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The Album "Eraser" sold primarilly on the Streets

Before the "Eraser" story can be told, the falling out by PL (Paul Love) and the S.O.A.z including Kwin MD (first) the Common Ground chapter (Omega Redd & Va'Les) and even Shallow aka Nvisible Beats....PL (Paul Love) basically alienated himself from the whole team back in late 2004. Here's a disclaimer message from the modified version of the "Double Up, Double Down" album (which is modified due to the falling out)....Message:

PL (Paul Love), was Kwin MD's old recording partner.They made a whole album, once, together called "Double Up, Double Down" scheduled to get released under the branded name: Street Value Records...The deal did not ever go through due to a heated arguement when PL claimed he contributed more financially then Kwin MD.PL made these comments & quit the project during the Press & Promotion process shortly after the master mix, copyright, & trademark of the CD was done ("Double Up Double Down" & Street Value" both Registered by APG Forx & all Street Value songs are reserved for PL. PL still owns 33% of rights to some songs, 50% rights to a few others, a few were songs PL owned 0% of the rights, and a small few he owns 100% of the rights to.ALL "Double Up Double Down" songs PL owns 100% of the rights to, you may not ever hear. The 33% songs, 0%, & 50% songs (FROM PL's share of Street Value) may get released by APG Forx with the Street Value Brand as a subsidary tag...

Now We Can tell the "Eraser" story with details....

This album "Eraser" was put together by Omega Redd, Va'Les, PL (Paul Love) and Kwin MD.
The album was sold in late 2004 and early 2005. The concept was put together in late 2003. The songs were talked about in 2003. The songs were all from before any of these 4 MCs met besides Va'Les & Omega Redd. All 4 rappers had a back catalogue collection of oldies but goodies type songs.

There were some from Va'Les featuring a rapper named Jay, Omega Redd songs from 2002 like the classic "Roten Garden". Some Kwin MD songs that were older then "The Prequal" era but before the "Double Up Double Down" era. PL's collection was big because he only put one solo album out (on the old MP3 called "Hall of Mirrors" which that went down with the whole MP3 site when it got sold). He wanted to put out a album for his music video "Person Demons" to promote. Some of the songs that he had planned not to included on his up and coming solo album were on "The Eraser" album.

"Underground Hussle" by all 4 MCs & "Forest Fire" by all 4 MCs were the only two songs on this album that were newly recorded. Most of this music was recorded between 1999-2002....

PL (Paul Love) could never freestyle. That was one reason why Omega Redd had no problems with PL's choice to stop making music with the Common Ground chapter of the S.O.A.z
PL always wanted to do his own thing on a solo tip, so he never bought into the whole S.O.A. or Common Ground thing.

On the song "Underground Hussle" in Common Ground Fashion it was done with out any writing on any paper. When Common Ground (Omega Redd, Va'Les, & Kwin MD) used to get together and record, preparation was optional. Very little preparation or writing lyrics really ever typically occured. These 3 MCs loved to Freestyle. Va'Les freestyled about 90% of all his music. Omega Redd freestyles about 70% of his music. Kwin MD freestyles about 45% of his music.

So when you hear the songs "Forest Fire" and "Underground Hussle" you can keep in mind that Omega Redd and Va'Les freestyled all their lyrics on both of those songs. PL took time to write his lyrics on "Forest Fire" (so did Kwin MD). Kwin MD freestyled "Underground Hussle" and PL tried to write some pieces while the other 3 MCs were freestylin and he did the hook...

Some other Common Ground Songs that were done freestyle:

"Rose Bush" Common Ground Featuring Lil Debo and Jay Tee (100 % Freestyle)
"Pedals" Omega Redd (written) the rest of the song (BIP) Freestyle
"Still Laughin" 100% Freestyle
"My Fault" 100% Freestyle
"Grilled Cheese" 100% Freestyle

We'd be here all night if I typed in the rest of the songs that had some Freestyles in them....

Around the same time "The Prequal" was out, the "Eraser" CD was being sold on the streets by the S.O.A.z street team which was mainly Va'Les, some of Va'Les's girl friends, Kwin MD and other friends of them 2....

They used to make one "Mix Tape" style CD with mostly artists who are on the radio (at the time) and a few new S.O.A.z songs...."S.O.A.z Classic Collections Vol. 1" Vol. 2,3,4,5.....

They would market it 3 for $5 or 4 for $7 and sell people the artists who they know and put S.O.A.z music in the pack of 3 or 4 CDs....

"The Eraser" is no longer availible due to the Street Value Records lisensing that PL does own (his solo tracks) execlusively...

Who ever got one while they could, it's a collectors item now.

Next Segment: FRI 12-14 on the "Triple 2" album put out by APG Forx/S.O.A.z


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