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Underground/Unsigned Musician Websites

So much of tha hood-BBS on remote has been about the past. In order to understand today you gotta know about yesterday, na mean. In this segment, we will tell you about the internet as it was for underground musicians back in 2000 and then go through time to get to now days. The best way to explain it is to tell you first about 3 Eras of time. These 3 Eras of time go in accordance with the 3 differant ownership groups of Garageband since the year 2000.
The first ownership group is the the first Era 2000-2003. The 2nd Owner came in 2003 and was there until iLIKE bought garageband in 2007. We are now in the 3rd era of time on this time line.

The 1st owner had a deal with Yahoo Stores selling music from Garageband and paying royalties to the artists they selected to appear on these CDs. "Nasty Talk" by Kwin MD featuring Shallow and Bodacious was selected (off Greenguy's music pages) to be on a CD that Garageband Records that was sold on Yahoo Stores called "Best of Underground 2002: Urban"

Back in the 1st Era, 2 very popular sites that unsigned artists would use was and went out of business and was sold, what you see where you log on there now is nothing like the original site. Bu Bonic Inc. and Optic chose to use IUMA as their main artist pages. On both IUMA and artists could give Show Updates and Sell CDs and upload pictures. Mp3, let artists upload tracks, make a song line up, upload like 4 pictures and then MP3 would sell these on CDs that they would burn for fans (on the purchase demand).
That made MP3 far and AWAY the best unsigned artist site to use. They paid royalties too, just about one step better than CDBaby who had been out in this era as well and is still around today.
In this era (the 1st owner of garageband) the BBS was known more as "Backstage", this was when Greenguy was Beefing with Rinx and PL (Paul Love) began to Perform, Record, and roll with Kwin MD. This was when Garageband was a contest that rewarded Reviewers & Musicians more so then any other era. In this Era, Kwin MD (known as Greenguy on the BBS) was getting Royalty Checks from Yahoo Stores, CDBaby, and his own street team. Back then it was all networked through a domain name website that he built (which today doesn't exist). He did such a nice job creating that, that PL asked him to build one for him (which also doesn't exist) which expired in 2005.
In the beginning of the 2nd ERA (around 2003) IUMA was over, was sold, and the S.O.A.z were forming. It was short lived, but from 2003 to 2005, was the 3rd website that Kwin built for Omega Redd. Redd liked the first 2 websites and asked Kwin to operate and create one for him. So in 2004, all three of these sites were operated and updated by Kwin. In 2005, all 3 expired. Only Kwin decided to make which still exists today. PL decided to start beefing with Kwin & Omega Redd is happy with the exposure he has with out a domain name website. In the 2nd ERA (2003-2007) the BBS was alive and Open. Most of the memoriable moments of the BBS came in the end of the 2nd ERA:
(2005-2007)......See this link below for messages & Memories of the BBS:

The 3rd Era Began recently when iLIKE bought garageband and then Ali P. closed the BBS. That link is from Eras 1 & 2 when the BBS was on & Poppin....

Keep it looked: Next segment---THE Kwin MD Story/BIO


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