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Omega Redd's new Webpage:

Last post to tha hood/BBS on remote, was about the old website---www.omegaredd.comwhich is discontinued...
We had an old review written by some one between 2003-2005...

That day, a new page was built. That review was found when we did a search engine to find the old pages of Omega Redd's old site. We was gonna use some of that to build the new, but, the old didn't show up, only thing that came up in the search was that 4 star review...

Wish we knew how to find the boy who wrote that review, wonder how he'd rate the new?
We got everything but Video Casting on it now...Which is in the making...Just like how the "Yall done F'd Up Now" album is.

Which was originally annouced to have 10 songs, just been upgraded to 12.

The unofficial Song Order is:

1 No Remorse
2 Get Balboa
3 Ruffside
4 What If...
5 Come -n-get it
6 Freestyle
7 Forbidden Fruite
8 Freestyle
9 Inferno
10 I beg 2 Differ
11 Forgiveness
12 Still Laughin

Other songs might be added, the official credits will be released some time soon.

Last update for today: 3-20-08
The "Golden Land" album credits have not yet been released. If you have been in this blog reading each post, you'd remember how we posted about Omega Redd's idea to add the Bonus TRACK. Then you'd also remember that there was a better then 50-50 chance that the Philadelphia Daily News will have the "Golden Land" album in their Tuesday's CD Release weekly review. Well that didn't happen. The only American Judge on "American" Idol and 3 underground JAZZ artists including a 90 year old women got written about instead. To add insult to injury, the page had space for Jonathan Takiff to add the "Golden Land" but he went with DVD releases in the corner. Not a problem.

Didn't wanna whine about that until now, ( 9 days later) this is in THA HOOD, because it goes with what's new:

The whole Bonus Track idea is what's new. When we gave Mr. Takiff a copy of this album, we needed a Bonus Track to add because the track # 22 says: Bonus Track in the CD art. Since Omega Redd's idea was to add new music for the Bonus Track and they hadn't gotten to the studio before handing Mr. Takiff his copy of "Golden Land" on 3-7-08. The Bonus Track on his version of the album was "S.O.A.z Reign Supreme" which was Jan. '08 Flave....

This weekend (3-22) Omega Redd and Kwin MD are going to have a meeting, there's a 70% chance they will go to M.A.U. studios as well. Regardless, the Bonus Track situation will be talked about. Right now, they both agree that "Reign Supreme" is only the Temporary Bonus Track, until a new song is finished. Kwin is going to suggest (since it's already a double disc now) that "Reign Supreme" stays as Track #23 or # 22, and that the album goes to 2 Bonus tracks for the CD version, and the download version stays the same at 21....other things will also be talked about in this weekend's Common Ground Meeting.

Once the whole Bonus Track situation is settled and the meeting is over, a credits page for "Golden Land" will be made and added to the FREE CD's Choices page of where getting 2 FREE CDs is what people get for the simple vote....


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