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Build your own radio station with Radio Impact Curated Playlists and DJs

Build your Radio Station here with Radio Impact! 

Choose from a Dime Subscription or a Dub Subscription or a Deluxe Subscription. 

DIME PACKAGE $10 per month
The Dime Package is $10 per month for a minimum of 10 months, and after your 10 month trial period you will decide to cancel or keep subscribing for more time at $10 per month. If you cancel your subscription, after your 10 month trial, your radio station could be renamed after you terminate your subsciption. All Dime Station packages will need to create your own: Radio Station name Make 1 ad for your station which will need to be free from explicit language to play on FM radio to promote your station. You will have 5 drops, 1 ad and up to 4.88 GB of storage for your music on the station. There will be a time slot created for your radio show or podcast and also a general rotation, heavy rotation and a 10 ten chart creation. A facebook like page will be created for you with the Radio Station's name you choose which will get connected to the Online Radio Toolbox. You will receive admin ability to edit the new FaceBook Like page created for the radio station and be part of a the Radio Impact Syndicated networks. If you choose an offensive name, you will need to rename your station or get a refund. We are not in the offensive names business. All Platinum Heavy Rotation Radio Impact Sponcered songs from the curated playlists of the Radio Impact DJs will take priority to the Top 10 chart which you will agree to play these songs on your new radio station. You can add up to 5 songs to the Top 10 Chart of the heavy rotation at a time for the Dime Station package. 

Example of the onlineradiobox Top 10 Chart from one of the Radio Impact syndicated stations:

All Dime Stations also get a DJ user ID and password to upload the music.

Make sure to make your music 192 bitrate MP3 and tag your artist name and song title name for the chart metadata to show up properly

DUB PACKAGE $20 per month
For the Dub Station, you get all the above services (for 10 months) plus a twitter account created for your radio station. You will control up to 8 songs that reach your station's top 10 and allow Radio Impact Sponcered songs from the curated playlists of the Radio Impact DJs will take priority to the Top 10 chart which you will agree to play these songs on your new radio station to be the top 2 songs in your Top 10 chart of your new station. After your 10 month trial, resubscribe for $20 per month. 

DELUXE PACKAGE $50 per month
For the Deluxe Station package you get all the above options, for 10 months, resubscribe for $50 per month. Includes Instagram account creation and assistance, submission/application to the DRT chart for Radio Station tracking, submission to the other radio syndicated apps of your chosing with mutual agreement from Radio Impact DJs, includes rotation credits: 5 of your artist's songs in heavy rotation for 6 months at times you decide to submit to the 20 Radio Impact Syndicated stations, and future input on Radio Impact and Top 10 playlist placement for Radio Impact curated playlists on Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify for the duration of your subscription. Must get the minimum of your first 10 months to start your radio station, order today and build your own station. 

After you order you must provide your 5 drops, 1 ad, 2000 x 2000 pixel jpeg image of your radio station logo, name of your new radio station and any other files you want shared on your station to get started. You will be provided a DJ Login to begin uploading your music to the radio upon starting your subscription.


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