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"The Nutcrackka" album history

"Tha Nutcrackka"" was heavily promoted in 2001...As a matter of fact the 12 track album that was picked up by UGF (Under Ground Family) / Mad Flavor Ent. which signed Kwin MD to a one album deal...They were supposed to release this album around August of 2001. They didn't give Kwin MD a recording budget and they kept pushing the release date back. They listed Raptor Ent as the name of the distribution company, when Kwin MD called Raptor, the CEO of Raptor told Kwin that the distribution deal with UGF was over.

Since UGF lost the distribution deal and UGF didn't fund any of the making of this album the one album deal was null & void.

The 12 songs included one feature of Champain aka: New Jack of Domino Soul Ent. from Jacksonville Florida (who was on several songs in the PREQUAL era including most of "Step into my office...") and Metaphysiks featured on 2 songs on this album ("I am" and "Hip Hop")....

The entire CD was produced by Shallow Productions (who changed his name to Advance Beats then went back to Shallow, now goes by Nvisible Beats)...

One person online asked a question in a forum similar to the old Rap/Hip Hop Forum on Garageband's BBS forums, he said:
by analytical
"How did you come up with that name? Is it because you like crackin nuts or is it because your literally a cracker whose nuts."

The answer about 7 years later is, yes I am "literally a cracker whose nuts." If you listen to "Never Done Vol. One" or "Boilahmaker Sippah" the song "Waite in Line" clearly uses a few bars to similarly say the same thing. I'm the nuttiest cracker since Lawrence (refering to Lawrence Taylor who was a great New York Giant Linebacker and also a known Crack addict).....

UGF the label that had signed Kwin in 2001 is now under contract with RED/ Sony BMG Distribution...

Their address:
UGF Entertainment, Inc. 3105 S. MLK Jr. Blvd. #313 Lansing, Mi 48910

Their webiste:

The last e-mail they wrote to Kwin MD 02-03-06


no actually the internet is taking over. more people are starting to buy from the net than in stores. you should do more reasearch. and when a contract expires the terms of that contract are not lost. until I deliver the master to you I still own it. Now if you want to fight that we can do so in court, im tryin to tell you how the business works and you want to tell me how you "think" it works?I only back a product I believe in. i dont believe in the material you sent. I believe in your old CD more. You want me to give you $20,000? Im not offering you a record deal, I was offering distribution. Now if I believed in that product I still woudnt give a recording budget but would invest $20,000 in paying coop advertising fees which is an essential part of distribution (and the reason why indie artists dont make it into stores)... Bayside handles my general sales while Red/Sony BMG handles digital & online. I'll tell you what any label will : If you cant sell 100 copies online you cant sell 1,000 in stores. a label would tell you to prove yourself, an advance is a loan and in music you have bad credit so you show me what you're doin for yourself and then we can talk about what I can do for you. If you wont invest in yourself why should anyone else?UGF you should come out them pockets for me. Give me a budget & I'll give you a product. If you fuckin with sony now you gotta have the loot. $300 & $500 should not be a damn thing to you now. Tell you what, if you send me $20,000 I'll sign a deal with you & your Sony/Red crew. I'll give you the product you want. I'll exceed expectations cause I represent 4 mines. PS: If you messin with Sony & them you shouldn't be worried about this old shit anyway. You posed to be paid right? I aint make no sales yet, that's why I was hollin at you. Plus how dumb do you think I am I have internet disribution, it sucks. Don't nobody wanna buy a cd on the net....UGF Entertainment wrote: You are a bit confused on how the music business works. Copyright doesnt mean a thing. I own the masters which means I am the only person who can make copies of that song. and as far as publishing all that means is that if I re-released your material I would have to pay you performance rights/publishing royalties when your song was played on radio or television. Other than that you have n rights to reproduce those songs in any capacity. The only song I liked was the one with Bodacious.I gave you the opportunity to buy back your rights and you declined. The contract wasnt forfeited. As far as releasing that CD I would have to decline, it was poorly put together and is too underground sounding. I now have distribution thru Bayside and Red/Sony BMG and they would surely decline to release the product. Underground sells in the street Not in stores. So I would not put any money behind the project. But if you wanted just digital and online distribution I would do it for $300 but I would definetly not push it to retail via Red/Sony BMG and Bayside because we would all be made to look like fools. No offense to you but you just have to take your time when making music, the effects were choppy, verses poorly done, beats were way too underground to sell. Now if you still want to buy back your rights $500 is what it would cost. Thats a penny compared to how much it normally costs. UGF Entertainment Robert Quinn wrote: Well sir the statement you had made is a matter of business I want to work out. I don't have no sales. I need help with promotion. I would like your help if we can arrange somethin that gets you the compensation you disire we can try this again. That is why I sent you the CD. If you & I can work somethin out I would be delighted.


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