Monday, November 26, 2007

A-Bomb on Blast (the 2nd time)

This guy is from Wenatchee, Washington right. What kind of Rapper, Hails from Wenatchee, Washington as in Washington The State? Here's his garageband page:

But do yourself a favor, don't listen to any of his songs, they are not Rap music, not hip hop music, they shouldn't even be legally alowed to be called music.

Look at this, here's a review of one of his songs:

Review of Agonie of Defeat by A-Bomb Genre: Rap 1.7 STARS


You sound bitter dude. The sample is cool, sounds like an late 90's action cartoon. Just alot of babbling. What did you mean by "if you were black,I'd have to kill you"? It wouldn't be that bad if it had a hook.

Here go ANOTHER review of one of A-Bomb's songs:

Review of SAP by A-Bomb Genre: Rap 2.1 STARS


Who told you you could rap! hope you dont have any cd's for sale If you sell one of these to some one you should go to jail this is damnnear a crime.
Extra Credit: Stupidest Song I've Ever Heard.

This is A-Bomb's self designated "signature track" Let's see a review of this one:

Review of Tested by FIRE by A-Bomb Genre: Hip Hop 2.8 STARS (out of 5.0)

Not Feeling This At All

WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ?!?!?! You sound suicidal, homicidal and just sad... You need love in your life. No flow at all. Boring track.

After all these years, I wonder, does this guy read the feedback he gets or not?

His screenname on the BBS was Catsjam & he began posting messages after learning about the BBS. Greenguy sent him a link about his post when Greenguy put A-Bomb on blast the first time. So A-Bomb's screenname appeared in there (catsjam) as the only one to defend this awful music. He made himself look like a fool. Greenguy was glad to host this event in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum because it was good clean fun to make this catsjam/A-Bomb guy from Washington State look like an ass....

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