Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Making of Series (37th edition) "Feel Good Music"

The song "Feel Good Music" was made in Hartford, CT.

In Feb. 2009, Lord Raven aka Raven Black invited Kwin MD to Hartford, CT.

Lord Raven produced music in Miami, Florida for William Roberts, the well known rapper who uses the name "Rick Ross".  When Raven first called S.O.A. Radio in 2008 with Ziplok he was arguing the Freeway Ricky Ross even existed at the time.  Read all about this episode here.During the time that Kwin MD and Damo CCC were promoting the "Murder Capitol" album in Miami together, Raven called Kwin MD on his cell phone and tried to convince Kwin MD not to work with Damo CCC any more.  It was something Kwin MD took as advise but didn't listen.  Then in the Philly area, one day after leaving Sluggerville Studio 7 Damo CCC started yelling at Kwin MD as if Kwin MD was his child.  That was when Kwin MD decided not to help Damo CCC promote anymore and dropped him off at 8180 Backdoor Studio in West Philly.

After Damo CCC and Kwin MD parted ways in November 2008, Raven wanted to show Kwin MD some love and collab on a track.

Raven made this instrumental and gave it to Kwin MD over a Skype File Share.  Kwin MD was had just met Murk and A Geez and asked them if they wanted to come to Hartford, CT with him to record a track.

That day, Revelations and Kwin MD picked up Murk and A Geez from North-East Philly and drove to Hartford, CT.  This was a Sunday.  In Connecticut they don't sell alcohol on Sunday.

Kwin MD asked them about getting alcohol in the studio and they said they had to go to a bootleg seller.
So they bought Hennesee from the 7-11 from a bootleg like it was a drug deal.

Here's are some videos from behind the scenes in the studio in Hartford, CT

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