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Who do you think killed 2Pac?

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Before you answer this question:  Read this There are released files from website on here about the JDL scamming 2Pac & Eazy-E
(Written by Allan Starbury)
A little over a week after the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) unveiled its new "Vault" section, in which new information in the Notorious B.I.G.'s murder was revealed, the government agency unsealed documents that confirmed speculation about rumored extortion attempts on late rappers, Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur.
The new documents indicate that the Jewish Defense League, whom the FBI have labeled "a right-wing terrorist group", targeted both Pac and Eazy -- as well as other well-known rappers -- for extortion, in an attempt to dupe the hip-hop artists out of cash.
Key people, whose names were omitted from the documents, revealed that the JDL and "others yet unidentified" had been trying to extort money from various rappers, including Shakur and Eazy, through death threats.
"On September 11, 1996 [omitted] reported that JDL, and others yet unidentified have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats," the report reads. "The scheme involves [omitted] and other subjects making telephonic death threats to the rap star."
From here, it says associates of the JDL would then contact the rappers and offer paid protection, as part of the overall scheme. "The victim and their family are taken to a 'safe haven,' usually a private estate, and are protected by gun-toting body guards associated with the Jewish Defense League."
The connection between Ruthless Records and the JDL is not surprising. The label's co-founder, Jerry Heller, explained some of these revelations in his previously released autobiography, Ruthless. According to Heller, Ruthless employed Israeli bodyguards to protect him and co-founder Eazy-E from Marion "Suge" Knight, who was also had threatened Eazy after Dr. Dre left his label around 1990 to start Death Row Records.
In Heller's book, he even claimed Eazy-E liked the JDL so much, that he planned on doing a movie on the organization.
"Eric Wright had a questing, restless mind," Heller wrote. "He was always surprising me. 'I want to do a movie about the JDL,' he told me shortly before his death. He always had a hundred ideas going at once. He was obsessed with the Jewish Defense League and their motto, 'Never again.' 'Man, I can't get that out of my head,' he said. 'Never again.' That's dope.' "
The FBI docs say that after Eazy-E died from AIDs, death threats continued on his wife and family until, at least, 1996.
In May of 1999, the FBI closed a 2 1/12 year investigation on the JDL, citing an inability to corroborate the source information that spawned the probe. The FBI document links Shakur and other unidentified victims to a separate extortion attempt by "a known organized crime figure," whose name is omitted from the public version of the report.
"On October 17, 1996, a preliminary inquiry was initiated at Los Angeles Field Office to corroborate source information that [omitted], a known organized crime figure, along with a group of unidentified individuals were utilizing death threats in the furtherance of extortion attempts targeted towards two former prominent rap musicians from the Los Angeles area and other victims yet unidentified," the report reads.
The previously sealed FBI documents were released as part of a request under the Freedom of Information & Privacy Acts. Until this point, they were classified.
To read the full, 102-page report, visit

Source URL:

Also, consider these videos:

Other Killuminatiaff Videos:

How Eazy-E planned to kill Suge Knight (According to Jerry Heller)

Some people think 2Pac is still alive and in Cuba.
According to some, Suge Knight killed him.
Others say the L.A.P.D. killed him.
The FBI has released information about the JDL extorting 2Pac & Eazy-E.
If that is true that could be who 2Pac thought was the iLLuminati threatening him.

Some people say he sold his soul to the devil.

Some people think since 2Pac was a blood, the crips killed him.
Some people think 2Pac was guilty of raping that girl in 1994 and her family killed him for revenge.

Some people think Notorious B.I.G. put a hit on him for having sex with his wife Faith Evans.

Faith never denied having sex with 2Pac.

On MTV news several days after 2Pac was shot, 2Pac did an interview telling his fans he was coming back and laughed saying he was going to be ok.
The MTV News people said 2Pac was in critical but stable conditions.  Then he was pronounced dead a few days later.

Watch this video with Layzie Bone accusing Jerry Heller of injecting Eazy-E with Aids: 

Now after watching all this, visit this wiki page:
Casanova was permitted to return to Venice in September 1774 after eighteen years of exile.

In 1996 2Pac was considered dead by most, after the government/media announced he is dead.
1996 + 18 = 2014

In 2Pac's song "I don't give a Fuck" featuring Pogo, in his lyrics he says in his last verse:
your trife ass wife wants a life with a black man
So who's the mac in fact who's the black jack
Sit back and get fat off the fat cat
while he thinks that he's getting over
I bust a move as smooth as Casanova

Was 2Pac talking about Notorious B.I.G. & Faith Evans?
Hard to say maybe talking about Puff Daddy getting fat off the fat cat
because P Diddy did make a lot of money off Notorious B.I.G.
B.I.G.'s wife was who 2Pac & Biggie beef was supposed to be over.

Here's another small piece of information to consider before answering the poll:

Read this transcript of 2Pac's lyrics in his song "When thugs cry" you see what he said in verse 3-
 'Am I cold or is it just I sold my soul' these lyrics raise a serious question buzzing all over the web.
  Did 2Pac sell his soul to rain man aka Satan

There's video on you tube where 2Pac denies selling his soul to the devil:

This video can be debated that he didn't sell his soul and you can also say why would he say that, when he was alive no one
accused him of selling his soul.

I been trying to answer this question for almost 18 years.

There's an album by a kid from Northern New Jersey calling himself Kasinova Tha Don
and he has a song called "2 Against the World" he also has another song called NWO.

Did the iLLuminati Set up NWA, as part of their NWO plan?

Hard to say!


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