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Get all 3 albums by Kwin MD on iTunes right here:

Kwin MD's old label UGF/Mad Flavor Ent. a subsidiary of Sony still shows Kwin MD on their about UGF page:

The History of DJ Greenguy began in 1995 when Kwin MD started making mix tapes on 90 min maxwell cassette tapes.  In Richmond VA, once used the name DJ Kwin.

Used to use 2 cassettes and a LP (vinyl) player to mix together his favorite songs using a boom box to record up to the speakers in his room.

In late 1995 Kwin MD wrote his first rap song called the Pussy Clinic and used the name R.O.B.
Used to rap, with his friend Matt and their first mix tape was called the Fly Wiggereos by R.O.B. and Matt G.

In 1996 most of the people in his high school made fun of him for rapping and so Matt G quit.
In 1998 he decided to change the artist name to Dr. Kwin from R.O.B. and DJ Kwin.
In 1999 he went to his first studio and got his songs recorded onto a CD.
Back then most studioes used Dat- Tapes or Cassettes but Splash City recorded Kwin MD, Champain and Kriminal onto a CD.  They recorded Time ta Change, Murder Rate and the Pussy Clinic that day.

Splash City was in Germantown in the North part of Philadelphia near Temple Univ.
Off Chelton Ave & Germantown Ave.

This was recorded before Eminem became very popular and well known.
Kwin MD joined as Greenguy in year 2000
In November of 2000, Kwin MD had some music from his recordings a Reese's studio and some from Shallow's Studio in Virginia along with some from Splash City and decided to release an album.

This album was in local stores in Richmond VA.  Sam Goody and Cloud 9.
In 2002 Mad Flavor Ent a Sony sub-label signed Kwin MD.
There was a conflict with the label on the delay of the release date of the 2nd album "The Nutcrackka" and Kwin MD left the label.  In 2002, Kwin MD moved back to Philly and lived there until 2010.  For the next 8 years Kwin MD began to go hard with Omega Redd and Va'Les to promote the S.O.A. movement,

S.O.A. stands for Self Owned Artists.  Common Ground is the first 3 members of the S.O.A.z 
Va'Les, Omega Redd & Kwin MD.

PL (Paul Love)
Sal Graci 
and many others began to join the S.O.A. movement and fro 2003-2008 they put out a bunch of underground mix-CDs on the East Coast.

In 2008 so many things changes for Kwin MD.
Instead of selling CDs on the street, he began getting more fans with his new upload account.  So people all over the world could download his music from datpiff.  He met Popwiz and started broadcasting his radio show on Blogtalkradio.  Then the magic started with Rampage and DJ King Assassin calling into his show and offering the S.O.A. Radio show to broadcast on their networks.  So Kwin started hosting S.O.A. Radio and moving more towards a Radio Show Host and less of a rapper.  In 2010 he recorded his last rap songs as Kwin MD and started using the name DJ Greenguy more because he was not a rapper anymore.  He decided to focus more on the DJ aspect of music.

In 2010 DJ Greenguy moved from center-city Philadephia to South Jersey.

In 2013 DJ Greenguy moved from South Jersey to Inglewood.

The style of Rap music that Kwin MD aka DJ Greenguy used to make is historic because it's now Throw-Back,

Kwin MD made a song called The Veteran of the Throw Back Era.

Now DJ Greenguy hosts S.O.A. Radio Season 8 on and
The dirty version of the show is on Deep Freeze Radio and the clean version is on 98.2 the Beat L.A.


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