Thursday, August 24, 2017

Get your music in the rotation of these radio stations with twitter accounts for $20

Each of these radio stations have a twitter account that sends tweets with your song name and
twitter account name to mention your account while the song is being

You can also upgrade to one of these promotion options:

Get your song edited for radio (edit any language bad that is not permitted to be played on FM radio) for $50 

Interview on any of these 11 stations played 2 times for $100, each time the interview plays your twitter account will be @mentioned to alert you. Interview can be played at mutually agreed on times. Also interview can be recorded at mutually agreed on times.

Song played all 11 radio stations in rotation for 60 days (clean version only) for $250 
Song played on 11 radio stations with dirty words removed services for $300
Email us at and ask about the 30 day rotation on the 12th Radio Station deal for an additional $50 to add to the 11 station deal.

Song on 98.5 FM L.A. KMIX in rotation for 60 days $50 (Clean version only)
(Must be Clean Version of music if it is going to be played on the FCC regulated FM station).

You can listen to this LPFM Radio Station from anywhere online using the @TuneIn Radio App           
It can also be heard in LA on 98.5 FM driving from Crenshaw to Normandy on Manchester Blvd and also going from 90th street to 77th Street on Western Ave.  This is partly in Inglewood, CA and partly in Los Angeles.  The main music genre we play on this station is Rap / Hip Hop however we do play some R & B, some under ground Rock and some Dance / Hall music.  Each time a song is played we tweet the artist name and song title.  Artists that pay for radio rotation will get @mentioned on twitter if they provide their twitter @username when they purchase rotation.  
Send your song with your twitter name and song title after you pay. 

Listen to 98.5 FM KMIX LA on @TuneIn Radio App

Get into the Rotation on 98.5 FM KMIX LA

Song on 98.2 the beat L.A. in rotation for 60days $40 (can be uncut dirty version)

Song on (any of the 9 new stations) in rotation for 60 days $20 (can be uncut dirty version)