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Production....wutz hood

In 2002, Kwin MD and Shallow had a conversation about production. They were talking about the classic "Wu Tang Enter the 36 Chambers" album and how RZA master Mixed it with some unusual levels, on purpose. Not by accident. On purpose.

When the "Boilahmaker Sippah" album was Master Mixed, Kwin MD used a simalar philosophy.
This is not news, to read about that click here....Or peep this exerp: "You can't just push play on this CD you gotta bump it on your own settings for bass and treble..."

On Purpose, not on Accident....

Track #13 on the new "Golden Land" album (coming out very soon) is gonna be "Across the Map". Not giving away too much before the Making of Series covers this song, the levels were E-Qed a certain way for artistic purposes (on purpose, not by accident)...Leading to the inspiration of this post:

Review of Veitnam Nights by S.O.A.z Genre: Rap murder it.this one got murdered by the mix. the mix is so crucial that my speakers just shut off. its all ruined.
- ziplokdotcom Hudson, New Hampshire February 26th, 2008

Ziplok is a cat who is into the market and mainstream aspects of the Hip Hop business economy.
Move Units, record with state of the art pro tools, and put product out that matches the production quality of the artists who are signed to major labels. He's the A & R kind of cat.

Hip Hop began one day many years ago. Wu Tang was out when the game was in the later stages of the Golden Years. 2PAC, B.I.G., KRS1 & Rakim were the best back then. Back then, Jay Z was a nobody.

This was before the "THROW BACK ERA", Va'Les used to always say, himself, Kwin MD & Omega Redd were "Veterans of the Throw Back era".

Now Hip Hop is corporate.
Ice, club music, platinum, and suites making the choices of what's what.

Back in the Golden Age of hip hop, performing live was your finger print in the game, how you held your own on stage. Hype man? KRS-1 did it well and did encores with no hype man. Back then, "production" was not this type type big deal. We left the studio with a master copy on cassette tape. CD? What? In 1999, if you left with a Burned CD, you had connex, man your studio was the shit.

I got a tape from the golden era where Big L murders Jay Z in a FREESTYLE, but Jigga did pretty nice job on it (even though Big L was unstoppable).

I aint gonna explain "Vietnam Nights" again, The Making of Series has that covered.

I just wanted to talk about the Golden Age of Hip Hop, before all the suites came in to direct cats like Soldier Boy and the makers of "A Bey Bey" and all the other Bubble Gum crap that watered down this music. Metaphysik had made a nice song about this new generation of bullshit back in 2001. The Golden era of Hip Hop was real, man. So when "Golden Land" comes out, think about the Golden Era, 1980-1998...The best 18 years of real hip hop. Flavor Flav was Flavor Flav, Ice T was shittin on bitches, Will Smith said "You saw my blinker bitch" as the Fresh Prince, and Biz was Biz Marke...Underground was Hip Hop, Hip Hop was underground, not this rediculous corporate nonsence.

When Fabolous does his 3 song performance with 55 hype men, and walk off the stage scared shittless in that club in D.C. where that Norega video was made (I think it was DREAMS), he is the symbol for the ICE AGE of Hip Hop.

The Golden Age was so much better then the ICE AGE.

Anyone as old as me remembers the old CD singles you used to be able to cop (or gank)...

CD Singles were the shit!

Now, the internet has killed that.
The "WEB" & the "NET" are words that are slang for the internet right?
A Spider uses a WEB or a NET to Kill it's prey.

The internet will suck the whole population of the world in (like bugs, trapped in a Spider web) and take over alot of shit, both small & big. As small as a CD single, as big as anyone could emagin....


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