Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Making of Series (36th Edition) "Yall Still Asleep"

This was the first song that Va'Les & Kwin did together which they called a B.I.P. production.
Va'Les did the drums, the samples were found placed & mixed by Kwin on the Roland 880 EX.
That siren in the begining was from Glenolden, where APG Studios used to be. Every day the Briarcliff Fire Co would make that siren which was loud enough for Kwin to stick a microphone to the window & not even have to raise the volume all artificially to get this sound, that's how loud these sirens are in Glenolden. This song was the first Black Irish Production and it is the bonus track on the "Best of Kwin MD (est. '99 son)" album that came out August 1st 2007. It only appears on the physical CD though, it's not part of the downloadable version. It was originally on the HerbanAgriCulture album or HAC...Which is an album from the old site: double-Uww.mp3.Com/kwinmd(whicsh no longer exists because they sold the mp3 site. When that site was sold, "Never Done" volumes 1 & 2, "HAC", and PL (Paul Love)'s "Hall of Mirrors" were all discontinued.

This song was mixed down using CAKEWALK....

The girl singing in the beginning is from Richmond VA and her name is Spanish Fly....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today's Diagnosis

"now's the time" replaced "7th conscience mind" in the JULY 08 slot for the S.O.A.z Flavor Of the Month today. The mistake was catch yesterday (LATE NIGHT) and Omega Redd & Kwin MD talked about 10 possibles songs to replace "7th conscience mind" for JULY 2008 S.O.A.z Flavor Of The Month....

The reason the song had to be replaced is because this song was thrown in to the poll that gives anyone who votes (at) 2 FREE CDs (mailman is paid by Us, this shit is 100 Percent FREE)....!

This poll has been on going, but in March the poll named "I Am" March 08 FLAVE (which has been doing great on Garageband, na mean, made it to the 2nd round & today was selected to be TRACK of The WEEK by Garageband).

So the new poll has the loser of the last battle "Damn Shame" against "7th conscience mind" but when that happened, no one looked at the 2008 Flavor of the month schedule until now (about 3 weeks later) to see that "7th conscience mind" was scheduled to be JULY 08 Flave...

So now "Now's the Time" is in that slot, and the poll decides the JUNE 08 Flave. Vote now & get 2 FREE CDs.
Sal Graci made the instramental on both of these songs "now's the time" & "7th conscience mind" ....


Monday, April 7, 2008

EARLY! (about 2 & a Half Hours early)

Just for coming to tha hood/bbs on remote right now, yall have a chance to get the new Omega Redd album about 2 & a half hours before the scheduled released date of April 8th, 2008....To check it out just Click Here....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Making of Series (35th edition) "Pedals"

The process of making "Pedals" was not the normal way that the S.O.A.z do things. Omega Redd went to MAU Studios and recorded his solo track (which will be on the upcoming release "Yall Done Fucked Up Now") called "Inferno (which can be heard here in THA HOOD/BBS on Remote for free. Redd layed the first verse and had Reese at MAU burn a CD for Va'Les & Kwin to listen to....

Kwin went over to Va'Les crib in G-Town (the one on Sheldon Lane off Wister)...Va'Les played the CD MAU burned for REDD and said "Redd was just over here, he wants us to finish this song off".

Kwin MD did not write his lyrics for "Pedals" until they got to MAU a few weeks later. He wrote them, literally while Va'Les was in the booth recording the Hook.

Va'Les did the singing on the hook.

The addlibs on "Pedals" during Kwin's verse were done by Kwin & Chocolate Diamond (that Freesyle with her was done at MAU the same day).

Va'Les about 6 months later went to APG Studios and layed a new addlib track to the hook there.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NEWS: 4-1-08

The previous price for "Boilahmaker Sippah" was $11 to download & $11 to buy the CD plus shipping.
Today, the price went down to only $3 to download & $5 to buy the CD plus Shipping.

The 2005 Release has made it to the class $5 mark...Don't worry it aint going out of stock & becoming a collector's item like "Step into my Office..." did (no time soon).

You still can get if for free by voting the poll at