Friday, April 15, 2011

How to download the Mixtapes and Albums on S.O.A.z new website:

Here's a photo from that shows you some of the;

So, now, you can view the FEATURED MIXTAPES AND ALBUMS before you make a profile or LOG IN, to the site.

But, you still, are better off logging in. So make a profile today, then LOG in to the website, and hook your page up with a customized photo and shit. Then go to the tab "FEATURED MIXTAPES & ALBUMS"

You as a Artist, can add a MIXTAPE, or ALbum by clicking the CREATE NEW, that will submit your work for review by DEE JAY GREENGUY. After it gets approved it will stay on the website for the length of your event, so set your date a few months ahead.

This was originally the place to put EVENTS, I didn't feel like paying them to change the name.

So To VIEW all the S.O.A.z albums and Mixtapes, click on "PAST EVENTS" each individual CD, you can click on, and get the download links, or info about songs.

You will see most of these are on THAT CRACK or DATPIFF, the free ones.

The ones that cost money are on SOUNDCLICK & CD BABY, but some of the soundclick ones are FREE to download the songs one by one.