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The Poll Question:

There has been a Poll Question in THA HOOD that pays off well if you answer it.

"I AM" by Metaphysik, Shallow aka: Nvisible Beats, & Kwin MD was ranked very high in 2003 on Garageband but never made it to the second round. It was in the top 10 & still holds some records after thousands of songs were entered to the contest since. We can submit it to the contest again & see if it makes it to the 2nd round. Then it would have to win in this contest here first. Toe to Toe, Head to Head, Face to Face....Sudden Death playoff against "Damn Shame" by Common Ground. "Damn Shame" was started in November of 2005. It was completed in the Summer of 2006. (each member of Common Ground had busy schedules and we didn't spend 10 months on this song, we just had long gaps of time were we couldn't get together & when we could, we couldn't record just chill drink & smoke). We liked 60% of this one when we started it, we had some Mix Down trial & error & one verse to tighten up some. This one sort of flew under the radar because we never pushed it onto a mixtape in the streets or promoted it or performed it. This one is worthy of a Match Up again the S.O.A.z Flashback blast from the Past Classic "I Am".
Unlike two of the best S.O.A.z Flavors of the month, "I Am" never got into the second round. We think if we enter it into the contest, it might make it in because it was ranked #4 at one time. Just for now, this is only a flavor of the month Cannidate... Also, it's a S.O.A.z Classic "Blast from the Past"...
"I AM" by Kwin MD & Metaphysik
HIGHEST RANK: #4 IN RAP (3-13-03)
#10 BEST BEAT (all time)
#19 ROCKING TRACK IN RAP (all time)
Poll will be "I Am" for a second try to shoot for the 2nd Round against "Damn Shame". That winner will take "Alwayz Daydreamin" slot on the 3-08 FLAVOR OF THE MONTH.
For those who don't know: S.O.A.z stands for Self Owned Artists as in: No Record Labels take our money we make off music, we are similar to Hoes that don't have A Pimp. There's no Pimpy Label givin us our cut. Shallow is a Producer, Singer, Rapper who made the video for "6,560,088" by PL & Kwin MD & PL's solo video "Personal Demons". He made the beat for "I am" and now goes by Nvisiblebeats (He's from Richmond, Va). Metaphysik is considered an S.O.A. because he's unsigned & owns his rights to his music. He's an Emporian Legand Hailing from Emopia, Va (just North of North Carolina & Just South of Petersburg, Va). Common Ground is the first 3 S.O.A.z the core, the founding members of the S.O.A.z Coalition & Movement. Va'Les is from G-Town (Philadelphia's North West District) Omega Redd is from Chester, PA & Kwin MD from the Eastcoast (Atlanta, Richmond, D.C., Philly, Wilmington-DE, & Allentown-PA). Born & Raised an Eastcoast wonderer. Va'Les is sort of like Shallow, he Sings, Raps, & makes beats. Va'Les is one of the main Street CD husslers & promoters. He is the Street Team Leader. Va'Les stands for Very Less. Omega Redd is extremely talented in the studio. He doesn't do punch ins & if he does any preparation, he's on point. If he doesn't prepare, his freestyle game is execellant, so he's a dull threat.
Okay As we Always do: We're gonna PAY THE MAIL MAN to MAIL YOU TWO FREE CDs if you VOTE on this right now. This is 100% FREE so just visit these 2 Song Links, listen to each one (for free) and vote on this page. When you're done listening & you put your vote in (on this webpage) you just gotta send us an e-mail with your mailling address & we'll Mail the Two FREE CDs to you. We have a List of differant choices you can pick from for the 2 FREE CDs. If you don't like the choices too much, e-mail us the artist you want a CD of, we'll send you that artist's hottest music on one CD----But, you still gotta pick one from our list. Our list has 9 differant choices. We got the Hot new Peedi Crack, New Cassidy, Kanye West, DJ Rondevu, Kwin MD's new Double Disc "Best of" (this one would count as The Two CDs because it's a Double Disc), Kwin MD's "Boilahmaker Sippah", The unreleased PL & Kwin MD CD, The first S.O.A.z Street CD, & S.O.A.z Feature Presented (the latest Street CD)...
Ready to get Two FREE CDs for Voting?
Don't worry, we not charging for you to listen to these songs, just listen & Vote now!
Listen to "I Am" For FREE
by clicking on the underlined song title above.
Listen to "Damn Shame" For FREE
by clicking on the underlined song title above.
Here's were you e-mail your Mailling Address:
You need to have a yahoo e-mail to do this, yahoo e-mails is FREE to sign up for.
Here's where the list of FREE CD choices is (and you can listen to some songs for FREE to preview here to help you decide):
Click these underlined words below to view:
Cast your votes, e-mail us that address & the choices you made, we pay that mail man, a few days later you get Two FREE CDs in the mail. Then you can see we wasn't lyin & you didn't get burned, & tell all your friends & enemies to come here & vote before March of 2008 when we close this poll....
Which song should be March '08 Flave "S.O.A.z Flavor of the Month"

"I Am"

"Damn Shame"

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