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The Making of Series # 18 "Assassin's Rain"

Much like the 17th edition of the Making of Series "I Converse", "Assassin's Rain" was made at the end of the Prequal Era, and then remade in the Post-Prequal era.

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When "Assassin's Rain" was originally made, it was the 2nd to last song made before the Prequal Era was ended...It was not released on "Step into my Office..." but it was the 2nd song Kwin Recorded after that album was released. So when the Prequal Era was over, it was remade.

Shallow recorded, mixed, and produced this song and the original. The rain and the fade in (in the begining was his idea). He made the beat on the MPC 3000. Kwin wrote the first verse of this in Petersburg, Virginia in 1998 with GodFather Geek from East Hastings-Lake Edwards Virginia Beach, the Lost Elements. Geek also wrote the chorus/hook lyrics and told Kwin to record this song. Geek and Kwin did go to a studio called 3rd eye studio in Virginia Beach in 2000 before the "Step into my office..." album came out. They didn't record "assassin's rain" then, and they had written so many songs while being held in Petersburg, Va together.

It was 1998, when Geek told Kwin he thought Kwin had the talent as a MC to go for it. Geek was signed to Island Records at the time and he told Kwin that when they get out, they are gonna record together....2 years later they did. In that time frame of 2 years, Kwin was 17 in 1998...Kwin was finishing up time he had to spend (as ordered to) in a residential mental hospital in Peterburg, Va and a Military Type School in Atlanta, Ga...When Kwin got free, he & Geek went to 3rd Eye....The Lost Elements did their thing. Bash, Geek, Golden Child, and Kwin MD.

That time frame of 2 years from 1998-2000 when Geek & Kwin met in Petersburg until they recorded in 3rd Eye Studio in Virginia Beach, Kwin wrote alot of songs....

Most of the lyrics on this song where written either in Petersburg, Va or Atlanta, Ga.
In Atlanta, Kwin was determined to finish songs he started writing with Geek.
Even Kwin's verse in the song "I am" which is one of the songs in the Poll Question at where if you listen to both "I am" and "Damn Shame" and vote on the one you like better, we mail you 2 FREE CDs....

That Song "I am" as Metaphysiks on verse 1, Shallow raps on verse 2, and Kwin MD is verse 3.
Kwin's verse on that song was written in Petersburg, Virginia with Geek too....
The original lyrics has "God Father Geek Gives the Final Speech makin Hater's Weep"
This was a verse Kwin put together for a concept called "Judgement Night"...
Of Course before "I am" was recorded, Champain came to Richmond from Philly to record "Decompose". While over Kwin's crib they recorded 2 songs using Kwin's equipment he had at the time (the SP 1200 and the Roland 880 EX)....They did "Bitches" by Champain, beat by Champain aka New Jack, mixed & recorded by Kwin MD and they did the original "Judgement Night" which was the song written with Geek in 1998....
In the Version we are mentioning: Kwin's Verse in this version (written in 1998 in Petersburg)
Kwin's Lyrics:
"Champain gives a good speech, makin all the hater's weep"
The "I am" 3rd verse by Kwin is after Shallow's 2nd verse...So the lyrics go:
"Shallow gives a profettic speech, makin hater's weep"

Of course the original lyrics didn't get recorded with Geek, not like the effort wasn't there, Kwin tried to keep in touch with Geek but Geek was hard to stay in touch with. The original "Judgement Night" featuring Champain aka New Jack was released on the prequal album...That song was okay, but the production value was sub par. Kwin Mixed & recorded it, he was very ameture at mixing and recording then (and still sort of is ameture now)...Champain made that beat too, the credits for both "Bitches" and "Judgement Night" are the same....That song was put on the scraps because of the Sound Quality. This is why "I am" used this verse again....

Also, to finish on the topic that started this, "Assassin's Rain" has Kwin saying these lyrics: "L.E.P. till I die" That's what Lost Elements, Geek's Group called themselves. Geek made Kwin a part of L.E.P. in 1998, in 2000 Kwin met the whole squad...When ever T.I. says T.I.P. Kwin always thinks of L.E. (Lost Elements) saying L.E.P........Of Course Kwin doesn't remember T.I. out in 2000....He was probably out in some capacity back then but it's hard to remember...


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