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"The Prequal...Step into my Office" the lost album (came out in 2006 on the Streets only)

The Prequal came out in Jan. 2005 when the last copy of "Step into my Office..." was sold online, APG Forx decided to put out a CD on the Street to tribute the 1,000 copies of the November 2000 release being sold.

Back in November of 2000, 1000 copies of Kwin MD's first album were made. In 2006, they were all gone. If you check put the online distributor, it shows in red letters, that they are sold out.... Peep that Link:

But this is about THE PreQual Not the 1,000 copies getting sold out in 6 years. We know that aint nothin to brag about. If the CD was hotter then it was, it would not have taken 6 years to move them 1,000 copies.

The Prequal has 15 tracks to the 10 of the original "Step into my office..."
Some of those 10 original tracks were used again on the Prequal.
Some of the originals were not used on the Prequal.....

This album was recorded prior to the Mad Flavor Entertainment signing of Kwin MD. (more on the details of that record deal on the post segment scheduled for Tues. 12-11-07). These were songs recorded before Champain Got Locked Up in Florida (he lived in Philly during the recording days of The Prequal). This was even before the first Greenguy Appearance on was the timeframe between when Kwin moved from Atlanta to Philly (5-99) and when Kwin met A local Rapper in Richmond named Tay who advised him to change his game (8-00)....The beginning of Kwin's career working with Shallow. It was the year 2001 where you could say that Kwin Swiched his style up and really took Tay's advise. He even re-recorded some of his songs to change his words to make them more up to date. "I Converse" is on THE PREQUAL one way, and on "Boilahmaker Sippah" (release in 2005) another way. Kwin took, "I Converse" back to the lab & changed it to get the style changed up, as so for "Assassin's Rain" (Kwin rerecorded that too). "The Nutcrackkah"(on Boilahmaker Sippah) has a gun shot in one of the verses to sensor the word but on THE PREQUAL it is in there with out the Gun Shot to sensor (you here the word).

"Step into my Office..." November 2000 release was the first one by Kwin MD. Kwin MD has evolved a lot since November 2000 when this came out. In the time when this CD was created, the rap game was completely differant. This CD was recorded before Eminem came out with his first CD. His music changed the game. Before He came out, the lyrics that are on this CD were acceptable to say for white rappers. In the studio, everyone was cool with Kwin spittin what he was spittin. These Days, Kwin MD does not rap like this anymore. These lyrics were not made to offend anyone. This is a rare hip hop CD that took place in a time before Eminem came out with a style that changed the game. Since that album was sold out, the motion to bring back some of these classic songs was made by APG Forx Records.

This Rare album that only hit the streets in 2006 went in a Philly Street Team package deal of 3 for $5 or 4 for $7....We liked to sell our customers alot of music at once because we like to leave a lasting impression. This rare album, was a spin off of a Collector's item and is so rare that it is also a collectors item.

The first 3 songs from The original "Step into my Office" (Money, I Seen Enough, and Microphone Solo) were on THE PREQUAL. Murder Rate is on THE PREQUAL but not the version that was on "Step into my Office...", the version on THE PREQUAL is from Kwin MD & Champain aka New Jack's first (both their 1st) ever trip to a recording studio. They did this version with Fred of Splash City and Kriminal from Darby, Pa. The first ever Kwin MD recorded song in a studio was done in Germantown (1999). On "Boilahmaker Sippah" album you'll see a song which is the second to last song on the track order called "Judgement Night (remix)" Featuring Mike Pacino and Champain aka New Jack.
Beat by Shallow or Nvisible Beats on the "Boilahmaker Sippah" version or Remix. The original version is on THE PREQUAL and Champain made the beat. The Prequal has 2 Champain aka New Jack solo songs (one called) "Bitchez" (another called) "Backstabbaz". The Pussy Clinic is not track one on the original "Step into my Office..." album, on the Prequal it is track #1. "Another Scolion RMX" and "Bump and Grind" are the same as they were on "Step into my Office..." the original. The Prequal has the 3 songs metioned above (I Converse, Nutrackker & Assassin's Rain) which were rerecorded for "Boilahmaker Sippah". The Original "Step into my Office..." album only had 10 songs and only 3 of them were produced by Shallow. The first song Shallow produced for Kwin was called "The Condum Song". The only album that has the "Condum Song" is THE PREQUAL. Shallow's wife thought that the "Condum Song" was too degrading toward women and Kwin wanted to put that song on the original "Step into my Office..." album. Shallow was not married to his wife yet, they might not have been engaged or even living together yet, but Shallow did not want that song on that CD because of how his soon to be wife felt about it. The original "Step into my Office..." album would have had 11 songs and 4 Shallow songs but because of the content of this song "The Condum Song" it got left off.

"THE PREQUAL...Step into my Office" (circulation since 2006) was not only a rare collectors item because it contained the Original Murder Rate featuring Kriminal & Champain from Kwin MD's first trip to a studio, not only a rare collectors item because it was before that N word was considered not cool for rappers who are white to use in there lyrics, not only is it rare because it is the only CD that has the tabue song that would have made the original "Step into my Office..." album track line up be 11 but got reduced to 10 because Shallow's wife thought is was so disrespectful towards women, it is a rare collector's item because it has some music by Champain that can't be heard anywhere else like the original "Judgement Night" (with out Mike Pacino) and the "Step into my Office..." album is sold out, so the only way to get any of those songs on CD is "THE PREQUAL...Step into my Office" album while it was getting sold on the Street.

This CD will soon be availible to buy online but if you are interested in it now, we can give it to you for FREE (we even pay the mail man no shipping fees or nothing totally free no Bull) if you VOTE in the Poll we have to determine the March 2008 "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month". Simply request THE PREQUAL CD as one of your 2 CDs you get free when you vote by including it with one more choice (choose the other FREE CD at ) and include a good address to mail these 2 FREE CDs to (you could chose a neighbor or a family member if you don't wanna give out your own address) and e-mail the mailling address & 2 FREE CD choices to and if we check the votes and see that you did vote, we'll mail you them 2 FREE CDs. The vote is simple. You must listen to 2 songs, "I Am" by Metaphysiks, Shallow & Kwin MD and "Damn Shame" by Common Ground". With a Yahoo account (thought that you found a catch didn't you? Yahoo e-mail's are free to get if you aint had one) place your vote (listening to the 2 songs is FREE) (Voting is Free)......

By the way Friday 12-7-07 segment is about the POLL QUESTION as well so most of that last paragraph is gonna be repeated tomorro. The main thing here is, "The Prequal...Step into my Office" is not listed as one of the choices (for a FREE CD choice), you get 2 FREE CDs when you vote, This rare collector's item has 15 tracks that can not be found anywhere else. "Step into my Office..." (Kwin's first album) is sold out, to get a chance to hear most of that album, (it had 10 songs) you can hear the best of "Step into my Office..." and more on "The Prequal...Step into my Office" (which has 15 songs)....The best of "Step into my Office..." and more classic songs from before Kwin MD swiched his style up and rerecorded 3 songs for the Mad Flavor Entertainment Album "The Nutcrackkah"....(in 2001)

Monday's Segment is about The S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month 2008 Line Up (each month has a song that is scheduled to be out that month). The line up has been out for a few month's now at on the S.O.A.z News Page, the whole thing is though, not all them songs are a stone cold mortal lock to be the song used that month, Monday you'll see what's hood...

Here's a link to an old page from the old website called which is a page that was not added to the new website which was made in April of 2006 when became discontinued. This link shows some info from the original news about "THE PREQUAL..." Click Here to view it....


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