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Classic BBS Wars

The 1st Big War in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum that Greenguy was a part of took place back in 2000. It lasted for weeks and only 2 screen names in the War were hip hop oriented. Mictruama and Caindogg. They were on Greenguy's side of the arguement which was about Punk Rock and Rock oriented screen names reviewing in the Hip Hop Genre in a Bias Way to Keep Hip Hop Songs ranked lower on the Garageband Charts and sort of stack the ballots Jeb Bush style in favor of Rock Songs on the charts.
The next time Greenguy got in a BBS War was against Rinx. Rinx was from Charlottesville, VA and he wanted to talk badly about Gettos and Hoods to degrade most rappers both signed and unsigned.nnMaking Comments about Hoods and Rap music in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum because of his own racist views. Back in Maryland, PL (Paul Love) was following this beef on his computer for months. When Rinx publicly apologized to Greenguy and the Hip Hop Forum, PL immediately sent a message to Greenguy to congradulate him and request a collab. About 3 months later the 2 (PL and Kwin) recorded "Scramblin" and began recording and performing together for about 3 years. (That was the same 3 year timeframe that KWIN MD focused on music and building the S.O.A.z dynasty, and no time at all as Greenguy in the BBS).
In 2005, when Greenguy came back to the BBS there were many Cockroaches. The occational promo post by a producer or Rapper and Indecent3000 from Indecent and Krypto (a Group from the Yay Area) was the only hip hop screen names in the Rap/Hip Hop Forum of the BBS. November 2005 through June 2006 was an era of Beef times between Greenguy and the Hip Hop Hating Cockroaches of the BBS. Len Jennings, Rockcity100, Mr. Troll and CJDenecia were the biggest Cockroaches in the BBS. Rocky was just a racist. If Garageband disapproved of Racism, they'd dealt with him better. Cee Jay was by far the most creative of the cockroaches. He once superimposed a picture from Greenguy's artist images to make him look like a tranny. Those images he posted were material that garageband would have banned Greenguy for if he did something like that. (They banned Greenguy 2-3 times for lesser offenses then Cee Jay's or Rocky's). The wars with moderator Len Jennings came with him abusing his power like any authority figure does when they get off on the authority instead of using the power objectively and fair. Lenny hates to admitt, but he's a racist as hell and also heretic. Before long, they all understood that Greenguy meant business, maybe they got tired of fighting, but they let Green Chase them out to the Loony Bin Forum.
The last significant beef was with Ziplok. Ziplok posted so many promo posts, he thought he owned garageband records or the BBS. Ziplok was a Hip Hop Promoter from New Hampshire. Greenguy would read Zip's posts and check out his links. For a while the 2 got along and both existed in peace on the BBS. When Greenguy posted some constructive critism about a link to a show that Ziplok video taped in a club and posted it, Ziplok didn't take that critism too well. The feelings got hurt a bit, and He began to take shots at Greenguy. It was funny because while he was typing negative things about the S.O.A.z he had sent Greenguy personal messages (off the BBS) about how good those songs were. Eventually Ziplok decided not to post in the BBS any more, the war was over and about 3 or 4 months later, the BBS was over....


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