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AFTER YOU Print this and sign it, send the signed copy to us VIA E-mail attachment:

Or mail it US MAIL to:
Attention Robert Quinn
144 S. Morton Ave
Apt C34
Morton, Pa 19070

---------------------------------------> BENEATH THIS LINE IS THE PETITION:
S.O.A.z Radio and Sluggerville Radio for Government Grant Funding

Petition for: The Community at Large
Addressed to: Government Grant Administrators/ Decision Makers
With equal opportunity membership at which we have created as a social network.

This website we plan on generating advertisement revenue from also, once this grows,
like myspace, twitter, and facebook. We had 260 members join our old networking site
(between 2008 and 2010).
In August 2008 APG Forx Promotions was started to go for goals of getting commercials and
more listeners to the radio stations we created.

In, JUNE of 2009, the Well Known group YING YANG Twins started syndicating the radio show.
They sent me a software program worth over $600 to do the radio show on.
That software program had a music player broadcasting the show at 192 bit MP3 sound quality.
That is DVD sound quality.

The S.O.A. Radio Show should be broadcasting at that level on the stream.
We no longer broadcast on 98.2 The Beat or Ying Yang Twins Radio because
We would like to build the show into a similar configuration. Also we plan on building the brand.

The funding would go into setting up the SERVER computers to host this frequency.

Setting up the IIS settings to host the show at that HIGH DEF level of sound quality.

Ideal is 128 bit MP3 sound quality for CD's, we are currently broadcasting at the 64 bits sound frequency
on Deep Freeze radio, blogtalkradio, and mixshowblast.

Once we have this set up, at the 192 bit sound quality, the next step would be to get the show
streaming off the website and also establish the 215-764-6373 phone line as
the main phone number to the show.

After that we would do artist development to generate more listeners to the radio show, gain interest.
There are some things we can do to establish that. Some local stores have agreed to play some of the
artists music we have in there stores over the loud speakers if we give them some CDs
without dirty words in them.

Once the brand of Sluggerville Radio and S.O.A.z Radio is strong enough to sell, we plan on making
up T-Shirts for the show and sell those, hats. This is part of our plan to generate revenue funds.

APG Forx Promotions will administrate the Studios of
S.O.A.z Radio at APG Studios and create jobs for the station by keeping the Computers Running
that are hosting the 192 bitrate MP3 sound quality.

We will also administrate a second studio, called Sluggerville Studio 7.

After Sluggerville Radio is streaming world-wide at a 192 bit sound quality at the high definition
frequency on it's own phone line and website.

Things That The Radio Show Needs:
More Listeners

To Advertise the new Internet radio stations
We have done some marketing in order to get the word out and start building up an audience.
Telling our family, our friends and everyone else that the radio stations are on and they should
tune in to listen when we are live.
People find our station appealing. We expect the shows to grow exponentially.
Since our marketing budget is small, we can't afford advertising.
Funding to Advertise on the Internet via Google and Yahoo. Renting Billboards and
Signs in Public Transportation.
Traditional advertising media such as newspapers and business cards.
Once our advertising revenue come in, from the commercials we plan on running on
the 2 radio shows, this company can grow.
Our stations plan to take ads out on terrestrial radio stations & TV stations to advertise
Our mission is to get revenues, profit, to pay the expenses of expansion.
We plan on finding new investor(s).
Investors are always eager and excited to find out how much profit they can potentially
make from their investment. So we will cut them deals on profit sharing.
We plan on arranging a meeting with management at Sirius XM to
offer them our services. Give them our updated business plan and point out that our
shows have many loyal listeners that you can potentially turn into paying subscribers
if one of our stations were to have a channel on Sirius XM satellite radio.

Since satellite radio stations ask the shows to be exclusive, instead of losing many of our
listeners because some people will not want to pay to listen to your station, we will
get around this by Sending One of the Two Radio Shows to Satellite, the other will stay on
the internet. One Radio Station will be able to host your channel(s) commercial free, or almost free.
Both Radio Stations FREE of FCC regulations allowing the hosts to say whatever words they want
to say the air.

We, the undersigned, would like to express our approval, we all think this is worth Government Grant Funding.
Agreed Upon by the following Signers →

1. ___________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________________


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