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Today's Tha Hood / Garageband BBS on Remote post:

Well since most of the topics about the BBS, Garageband, Greenguy, Kwin MD, Common Ground and the S.O.A.z has been well documented here. The past seems to be covered. Although it seems to be covered, of course, some stuff from the past might and probably will be revisited later....But today we should look at now & the future for the S.O.A.z, Greenguy, Common Ground, Tha Hood, Garageband's BBS and everything else we've covered so far.

For Greenguy & Garageband's BBS Forums, it appears to be over. The only posts from Greenguy will post is here in this forum.

For Common Ground, it is pretty much over too. Va'Les has just as good of a chance beating his case as iLIKE & Ali P. bringing back the BBS Forums to Garageband. Of Course Kwin MD & Omega Redd might take time to put out a Common Ground Album. They both have some old Va'Les songs in their collective "vaults" that they might be able to combine for one debute/final Common Ground album. That by the way, is in the works.

The 3 founding and core members of the S.O.A.z was Va'Les, Omega Redd, and Kwin MD. Since Va'Les got incarcerated, now it's up to Omega Redd & Kwin MD to make all the choices that used to get made by all 3 of them.

So far, the idea is one CD for the Street & one original album for the internet in 2008. At least one, if not, both will be out under the artist/group name Common Ground. The songs will be reviewed by Omega Redd & Kwin MD and then through process of elimination, they will have a song line up for both projects. Right now, Kwin MD is putting together some travel plans with Omega Redd & Metaphysik to go out to the Bay Area and collab with Indecent & Krypto in 2008. Those times aren't locked up or official yet but, once they get out there, it could be historic. Metaphysiks has never collabed with Omega Redd, never been out the Bay Area. Redd & Kwin both were out to the Bay Area, not at the same time, and none of these 3 S.O.A.z on the Eastcoast have ever collabed with Indecent & Krypto. All three are very exited. They think if Metaphysik can't make the trip, Omega Redd & Kwin will head down to Virginia again sometime in 2008. Right now, all 3 plan on going. It could turn into a song like that Busta Rhymes song a few years ago, or the LL Cool J Hit em up RMX, or that "Get down on the ground RMX" by Guilly and every Signed MC from Philly....In other words, if all 3 make the trip, this music could be filled with many many MCs...who knows.

This other S.O.A.z project involves a few solo projects from Omega Redd that should be coming out real soon.

As far as any updates on Va'Les, we'll have them here when we get them.

Next Segment: Thurs. 12-6-07

R.I.P. Pimp Cee


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