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The Making of Series 19th Edition: "Judgement Night REMIX"

As written in THA HOOD/BBS Forums On REMOTE:
"I am" & the original "Judgement Night" have common verses by Kwin MD (written in 1998 in Petersburg) The Atlanta, Ga & Petersburg, Va lyrics written by Kwin MD from 1998-1999 were the reason for his alias: The Dungeon Rapper...Locked up & Court ordered while writing those lyrics in Petersburg with Godfather Geek & in Atlanta with Little Dee....

In May of 1999, Kwin MD was Free & living in Philadelphia.
By 2000, Kwin had moved back to Richmond, Va.
The Summer of 1999 was when Kwin MD and Champain aka New Jack met & went to studios in Germantown (a part of and West Philly. Kwin MD also recorded music that summer with Godfather Geek and L.E.P.....
In 2002 Champain moved back to his hometown of Jacksonville, Floridia....
To give more about Atlanta, Kwin lived there from August of 1998 until May of 1999...
Little Dee was from Tennessee and that was someone Kwin Rapped with in Atlanta who got a Shout out in the "Step into my Office..." song "Money$"...

"Step into my Office..." and the album "The Prequal...Step into my Office" both were 2 Albums that include many songs by Champain and from this era of time.

Champain came down to Richmond, Va in 2001 ( a short period of time when Champain lived in Philly and Kwin lived in Richmond )...Pain came to record "Decompose". Kwin had acquired the SP 1200 & the Roland 880 EX....Pain & Kwin used those to create some ameture recordings during this visit to Richmond.

When Pain moved back to Florida he was there for a little while & then got incarcerated. When he got incarcerated, the tracks from the original "Judgement Night" were used for the Remix.
Pain & Kwin kept in touch while Pain was locked up. Several letters were sent from Champain to Kwin in Virginia, Kwin to Pain in Jail, Kwin moved back to Philly in November of 2002, Pain sent Kwin mail to Philly, Kwin replied from Philly to the Jacksonville County Jail...About 2 years of Jail time, Pain was freed...He's doing very well now in Florida.

Champain never got a chance to hear this song. His Phone Number got disconnected and he hasn't spoke to Kwin since 2005...Kwin could catch him through calling his Grandmother or his Mother (who still lives in Philly and knows Kwin very well), but Kwin hasn't gone that route to try to contact Champain. The last time they spoke, Pain called Kwin to talk about some studio equipment he had recently bought.....

Now for the Making Of "Judgment Night Remix":

Kwin brought the Roland 880 EX over to Shallow's studio in the Fan District in Richmond, Va in 2002. Shallow ripped the Champain verse & hook off the Roland. Then Shallow tweaked the the speed of Pain's verse on the original to fit the beat for the remix that Shallow made and named the "FLYING CARPET" beat. This was like Chopped & Tweaked to fit the beat. Shallow used samples from movies to add to the "end of the world" vibe. Kwin's verse is a spin off the original "Judgement Night" from the "Prequal" album, "I am" from the "Nutcrackka" album, and "Right Hand Man" from the "Step into my office..." album...

Champain & Kwin went line for line in verse 3 of "Right hand Man", in that line for line verse Champain says: "Me & Kwin be rollin', in that black truck, dollar sign in my eyes, so don't even be surprised..." to end off the song...

In Metaphysik's verse in "I am" he starts the verse saying: "It's a War outside..."

In Kwin MD's verse of the "Judgement Night Remix" he says: "It's still a War Outside..."
"Is this the 'I Am' sequal? No, it's just another Chapter;
with no singin' on the hook, no battle shit, no long lines..."

In Shallow's verse of "I am" he says: "Long Lines waite for my arrival"

In Kwin MD's verse of the "Judgement Night Remix" he says: "Kwin & Pain-Diggody back again,
Pain my Right hand man so Pack it in, corn! Do it Mexican Style: Tomo La Corenta,
Do we own a black truck? No! It's a Rental..."

Tomo La Corenta, I don't know about the spelling, but that's en espanol....In English: I drink the Forty (40)...Translation....

Now look back to that quote: Do it Mexican Style goes back to the "Judgement Night" original where Pain's verse says "Mexican Style, hit south of the Boarder" then look back to Kwin's quote about the Black Truck....The last part of "Right Hand Man" we quoted Pain (above)...Also, the first part of that Champain quote was sampled all over the song "Money$" on "Step into my Office..."

Now on to the 3rd verse of the Remix, a comletely differant outlook on the concept of Judgement Night, Mike Pacino. Mike Pacino's real name is Sean...His wife calls him Sean. But Mike Pacino & Shallow around this time period began putting together a record label (as posted in 2007 here on tha hood/bbs forums on remote)...Mike Pacino also made the beat for "Waite in Line".

Mike Pacino & Espanosa are still together & Making Songs as a group called "Degrees of Realness". Espanosa & Kwin MD never met, but Kwin MD made a few Diss songs about Espanosa over a beef that started with Kwin MD's song with Jess "Oh Kwin MD". PL (Paul Love) met Espanosa. Metaphysik & Espanosa even did a collab. Espanosa & Metaphysik were the main 2 artists that Mike P. & Shallow wanted to promote with the label they were trying to start in 2002....

Before, the label idea. Before the Beef. Before "Oh Kwin MD" was even thought of. Mike P was always a guy who showed up in places like where Kwin MD mastered "Step into my Office..." in downtown Richmond, or at Shallow's studio in the Fan, or after that when Shallow moved to Henrico, Co.

Mike P. was a guy that made beats, he wore glasses, he even had Kwin over to his house a few times to discuss the Label ideas once upon a time....

"Waite in Line" came first, "Judgement Night Remix" came second, the Label idea came 3rd, "Oh Kwin MD" came 4th, Espanosa's Bite of the singer came 5th, Kwin MD challenged him to a freestyle battle, Espanosa Declined, then he fixed his face to talk trash in a e-mail about the neighborhood Kwin lived in Virginia in, Kwin offered a public Cypher again, then Kwin made a diss song or two...

Here's something: Both Espanosa & Mike P. live in Wamsley. Not South Side Richmond. Wamsley, in Chesterfield. That's okay, that's cool. How Espanosa was e-mailing Kwin, about where Kwin was living....It's crazy. It's like Espanosa was living in Harlem & Kwin lived in Beverly Hills....Pathetic. Not to mention, Kwin MD & Espanosa never met as of 1-23-2008....

Mike Pacino did kill it on verse 3 of "Judgement Night remix" though. His verse was so ill, Shallow gave the beat some cuts & reverbed some shit, to give a fade in-airplain-takin off type introductory to Mike P's verse. The 5 star MC flow game with excellant lyrics and flavor is worth 2 thumbs up on Mike P.'s lyrical performance.


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