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Sal Graci Story/BIO

Sal Graci knew Va'Les and Omega Redd for a long time before he got introduced to Kwin MD. Sal Made Beats and Rapped MC style. His cousins and Brothers also rapped. He had made a deal with Kwin MD in 2003 (when kwin had the Roland 880 EX and used to record and mix songs) that for every song Kwin produced for Sal, Sal would get recognition in the album credits and give one beat to Kwin. Sal's music was self titled "Interself Productions". He made the beat for "Seveth Conscience Mind", "Forest Fire" by Common Ground Featuring PL and Traci, and other Hood classics. Kwin MD was introduced to Sal Graci before Va'Les. Both of them 2 were partners and Associates of Omega Redd (Redd introduced Kwin to Sal before Va'Les). Sal and Va'les were friends, they hung out and were cool, Sal even invited Va'Les to His wedding. These 2 both made beats, you would think they'd collab all the time....Not really, they made a few beats together in the past, some of the last ones they did together were "Bison" and "The Getaway"...Va'Les had a cousin named Willy From Philly who he made beats with sometimes, but it seemed whether it was Sal Graci or Willy From Philly, or even Omega Redd, when Va'Les collabed on the beat, it sounded real real good. When Sal Made beats by himself, just like Va'Les solo, they were good beats and they (solo) did nice jobs. When they did it together, they sounded GREAT. They used to call themselves "Odd Couple Productions" when Va'Les and Sal Graci got together. Mainly because they would argue from sun up to sun down while collabin on a beat.

Here are some links to some classic Sal Graci Music:

Sal Graci and Little Nicky "Clips and Burners" Won Garageband Awards:
Most Original in Rap, week of 13Nov2006
"Forest Fire" By PL (Paul Love), Va'Les, Omega Redd, Kwin McKoman Doni, and Traci Produced by A.P.G. Studios and Beat Made by Sal Graci...

And Check out: An "Odd Couple Production" by Sal Graci and Va'Les on the beat (together) A.P.G. Studios Produced and Mixed it, Verses 1 & 3 were Omega Redd, Common Ground on Verse 2.....

There are many others by Sal Graci both underground on the internet and in the streets....

The last link we have on Sal Graci stuff is really a CD by McKoman Doni called "Boilahmaker Sippah"...

Sal Graci made the beat for 3 of the songs on this album....

#2, #7, & #15 were all Sal Graci beats...."After I'm gone" might have been the best of them 3 beats. "Seveth Conscienc Mind" was good for the song concept. #15 had Kwin rappin like he was twista....or Bone or somethin!!!!

1 Billion Men Marching
2 After I'm Gone
3 Decompose F/ Champain
4 Throw Down
5 Waite in Line
6 Toast the Cheers F/ Omega Redd
7 Seventh Conscience Mind
8 Nasty Talk F/ Bodacious and Shallow
9 Nutcracker
10 McKoman Doni
11 Oh Kwin MD F/ Jes
12 Ridin', Smokin', and Drinkin'
13 Chamberlayne Ave
14 Natural High F/ Metaphysik
15 Fast Pace World
16 I Converse
17 Assassin's Rain
18 Judgement Night F/ Champain and Mike Pacino
19 Boilahmaker Sippah

This one costs $11 plus shipping but you can get it for free at
Here's where you can buy it, if you don't wanna try to get it for free:

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Green Guy said…
I don't know how to edit the post, but the link to Clips and Burners by Sal Graci and Lil Nicky (Sal Raps on it too) was not working.

Here's a better link:|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSlZ1G2YGg

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