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The Making Of Series (28th edition) "Alwayz Daydreamin' (Remix)"

This song is very execlusive. This song was only released on a Street CD that circulated in Richmond, VA only in the summer of 2004. Most people have only heard the original "Alwayz Daydreamin" which is found on the double disc album "Best of Kwin MD (est. '99 son)"

Coming sometime in March of 2008, this song will be released again, on the upcoming album by Common Ground called "Golden Land" (availible through download and FREE CD promos only).

On one of the early S.O.A.z mixtapes that was in Circulation in 2004, a differant version of this B.I.P. song was released. Extra addlibs from Va'Les old crib in G-Town on Walnut lane as well sounds from Va'Les playing an Organ (which was brought over to that house by Common Ground by a donating party who had endoursed the S.O.A.z movement). This version had parts of the addlibs also done by his family members as well. This version was known as the remix and not many copies of that mixtape were in circulation. This version will never get released again.

That version was brought to Columbus, Ohio and Kwin MD used the Organ parts that Va'Les played, some of those addlibs by Va'Les & his family members, basically some of that REMIX, and Kwin MD layed a new Vocal part and basically doubled his lyrics from begining to end at Blue Moon Studios in Ohio...

This Blue Moon Version also has a new Bass Guitar added to the B.I.P. Production, making it a B.M.A.B.I.P. song (Blue Moon and Black Irish Production). This version is only ever going to be availible on the "Golden Land" album. This album was supposed to be released by now, but the released date has been pushed back for a few reasons. One thing that is in the works is making about 10 copies of "Golden Land" on CD to get some people who have had a connection with Common Ground to get a copy and to get some of the fans who have been loyal a copy in Virginia, Georgia, and Philly. That is something in the works. The album artwork and CD Cover and such is still in the making, but the musical aspect is ready now. Also, promotion is a big part of the whole thing too.

When this album comes out you can expect a major announcement here in THA HOOD/Garageband BBS on Remote, as well as the parent websites: and also THA HOOD 360 degrees (powered by Yahoo) and Tha Hood newsletter and Forum (Powered by Yahoo Groups)...You will recieve a FREE CD paid for by APG Forx records (you pay nothing, not even postage) for joining THA HOOD (Powered by Yahoo Groups) just visit and while you're there, from now (2-20) until 2-26-08 ( 5 more days) you can pick up 3 more FREE CDs just for voting in our poll at (which is a total of 4 FREE CDs availible now and you can get one of them to be an artist that isn't on our list, you name the artist, we'll mail you there hottest music for FREE along with some more music from our list of choices)...

If you read this after 2-25-08, we will always offer the One FREE CD for joining THA HOOD (powered by Yahoo Groups) only the poll is expiring during this time, the poll will reopen soon enough as well. It is only closing for inventory and to name a winner...


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