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PL (Paul Love) Story/BIO

PL (Paul Love) was born and raised in Lanham, MD which is part of Prince George County. In 2001, he watched the Greenguy vs. Rinx beef on the BBS. Today, PL is 36 years old. In 2001 PL was 30 years old. Keep in mind that Jay Z & LL Cool J were in their 40's when they last released an album. PL and Kwin collabed for the first time in Bowie, MD recording a track called "Scramblin" in 2001 after several phone conversations about this which came from PL's watching the Greenguy vs. Rinx beef on the BBS.

PL's Studio Producer: Rob "The Bear" of Non Such Productions owned the studio in Bowie, MD. Kwin brought a beat made by his producer in Richmond, Va Shallow (now goes by Nvisible Beats). PL paid The Bear and Kwin paid Shallow. They ended up doing the same thing, (a Shallow Beat in the bear's studio) when they recorded the 2nd song together "Aggrevated Assualt" (which is schedule to be 12/07 S.O.A.z Flave). They recorded about 3 other songs before deciding that they should do an album together like Redman & Method Man did in 1999. They got Shallow to sign a contract giving him 34% of the royalties for his beats given to the project. They made a music video for "$6,560,088" a song that PL drove down to Virginia and record with Kwin in Shallow's studio. This album, called "Double Up, Double Down" was worked on from 2001-2004. In that time, PL and Kwin Performed in D.C., Baltimore, Blacksburg-VA (where Virginia Tech is) and Philly. PL had a solo career going before he met Kwin. One of PL's best songs was with Vory (another MC from P.G.). The music part of the album was done in 2004, they still needed images for the CD cover and stuff like that. PL wanted to get that done at a Photo Gallery in Annapolis, MD. He saw the same store (a chain) in Ocean City, MD and thought it would be a great place to get these pictures. Kwin was supposed to meet PL at the store and got a flat tire in Delaware (about half way down from Philly). PL told Kwin on the cell phone, that the trip would have a waste because the Annapolis Store didn't have the same props and settings as the Ocean City location and we wouldn't have been able to get it done anyway...

That was the last time PL and Kwin were on the same page and working together. PL went home, Kwin went home, the album never got released. Kwin just got tired of PL bossing him around and telling him what to do. PL used to talk to Kwin like Kwin was a child. Looking back, when Kwin started the S.O.A.z movement with Omega Redd and Va'Les (in 2003), PL might have felt like the "Double Up, Double Down" project got put on the back burner. In 2004, Kwin met his wife, PL (was married already when they met in 2001) PL may have felt that Kwin and His Wife getting serious would subtract from the time Kwin spent on music. In the end, PL acted more like Kwin's Boss or some one who out ranks Kwin rather than a friend of equal rank. This is why these 2 stopped performing and recording together & the friendship was over. In the beginning it was about the love of music and making music, for PL the business and money aspects of the whole thing took over what he was all about.

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