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Street Value Records

This is a subsidary Label under APG Forx Records. The rights to some of the music that APG Forx releases under the sub label Street Value Records are owned in Part By Shallow aka Nvisible Beats and PL (Paul Love)...

Yesterday we posted:

The idea was to have PL mail his solo songs to ascap for his own 100% ownership of his music through ascap publishing. Kwin did that for his solo music under his Publishing Company known as APG Forx Records. Street Value Records was the name of the publisher for both PL & Kwin MD....PL never copyrighted his solo music, so, only the collab songs were published & copyrighted under Street Value Records.

Friday, December 21, 2007 we posted:

The last e-mail's sent before the recording and music business relationship had ended is here execlusively in THA HOOD BBS ON REMOTE:
Sat Apr 23, 2005
PL wrote:word!-credits for Woofie-read as follows:Miles Heinz III(the third)akaWoofie
In an earlier message Kwin wrote:
Any monday in May on the reschedule date.Check your mail I sent you an ascap package. Call me before you fill it out...
Then before that e-mail PL wrote:
yo as far as i can tell for now it cool-here are a few corrections: Nonsuch is one word,no sampling credits just put all scratches by PL or P.Love mixed and mastered by Rob Cosentino at Nonsuch Productions.holla for the re-schedule date on the photo
The e-mail before that was Kwin wrote:I Can't spell dog. But read this over so I can send it to get the Copy writing.I got the CD in the Mail.Did you peep yet?

Miles Heinz III(the third)akaWoofie was on the song "President PL" doing addlibs (not rhyming at all) and he was one of PL's homies from tha hood in the P.G.C. but that had nothing to do with why Kwin suggested they leave that song off the album. Many objective ears were not impressed with the song. The overall consensis was that the song was wack....The 21 song track line up might not ever get heard by anyone but PL & Kwin MD...

Street Value Records was Plan A, and APG Forx Records was plan B...

Street Value Records was planning to release the "Double Up Double Down" and get it into all the stores that Super D One Stop Distribution is currently selling the "Boilahmaker Sipper" album. The Music Video's for PL's solo song and the PL & Kwin MD single "$6,560,088" were planned to be marketed to Urban Xpressions by Street Value Records and radio airplay as well as an EastCoast Tour were all parts of the Street Value Plan...

There's a big part of that "Double Up Double Down" that Shallow aka Nvisible Beats is entitled to 34% of the royalties on...PL owns 33% of the royalties on those songs and Kwin MD owns 33% as well. This was a contract that Shallow signed agreeing to supplying beats for the album. Fact is the album's orginal song line up used plenty of beats that were not included in that agreement.

The original album can not be shown because of PL's 50% ownership of Street Value he legally owns and is not releasing the tracks he owns execlusively.

The song line up that APG FORX can legally show has:

Show me Love ( a PL song which PL bought the rights to that SHALLOW Beat & owns 100% of the rights to and this was not under the 33,33,34 contract agreement)
another song just like that was Time Bomb PL owns 60% of the rights

Aggrevated Assualt was a song that Kwin MD owned 100% of the rights by nature of purchasing this beat from Shallow before he even met PL...

Walkin Thru the Jungle 33% (this was 2 beats in one song that was done in that Contract agreement, Shallow ownes 34% of the rights to this one)

Sink or Swim 33% this one was under that Shallow Agreement too..
Sound Spectrum Remix 33% (same as above)
Constant Misery was like Aggravated Assualt owned by Kwin by nature of purchase
$6,560,088 like the above song, Kwin bought the rights
Drug Life was like the above song but PL bought the rights to it
Backseat Lover was like the above song PL owned the rights

So if the album "Double Up Double Down" came out as scheduled, then the royalties that PL, Kwin, and Shallow would share would have had to had been pro-rated....Because the agreement was under a contract for Shallow to produce the whole enire album & get 34%, the whole album was not supplied as it shows in the contract by Shallow.

Kwin MD wanted to Pro-Rated to find the 34% of the songs that Shallow did supply and divide that number by how many other songs were on that album and get a basic rate to Pay Shallow per unit sold.

PL did not want to Pro rate that for Shallow's Cut of the Royalties, PL was starting to hate on Shallow and felt as though Shallow didn't deserve a Cut of the Royalties because Shallow was Charging his money for regular Prices after he broke PL & Kwin Off a few Beats....So yes & No....

Yes, Shallow didn't deserve the 34%, but in Kwin's oppinoin No, he didn't deserve nothing, he did supply some of the music that he was under agreement for...

Of Course this is not the biggest differance in PL's & Kwin's outlooks & Oppinions that cause the Falling Out, it is just one of few....

PL had a Solo Album he was finishing Up too called "Don't Lose Touch"...The Plans for Street Value Records was to Release that a few months after the "Double Up Double Down" album...Then put out a Kwin MD solo album. The year was 2005, around May when the whole Falling Out Happened. Kwin's Music was ready. After PL opted out of the whole release process of this album and chose to stop dealing with Kwin in the Music Business, Kwin put the "Boilahmaker Sippah" out....It's in stores now....

PL is still the Sr. Vice President of Street Value Records

He was in charge of Booking Shows, mix down engineer and editor and Radio/Network TV relations

Kwin MD is the Head of Officers and C.O.O. of Street Value Records

They were supposed to be equal partners, na mean, 50-50....

Kwin was in Charge of Publishing, Copyrighting, Trademarking, Negotiating, Bookkeeping, the Internet promotions, Senior Promoter, and Mass Manufacturing....

This didn't mean that Kwin didn't Book any Shows because he did find a show in Philadelhia that they did in 2003.

PL still owns 50% of Street Value Records

Kwin MD owns 100% of APG Forx Records

Kwin MD owns 50% of Street Value Records

Street Value Records is Copyright/TM 2005 APG Forx Records


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