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Mad Flavor Entertainment/UGF ENT.

UGF Ent. was the parent label to the sublabel Kwin MD got signed to for a 1 album deal back in 2001. Jay Hudson from Michigan was the CEO of UGF & Mad Flavor ENT....The album that Kwin MD completed was called "The Nutcrackka" which had 12 tracks one was "Throw Down" which got played on A Radio Station in Richmond, Va Called "The Beat". Mad Flavor didn't get that played, Kwin met one of their D.J.s at a Willy's Records Store on Hull Street across from the South Side Plaza...

UGF & Jay Hudson had a distribution deal with Raptor Records. "The Nutcrackka" release kept stalling and stalling, the distribution deal was lost by UGF before the album ever got pressed.

Kwin MD and his Lawyers got the rights (execlusive music & Publishing rights) back from UGF and then made the contrack null & void (and moved on).

In 2002 Kwin released "Never Done Vol. 1" which had half the songs from "TheNutcrackka" and the rest of the album was new music.

In 2003 Kwin released "Never Done Vol. 2" which had the other half of "The Nutcrackka" album along with some other new music.

In Early 2003, Kwin MD made an appearance on Garageband Records:
"Best of Urban Underground 2002" and Kwin MD signed a contract that entitled him to Royalties from that release (which was sold online by Yahoo Stores).

Then later in 2003, Jay Hudson offered to make Kwin MD a deal where Kwin is the CEO of a sublabel under Jay's company and would give Jay percentages....That deal didn't ever get done because (dispite the Deal that UGF is supposed to have with SONY Distribution) Kwin didn't like the money on his side of the deal and was doing okay by himself with the S.O.A.z Street Team.

The 2005 "Boilahmaker Sippah" Album has some songs from "The Nutcrackka" as well. The reason why (was previously explained in a Post about the Internet/Website Histroy Post) is because (the old version) sold their website off.....that was gone. That was where "Never Done Vol. 1" & "Never Done Vol. 2" was sold. So when that site went down the drain, them last copies were sold on the street, that music was dead just like "The Nutcrackka". So "Boilahmaker Sippah" came out in 2005 with new Music And select songs from "Never Done Vol.s 1 & 2" which came from the unreleased album for Mad Flavor Ent. named "The Nutcrackka"...

The Next Segment: WED 12-12-07 is about The latest release "Best of Kwin MD (est. '99 son)"
and that album has some music from every album, "Step into my Office...", "The Prequal...Step into my Office", "The Nutcrackka", "Never Done Volume One", "Never Done Volume Two", "Eraser", "Double Up Double Down", "Self Owned Allstarz", "Best of Urban Underground 2002", & "Triple 2".....

That one was released execlusively to the internet and might not hit the Streets until 2008. That one is a Double Disc CD availible for Download purchase or For FREE as the 2 FREE CDs you get when you vote online....This one might not be availible long, we might make it a Rare Collector's item like how we did "The Prequal"....

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