poll got only 6 votes, but it decided the
March 2008, "S.O.A.z flavor of the Month". This poll now, decided the JUNE 2008
edition of "S.O.A.z flavor of the Month".
The "Golden Land" album focuses on the inprovisation aspect of Hip Hop.
Most of the Lyrics were not written, they were freestyle. On track #20 "alway's daydreamin' (ohio
mix)", made by B.I.P. (Black Irish Productions: Va'Les & McKoman Doni). Va'Les
plays the Organ and the Bass Guitar was added at Blue Moon in Columbus, OH...
On Track # 5 "Pedals" Va'Les sings R & B style. Track # 17 "You Know I Know" was
recorded in front of a Live audience at Champayne Cafe on Chelton Ave in Germantown.
There were a few songs on this album that were written. Anyone who lives in
the Philadelphia area should appreciate the written lyrics in # 8 "Cream Cheese"
because the message is about how people who use guns think their "SO TOUGH"
with a gun killing someone. This song takes an unusually approach to the senseless
violance in the community and mocks the people who shoot guns instead of fighting
fist fights and so on.
The "Golden Land" album does have explicit lyrics. The name of the album
comes from the era of Hip Hop it fits in with most. The Golden Era of Hip Hop
(1980-1997) was when Rap had a message, KRS-1 & Rakim were popular, Live
Performances were not done with so many Hype Men, before Hip Hop turned so
Corporate. Today Hip Hop is in the ICE AGE (1997- Present) when rappers get signed
to major labels and are groomed to make dance music like Soldier Boy, Pop songs
like Timbaland, or talk about Jewelry, Money, Cars, and drug dealing. Common Ground
only mocks the Ice Age and does not glorify this negative machine like this. This
album brings a "Golden Age" vibe and cators to the FREESTYLE PHANATICS.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Today's Update

"Golden Land" has a better than 50-50 chance of getting into the Philadelphia Daily News. On Tuesday 3-11-08 Jonathan Takiff might have this album in his column (in the Yo section).

(Details are in THA HOOD 360)

There you can read today's post about why the album is now a Double Disc album.

This whole Daily News thing is the reason that only one post was made this week.

Talking to Jenice Armstrong, Jonathan Takiff, and making preparations to release this album by Common Ground on Tuesday took priority over the blogs here at:

THA HOOD/Garageband BBS on REMOTE...

There's still an outside chance that if Jonathan Takiff doesn't write about this that Damon Williams writes about it. That who Jenice suggested, she does write about music, she's always had great material in the Yo Section of the paper. She has the most interesting stuff in the paper that isn't sports related. She was also on Sports Talker 950 AM a few weeks ago. She's always looking for the Sexy Singles in the Philly Area, around this time of year she does a segment on them. Kwin wasn't able to help her with that when she asked him, because he's married and most of his single friends are all in Virginia...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Making of Series 31st Edition: "U-Turn"

This B.I.P. song appears on the "Golden Land" album. After recording "You Got me" with Luana Lewis, Va'Les & Kwin made this song. Va'Les made the beat on a drum machine that he had borrowed from M.A.U. from 2002-2004...His song is on the intro and Addlibs. The hook was made up on the spot by Va'Les. Each verse was a Freestyle. This song was mixed down at A.P.G. Studios.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

FEB-'08 S.O.A.z Flave Update:

Last update here about this "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month" was about the first 2 review it recieved (which were both fraud reviews because neither user actually listened to the song).

So that said (in about 3 posts now), "Vietnam Nights" has just recieved it's first Legit Review:

rawness this is for the lyricists and streets, vocals diverse and all strong, sampler is simple and sick though, lets the vocals be main focus. this is for a particular croud of hip hops heads that would love to hear this. rawness. serve it up!
Reviewed by: jwillis1000 from Kelseyville, California

The "Dog & Pony Show" continues, iLIKE & Garageband were notified about the 2 FRAUD reviews and still left them on the record of "Vietnam Nights"...But, if you read the post here on this blog aboutm Production (Production...Wutz Hood) it talks about two ages of Hip Hop (the Ice age 1997-Present and the Golden Age 1980-1997)....It is clear that jwillis1000 is a fan from the Golden Age. His comment about "this is for a particular croud of hip hops heads" is not referring to the T-Pain, Soldier Boy, or Fabolous Croud...So it's nice to see a fellow veteran of the Throw Back Era here to review this song....

For Golden Age Fans, the "Golden Land" album will be out on 3-11-08...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Record Release Announcement: "Golden Land" by Common Ground

"Golden Land" will be released exclusively to the internet, download only, powered by SoundClick. The date is set, for 3-11-08. APG Forx is just like all the other ones, release the music on a Tuesday. The 21 songs will be on the download only version, although, a bonus track will be added to the FREE CD promo we mail out to voters of the new poll (that will decide the JUNE 2008 Flave)... This Bonus Track was Omega Redd's idea, so, when this Bonus Track gets recorded (a brand new song) it will be #22 on the CD track line up, that bonus track will be execlusive to the FREE CD Promo at and will not be added to the downloaded version powered by SoundClick...
To get a sneak preview of the album Click Here.....By the way, on 3-11-08, you can cop the download version for only $4.99