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S.O.A. Radio in 192 bit MP3 Sound!

Sirius XM Radio Station
We plan on getting our Frequency broadcasting on this media form.

I plan on skipping steps 8-10, fuck a terrestrial radio station, and fuck the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). DEE JAY GREENGUY-S.O.A. Radio

I desire to skip some of the steps but in step 14 homes wrote: "be free of FCC regulations allowing you to say whatever you pretty much want on the air.

Things That S.O.A.z Radio Needs:
Business knowledge
Great communication skills
Radio experience (optional)

Things You'll Need:
Business knowledge
Great communication skills
Radio experience (optional)
Step 1
Before you begin any work on starting a radio station define a niche that is interesting to you and that potentially might be interesting and entertaining to other people. You want to find something entertaining that people will listen to. Will you have an exciting music line up from different decades or a talk show that will discuss something unusual and draw a huge audience? You have to consider carefully what your specific niche on the radio will be.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of stations out there on the terrestrial radio, the Internet and Sirius XM satellite radio that you will be competing with. You will compete against many other people to try and build up an audience that will listen to your radio station. For example: perhaps you've immigrated to the United States from another country and the entire radio market lacks a station in your native language. This could present an opportunity for you to start a radio channel that will cater to the native speakers from your country that live in the United States. Many people that come to this country want to hear original programming in their own language and will gladly become a listener of your station once you open the doors. Think of something creative and something unique, and you will quickly gain an audience for your radio channel. Remember that without any audience your radio business will not succeed.

Step 2
Before you venture out and start a radio station create a business plan.

Owning and running a radio station is just like any other business. At the beginning you might be doing many things yourself, but once your audience begins to grow and you generate more revenue you will need to hire some staff to continue to expand. In your business plan include goals and milestones as well as future revenue projections. Define a mission statement and the type of broadcasting programs you will be planning on having. Will your channel host talk show, music or cover sporting events? Include this in your business plan as well as any start up expenses and running costs associated with the radio station.

Writing an effective business plan is whole other article, but to get some ideas on how to write a great business plan take a look at (see resource section).

Step 3
Begin by starting a small Internet radio station.

Unless you're famous or have a lot of money then getting a Sirius XM radio station is going to be a huge challenge. If it was easy everyone would sign a million dollar contract and start hosting their own satellite radio station. Sirius XM looks for exclusive talent and by giving someone a station they look to bring in a certain number of subscribers in order to pay for the deal and make a decent profit. This is one of the reasons Howard Stern and Martha Steward got such huge deals from Sirius XM. They exclusively host their talk shows only on Sirius XM and as a result people sign up because they are well known celebrities that have unique talk radio shows.

We assume that you're not a celebrity and have very little money to get your radio station off the ground. So the easiest way to start a radio station is by doing it on the Internet. The barriers to entry for an Internet radio station are almost non existent and anyone with some interesting content can have their own Internet radio channel.

Step 4
Go to or (see resource section) and sign up as a broadcaster. These websites offer advanced platforms for independent broadcasters to host their own radio programming.

Each site has different broadcasting plans and will charge you a monthly or yearly fee depending on the audience size you are planning on serving. There are a variety of plans available from 30 listeners all the way up to hundreds of thousands. It is recommended to start with a plan that will allow you to have a few thousand listeners and move your way up from there.

Step 5
Advertise your new Internet radio station.

Once you launch your Internet radio station you will have to do some marketing in order to get the word out and start building up an audience. Tell your family, your friends and everyone else that you have a radio station and they should tune in to listen. Once people find your station appealing they will tell their friends and family, and your audience will start to grow exponentially.

Step 6
Since your marketing budget might be small in the beginning use low cost advertising. Advertise on the Internet via Google and Yahoo. Do e-Mail marketing campaigns to try and get the word out. Don't forget to use traditional advertising media such as newspapers and business cards. Once you see some advertising revenue come in from your station take ads out on terrestrial radio stations and local TV stations to advertise and try to increase your audience.

Step 7
Update your business plan to reflect changes in your ever growing business.

Before proceeding to the next step you will need to update your business plan. In the updated business plan you will have to reflect all the changes that have occurred. Update your mission statement, revenues, profit, expenses as well as other aspects that have changed as the result of your radio station expanding.

Step 8
Start a terrestrial radio station.

Having an Internet radio station can only allow you to expand so much. Although Internet is very popular and people do listen to radio on the Internet, the audience is nevertheless limited in this radio media. If you really want to build up a huge audience of listeners you need to start a terrestrial radio station.

Every car on the road today is equipped with terrestrial radio and millions of people still listen to this type of media. The reason for starting an Internet radio station is to build up enough of an audience to transition to a terrestrial radio station once the numbers begin to grow and you are ready to expand further.

Unfortunately starting a terrestrial radio station can be very expensive. Starting such a business can sometimes cost upwards of a million dollars. If you have enough money to invest into a terrestrial radio station then you can skip all the previous steps and start right here.

Step 9
When starting your terrestrial radio station you will need to rent a separate studio out of which to broadcast, hire staff, acquire proper licenses from the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), rent or buy an FM or AM radio station frequencies as well as a host of other important elements crucial in successful radio broadcasting.

Step 10
Get help creating a terrestrial radio station.

Starting a terrestrial radio station is an extremely complex process that we can write a whole book on what steps to follow in order to successfully begin broadcasting on this type of radio media. To find out more information on how to proceed with terrestrial radio station visit (see the resource section) and consider using their services when you decide to undertake this venture.

Step 11
Find an investor(s).

Unless you can generate enough advertising revenue from your Internet radio station you will need to find investor or investors to fund your terrestrial radio start up. Show the investors your latest business plan and tell them why you think your business will succeed. Let them listen to your existing Internet radio station in order to get a sample of the content you will be offering your audience on the terrestrial radio. Let the investors know that your content will still be available for listening on the Internet once you launch your terrestrial radio station so the audience will have two separate forms of media to choose from when listening to your station. Make sure you point out to the investors how the station will make money.

If you already generate some revenue from advertising on your Internet radio station show the investors your financial statements and projections of the revenue that will come from the terrestrial radio channel. Investors are always eager and excited to find out how much profit they can potentially make from their investment.

Step 12
Prepare for the transition to Sirius XM satellite radio.

Once your terrestrial and Internet radio stations are fully operational and broadcast for a few years you should be capable of pulling in at least several hundred thousand listeners. It is preferred that you gain as much as a couple of million listeners, but a half a million or little less would be sufficient enough. At this point if you feel your radio stations have achieved all of the goals and are as successful as they can ever be then prepare to approach Sirius XM radio for an exclusive deal.

Step 13
Set up a meeting with management at Sirius XM and offer them your services. Give them your updated business plan and point out that you have many loyal listeners that you can potentially turn into paying subscribers if you were to have a channel of your own on Sirius XM satellite radio.

Once Sirius XM looks at your business plan, analyzes your radio station's demographics and looks at the potential number of subscribers you can bring in they might offer you a deal to sign with them. Now the deal might not be multi million dollars, but it can be significant enough where it will allow you to enjoy a nice income plus additional revenue from advertising on your satellite station.

Step 14
Transition to Sirius XM radio station.

One of the downsides of getting your very own Sirius XM satellite radio station is that you will have to shut down your Internet and terrestrial radio stations and move the whole channels to satellite radio to be exclusively available on that media. In the process you might lose a significant amount of listeners because some people will not want to pay to listen to your station. On the other hand you will be able to host your channel(s) commercial free or almost free and be free of FCC regulations allowing you to say whatever you pretty much want on the air.

If you achieve the goal of transitioning to Sirius XM satellite radio your business will be complete and a tremendous success. Continue to broadcast and further acquire a larger audience.

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Tips & Warnings

Remember to constantly have original, quality and unique content. Your audience will love coming back and will grow if they know that your radio station is worth listening to and offers an entertaining listening experience.
Constantly revisit your business plan and update it in order to reflect any changes that have occurred in your business. Also look at the goals and milestones in the business plan to see if you are achieving them.
When negotiating with Sirius XM for a deal make sure to point out all the aspects on why your listeners will follow you and subscribe to satellite radio once you get your own radio channel.
When preparing to transition to Sirius XM advertise your move on your terrestrial and Internet radio as much as you can. Try to convince your audience that moving to satellite radio is beneficial not only because they will continue listening to your channel commercial free, but also many other channels offered exclusively by Sirius XM satellite radio.

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STILL S.O.A. Radio!


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