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"Never Done Volume Two"

This ablum was put out not long after Volume One & like the first one it has songs from post the PREQUAL era along with some of the songs from "The Nutcrackka" that were not on the 1st one. It had a mix similar to the first one. Between Volumes 1 & 2, many of the songs that were on 1 & 2 are on the "Boilahmaker Sippah" album. The reason why so many albums came out in the Post Prequal Era with similar songs is......"The Nutcrackka" was never really released by Mad Flavor Ent, the bootlegs that leaked the street were it, the "Never Done" (Volumes 1 & 2) were put out online on the old through the distributor which (that owner sold to today's owner of which does not cator to unsigned artists in the same way). When mp3 sold the site, the last of only about 10 copies for each album were shipped back to Kwin from the old owner of MP3 in California. Kwin sold the last ones on the street and these "Never Done" albums are collector's items that are very rare...

So the music is used again on the "Boilahmaker Sippah" album, which is availible to download or buy on CD at and this album "Never Done Volume 2" is unlike the first Volume in that we can not show you a rare page from about it. We do have a page that we were putting together for that never made it on the site yet, with a picture of the CD cover of "Never Done Volume Two".... The CD Cover of Garageband Records release with Dream Aka Kameil Madison on track 1 & Kwin MD featuring Shallow & Bodacious on track 2 is also on this page....

Before this post is over we can now take a look at every Kwin MD CD that is a collector's item and only one of them is still in Circulation....

"The Prequal...Step into my Office" is still in circulation but is a collectors item.
"Step into my Office..." is a collectors item
"Never Done Volume One" is a collectors item
"Never Done Volume Two" is a collectors item
"Best of Urban Underground 2002" Garageband Records is a collectors item
"The Nutcrackka" UGF/Mad Flavor Ent. is a collectors item

Which means, the only 4 Kwin MD albums availible now. "The Prequal" (for free only through Poll Question participation at so vote on that poll), "Double Up Double Down" Street Value Records and APG Forx PL (Paul Love) and Kwin MD (for free only through Poll Question participation at so vote on that poll), "Boilahmaker Sippah" availible for FREE in the Poll, you can buy the CD, & you can download the mp3's at na mean, & the 4th one is availible to Download but the only way to get it on CD other then burning the mp3's that you download yourself is by voting in the poll, this one is a double disc so to get it in the two FREE CDs when you vote you will be using both FREE CDs on this one album known as "Best of Kwin MD (est '99 son)"


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