Friday, November 23, 2007

Va'Les Story/BIO

The name Vary Less or Va'Les was created by this man who not only named his own artist name, but he thought up the names of S.O.A.z and B.I.P. As a child, his parents had him and his brother learn music. His brother and him started to rap together as teenagers. He went to a studio for the first time with Omega Redd. He always said that he'd perfer to stay behind the scenes like Timbaland (did in the 1990's, he's in the spotlight more so in this day and age). Va'Les used to be one of the main S.O.A.z street team members. In the days when Kwin had his Roland 880 EX, and when Omega Redd, Va'Les, and Kwin used to have at least 9 music session meetings per month, it was Va'Les's crib where everyone would always meet up. Mainly because Va'Les stayed home most of the time back then. In the summer of 2007, the 3 MCs of Common Ground (the 3 core founding members of the S.O.A.z which is Va'Les, Omega Redd, & Kwin MD) recorded their (possibly) last songs together. Some time after May and before September, they did "S.O.A.z reign Supreme" over a GNP beat and a few freestyle songs. The reason why it might have been the last Common Ground recording all 3 together is not because of any beef or bad blood. Va'Les might not ever be able to record again. This (of course) is pending on what happens in his situation. His situation is not good. He caught a case, and to be honest no one is certain on whether he is innocent or guilty. Before he got arrested he gave Kwin some information about the situation, he was teaching music lessons at a church at the time the police arrested him. He is currently locked up in CFCF for something that no one knows whether he is innocent or guilty. The allegid crime that he is accused of is not something that is appropriate to even include here. Since there is a chance that he is innocent it's not really fair tp give details. He told Kwin that he was framed by a certain person who (he gave a good motive for that person to have framed him, they also had called the LAW on him in the past).
We want him home because we think he's innocent, so just like when PAIN was locked up and we used to make FREE PAIN messages, the S.O.A.z want Va'Les free too!

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