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"Double Up Double Down" album history

This album was supposed to be released in Early 2005 about Feb...PL (Paul Love) & Kwin MD made this album. This was a album like the "Blackout" album by Redman & Method Man. They had a record label for it that they owned together 50% each called Street Value Records. PL handled most of the master mix down over at Non-such Productions in Bowie, MD. He felt as though he was contributing more financially then Kwin MD. Well the shows they did in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Virginia Tech were funded by PL because Kwin's money wasn't right then...The thing is, "Scramblin", "Aggrevated Assualt", and "Constant Misery" were 3 songs that Kwin MD executive produced. Kwin MD executive Produced a solo PL song called "Don't Touch the Stereo" and also ghost wrote that song for PL too... that equals $400 right there. There was less then $400 spent by PL on those trips to perform those shows mentioned. There were other things factoring in how PL felt about the financial issues and other money contributions by Kwin MD for the album and in collaboration with PL.....

This album is still considered "Unreleased", because PL owns rights (exclusive rights) to some of the songs on the original album song line up. Due to the fact that this album was worked on for a long period of time (from 2001 to 2004 because they lived in differant states) the music is a big part of both of these MC's careers. Kwin MD has made a modified version of this album availible on the for voters of the POLL QUESTION as one of the choices in the 2 FREE CDs....The version availible does not include the original track line up. The version availible has only songs from the album that PL does not have 100% exclusive rights to... One of those songs PL (Paul Love) owns 100% of the rights to is "Nemesis" which was a solo song that he did with Rob "The Bear" Cosentino at Nonsuch Productions. When you read this entire post here, you'll see that at the bottom of this post Kwin MD and his street team did a few test runs with a few objective audiences...The test audience said one of the songs was wack, a consensis across the board...This is not Kwin MD saying it, the listeners said it. If Kwin MD was trying to go out his way to diss PL, why would he do what we are about to mention (about) this song "nemesis"? The same listeners who had a consensis wack reaction to the song (we talk about in the end of this post) had a consensis: That's a great song when they listened to "nemesis". This is an objective audience. These people never met PL. No reason to hold back on critism no reason to gas him up. Kwin MD told PL about the reaction that "Nemesis" got and convinced him to use it on "Double Up Double Down" (PL was not even planning to release it on his solo album and didn't seem too confident in that one). That song is a good one & unfortunately, we can not share it with you because PL owns 100% of the rights to it....Only PL can authorize that song to be heard these days....

This "Double Up Double Down" modified version can be downloaded at:

That online MP3 download version is differant then the modified version for the FREE CD offer when you vote.

Here is the differance:

(We have more then 18 songs on the FREE CD, but only 12 of those are online)....

Here is a break down on the 18 song version when you chose it for free in the POLL 2 CD's for free offer...

APG Forx Presents: "Double Up Double Down" the Compilation
Track # : PL's % of ownership (rights): credits:
1 Show me Love 95% PL on the Samples
2 Throw Down 2005 0 % Remastered by Rob "The Bear"
3 Time Bomb 60%
4 Aggrevated Assualt 20% Nvisible Beats/Nonsuch Productions
5 Walkin Thru the Jungle 33% (same as above)
* 6 Forest Fire 10% Featuring Getto Girl, Omega Redd, & Va'les Sal Graci/ interself
7 Sink or Swim 33% Nvisible Beats/Shallow Productions
* 8 Solo Confinement Remix 20% (same as above)
9 Sound Spectrum Remix 33% (same as above)
* 10 Underground Hussle 10% Featuring Omega Redd & Va'Les Va'Les/B.I.P.
11 Drunk Again 33% Nvisible Beats/ Shallow Productions in Richmond, Va
12 Drug Life 60% Nvisible Beats/ Bowie, MD with "The Bear"
13 Backseat Lover 60% (same as above)
14 Constant Misery 0 % Nvisible Beats/Richmond, Va with Shallow
15 Drug Life Remix 60% Nvisible Beats/Nonsuch Productions "The Bear"
16 4 my Pops 33% (same as above)
17 $6,560,088 (the one we made a music video for) 33% Nvisible Beats/Shallow Productions
18 Walkin Thru the Jungle Remix 43% First Half of this song Va'Les made the Beat/instramental. The 2nd part was done by Shallow for Nvisible Beats. Part of this song was recorded in West Philly at M.AU. Studios & part in Bowie, MD with "The Bear" Va'Les did addlibs throughout this song and is the only guest appearance on the original record "Double Up Double Down".

* means- This song was not on the original 21 song line up.Shallow holds 34% to the songs that PL holds 33% of the rights, and Kwin MD holds 33% of the rights to theose songs too.APG Forx has Street Value Records as a subsidary, and this music is all COPYRIGHT 2004....

Here is the APG Forx disclaimer message about PL's 50% ownership of Street Value Records:
PL (Paul Love), was Kwin MD's old recording partner.They made a whole album, once, together called "Double Up, Double Down" scheduled to get released under the branded name: Street Value Records...The deal did not ever go through due to a heated arguement when PL claimed he contributed more financially then Kwin MD.PL made these comments & quit the project during the Press & Promotion process shortly after the master mix, copyright, & trademark of the CD was done ("Double Up Double Down" & Street Value" both Registered by APG Forx & all Street Value songs are reserved for PL. PL still owns 33% of rights to some songs, 50% rights to a few others, a few were songs PL owned 0% of the rights, and a small few he owns 100% of the rights to.ALL "Double Up Double Down" songs PL owns 100% of the rights to, you may not ever hear. The 33% songs, 0%, & 50% songs (FROM PL's share of Street Value) may get released by APG Forx with the Street Value Brand as a subsidary tag...

The original 21 song line up had about 3 or 4 solo tracks by PL & the equal amount of solo's by Kwin MD.
The original had a song called "President PL" which was left off the modified versions because after playing the album for many critical ears it was not impressing. When Kwin MD suggested that they press the CD with out that song, PL was not able to accept the critism too well and got angry (this was one of their last conversations before the recording and music business relationship had ended).

The last e-mail's sent before the recording and music business relationship had ended is here execlusively in THA HOOD BBS ON REMOTE:
Sat Apr 23, 2005
PL wrote:
word!-credits for Woofie-read as follows:Miles Heinz III(the third)akaWoofie
Kwin wrote:
Any monday in May on the reschedule date.
Check your mail I sent you an ascap package. Call me before you fill it out...
PL wrote:
yo as far as i can tell for now it cool-here are a few corrections: Nonsuch is one word,no sampling credits just put all scratches by PL or P.Love mixed and mastered by Rob Cosentino at Nonsuch Productions.holla for the re-schedule date on the photo
Kwin wrote:
I Can't spell dog. But read this over so I can send it to get the Copy writing.

I got the CD in the Mail.

Did you peep yet?

Miles Heinz III(the third)akaWoofie was on the song "President PL" doing addlibs (not rhyming at all) and he was one of PL's homies from tha hood in the P.G.C. but that had nothing to do with why Kwin suggested they leave that song off the album. Many objective ears were not impressed with the song. The overall consensis was that the song was wack....

The 21 song track line up might not ever get heard by anyone but PL & Kwin MD...


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