Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shallow (aka: Nvisible Beats) Story/BIO

This man played the guitar in a band for years. Differant Bands, as we all know, playing guitar in a band is whole differant level then just playing guitar. His first Hip Hop music he ever made was under the producer name Shallow with Kwin MD. About 89-90% of Kwin's instramentals were made by Shallow. Shallow got into film making real big back in 2001. His main music clients then were X-Ray from Baltimore, MD and PL. He directed the video (and was the camera man for) a song by PL (Paul Love) and Kwin MD's collab album "Double Up, Double Down" (that has been to this day unreleased) called "$6,560,088". Shallow also directed PL's solo music video "personal demons". Today, he goes by the name Nvisible Beats and still makes the cream of the crop hip hop beats. People from all over the world buy his beats online. The main artists he has worked with are X-Ray, Degrees of Realness, and others. He once tried to start a record label with Mike Pacino back in 2001-2002. That idea was pretty good, it could have worked but it didn't. Since 2000, the name Shallow was the only name he used. Around the year 2005, he changed his name to Nvisible Beats.

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